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Rank the Angel season 1 episodes

Carrie Hopewell

Little girl lost in the woods
Jun 5, 2016
Lisbon, Portugal
Buffy has threads to rank all seven seasons, so...

1. Sanctuary
2. I Will Remember You (could be number 3 or 4)
3. Five by Five (I gave IWRY the edge for its unusal format)
4. Somnambulist
5. The Prodigal
6. Blind Date (suffers from the blind woman plot. The Lindsey/Angel parts are golden)
7. To Shanshu in L.A. (Seems a bit too mushy, especially after Blind Date which also tackles Angel's place in the world)
8. City Of
9. In the Dark
10. Hero
11. The Ring
12. Parting Gifts
13. I've Got You Under My Skin
14. Sense and Sensitivity
15. The Bachelor Party
16. Expecting
17. Rm w/a Vu
18. Lonely Hearts
19. War Zone
20. Eternity
21. She
22. I Fall to Pieces

I only truly don't like a couple of episodes. I really love this season. So underrated!

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
1. Five by Five
2. Sanctuary
3. Hero
4. In the Dark
5. City of...
6. War Zone
7. RM W/A Vu
8. Parting Gifts
9. I've Got you Under my Skin
10. Blind Date
11. Somnambulist
12. The Prodigal
13. To Shanshu in L.A.
14. The Bachelor Party
15. I Will Remember You
16. The Ring
17 Lonely Hearts
18. I Fall to Pieces
19. Sense & Sensitivity
20. Expecting
21. Eternity
22. She


Jan 25, 2016
1. 5 By 5
2. I Will Remember You
3. In The Dark
4. Sanctury
5. The Prodigal
6. Hero
7. To Shanshu In LA
8. Rm w/a Vu
9. Sonambulist
10. Parting Gifts
11. I Got You Under My Skin
12. Expecting
13. City Of . . .
14. Sense and Sensitivity
15. Bachelor Party
16. Lonely Heart
17. Eternity
18. Blind Date
19. War Zone
20. She
21. The Ring
22. I Fall To Pieces


Nov 30, 2016
Montauban (France)
01 : 1x22 To Shanshu in L.A/Le Manuscrit
02 : 1x09 Hero/Sacrifice Hèroique
03 : 1x18 Five By Five/Cinq sur Cinq
04 : 1x08 I Will remember you/Je ne t'oublierais jamais
05 : 1x01 City Of/Bienvenue à Los Angeles
06 : 1x19 Sanctuary/Sanctuaire
07 : 1x03 In the Dark/La pierre d'Amarra
08 : 1x15 The Prodigal/1753
09 : 1x21 Blind Date/La femme aveugle
10 : 1x05 Room with a view/L'appartement de Cordèlia
11 : 1x14 I have got you under my skin/Exorcisme
12 : 1x02 Lonely Hearts/Angel fait équipe
13 : 1x06 Sense and sensitivity/Raisons et sentiments
14 : 1x17 Eternity/Jeunesse Eternelle
15 : 1x16 The Ring/La prison d'Angel
16 : 1x11 Somnambulist/Rêves prémonitoires
17 : 1x10 Parting gifts/Cadeau d'adieu
18 : 1x07 The Bachelor Party/Enterrement de vie de démon
19 : 1x12 Expecting/Grossesse express
20 : 1x13 She/Guerre des sexes
21 : 1x04 I fall to pieces/L'étrange docteur Meltzer
22 : 1x20 War Zone/Frère de sang

I write the english/french titles ;)


Spuffy Forever
Oct 2, 2017
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
1. To Shanshu in LA
2. Hero
3. Blind Date
4. City of
5. I Will Remember You
6. Rm w/a Vu
7. Lonely Hearts
8. Five by Five
9. Sanctuary
10. Sense and Sensitivity
11. In the Dark
12. Blind Date
13. The Prodigal
14. Parting Gifts
15. Bachelor Party
16. I've Got You Under My Skin
17. Eternity
18. I Fall To Pieces
19. Somnambulist
20. Expecting
21. She
22. Warzone


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
I'm finally getting around to this, I've wanted to since I did the ones for BtVS.

22. The Prodigal. I always forget what this one is about and have to go on IMDB to read the summary. It's just a very forgettable episode, which is sad, because on paper it should've been really good, really emotional. I guess, as viewers, we just didn't care enough about Kate yet to dedicate an entire episode to her pain and issues.
21. She. I think this is agreed on by, like, 90% of the fans; pretty bad episode. Wesley brings some humor to save it on rewatches, but that's about it. Pretty lame plot, imo, too, and it only beat out 22 for being more memorable.
20. I Will Remember You. Sorry, but this just always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If possible, it's even more melodramatic than all of BtVS S3, Angel completely takes away Buffy's rights by, again, making choices about them without discussing it with her, just like the break-up in The Prom. I hate it when he does that, when he thinks he knows better. So, like I said, bad taste.
19. Somnambulist. Nice look into Angel's past and his psyche so on that front, it's a winner. However, Penn just didn't have the charm of, say, Spike and Drusilla, nor the likability of, say, Lawson. I didn't really care and it felt like the writers wanted me to, so, too bad.
18. Lonely Hearts. Now we come to the good episodes :). This one has some great Angel/Doyle/Cordelia and Doyle/Cordelia chemistry, a nice Kate introduction and a MOTW I neither like nor dislike. I love the Batman-esque way Angel tries to get them out of the basement, I especially love that it didn't work and Kate was the one who 'rescued' them both.
17. I Fall to Pieces. Gross, but in the best possible way. Like how I can't watch the Supernatural S5 episode My Bloody Valentine because of the gore; I love stuff like that. I love Doyle in this one, being awkward and trying to make the girl they're protecting feel better, and Cordelia's commentary, like about Angel stealing a book and when her and Doyle are in the basement near the end waiting for Angel to come back. Just super funny, and gross :D
16. Sense and Sensitivity. Now this is a Kate-centric episode I can get behind, mostly because it's supposed to be emotionally over-the-top, and mostly because of the interactions between our three main characters. Angel's whole 'painbow' thing is just legendary and so is Angel and Cordelia's magic word discussion.
15. Expecting. I love that the MOTW happens to one of the mains, I always love that on TV shows, and I also think (but don't quote me on it) that this was the moment I realized that Cordelia was growing/maturing and that Charisma could do serious acting, too. The way she slowly transforms, and I don't just mean her growing belly, over the episode is really great. Plus, as per usual, Wes is adorable in it.
14. Eternity. While I'm not a terribly big fan of Rebecca Lowell as a character, nor do I particularly like the actress portraying her, the rest of the episode is golden; the beginning with Angel and Wes going to see Cordelia's play, the ending with Angelus and that whole sequence, plus basically Cordelia in every scene, like when she's freaking out while going shopping with a TV star.
13. I've Got You Under My Skin. First of all, always great to see a good old-fashioned exorcism episode on a fantasy show. Second, I love the twist with the soulless boy (also a nice parallel to the souled protagonist). Third, once again the greatest part of it is the chemistry between the three mains. This is hugely why I love S1 so much, despite the weaknesses that other fans see in it; the chemistry is just off the charts.
12. Blind Date. Just a great look into Lindsey's psyche, which really helped with viewers understanding and sympathy of him in the following season, if you ask me. Maybe the reason it's not higher, though, is that the penultimate episode of the season probably shouldn't focus on a minor character who has barely been fleshed out yet, at this point. Still a good episode, though, and I love that battle between Angel and the blind chick.
11. Parting Gifts. Wesley's back! No but seriously, adding Wesley was tricky, imo, because of great the chemistry had been between David, CC and Glenn. Luckily, it turns out that Alexis fit in just as well as Glenn had, maybe even better because of the past the three characters shared together from Sunnydale. Again, the side-story was a bit weak but, as mentioned, the strength of this season are the mains, first and foremost.
10. Rm w/a vu. I absolutely love this Cordy-centric episode! Charisma stretches her acting abilities to the max and beyond for this one, she's funny, she's emotional, she's bad-ass, almost everything on the scale. On top of that, Angel and Doyle get to play great roles also, batting off of what she does. The twist with Phantom Dennis is another thing to enjoy and I love that he isn't forgotten after, but brought back again and again.
9. The Ring. No words can describe my love for this episode. The entire concept is really great, I love the Angel/Lilah and Wes/Cordy chemistry, it's funny, it has a message I wish they'd fleshed out more later and an ending that I find very interesting, with the demons killing the human that had enslaved them. Strong episode, all around.
8. The Bachelor Party. Phew, this is getting harder and harder. Anyway... Any Doyle-centric episode is a winner in my book :). Once again the show shines a light on the possibility of demons being good (of course, they pull the rug out at the end, but still...). We get to learn a lot more about Doyle, Angel gets to have one of his most bad-ass moments ever when he crashes through those double doors in game face, and Cordelia hitting Brachen Doyle over the head is hilarious. Some really great dialogue and acting in this one.
7. Sanctuary. Don't get me wrong, love this one, but there's a reason it's not higher; Buffy. Sorry. The early stages of it is so strong, with Eliza acting the hell out of Faith's deep-seated emotions and trauma over the path she took back in BtVS S3. Angel's calm attempts to help her also bring the best out of what David can do and together the two have amazing platonic chemistry. Wesley's desire to still help because of Angel, not Faith, is a nice touch, too, and the Council members are much more impressive here than on the two-parter in BtVS S4. Buffy drags it down slightly, unfortunately.
6. In the Dark. Have I mentioned lately that I love Spike? How about that I love Spike and Angel going toe to toe? This is just a terrific episode, and for the third in the season, it really sets the tone for the rest of it. Brilliant, the acting, the dialogue, the concept. Again I say, brilliant.
5. War Zone. That shot up the body that you think is Angel but turns out to be Gunn? Yeah, just fantastic. His whole storyline, with the homeless young man fighting vamps for turf, a complicated but loving relationship with his baby sister, struggling with being a leader and whether or not to trust the vampire who isn't acting like he's used to. I had trouble with Kate and Lindsey centric episodes when we barely knew them, but this episode is proof that it can be done right, if written right :)
4. To Shanshu in LA. This season didn't have a Big Bad and you'd think it would suffer, but instead it gave us one of the best season finales of both shows, imo. Angel's anger and pain when both Wes and Cordy wind up in the hospital is so powerful and makes me root for him more than ever before. His scene with Gunn, while short, is great. The fight scene that ends with Lindsey missing a hand. The final reveal of Darla. And just so much more.
3. City of.... Yes, I know, it already had an established main and same with Cordy, but it's still a stellar season/series premiere. The acting, the directing, the dialogue, just a great way to set up what this brand new show would be about. A great way to hook you in.
2. Five by Five. Ah, but this is just so good. Part of why I love Faith the character/arc so much. From her trying to shoot Angel in public, to her showing up to shoot him with a gun in his detective agency, to showing up in Cordelia's apartment, torturing Wesley, her fight with Angel, and then finally breaking down completely in the rain and Angel's arms. Not to mention scenes like Faith in the bar, meeting Lilah, I could go on and on.
1. Hero. Brilliant. Makes me cry every. single. time. RIP Doyle and Glenn Quinn.

Fool for Buffy

I'm just being a big nerd again
Jun 2, 2017
22. She- What was this even about? Sexism? I actually have no idea.
21. Lonely Hearts- A big let down after a great pilot. And I was never a Kate fan.
20. Expecting- Spoiler alert, Cordelia pregnancy storylines do not go well! And you would've thought they'd learn a lesson after this one...
19. The Prodigal- Kate's father, someone even less important or interesting than Kate.
18. Sense and Sensitivity- Forgettable and Kate-centric, not a great combo.
17. Somnambulist- Alright, enough with the snarky hate on the few bad episodes. I really like Jeremy Renner, so that was cool. I actually think this one is better than Why We Fight as far as Angel's past coming back.
16. I've Got You Under My Skin- Creepy, the child was evil the whole time. That poor family. Ats always did a really good job with anticlimaxes.
15. I Fall to Pieces- A stalker who can be everywhere. Damn. Isn't it great when people just assume they've killed Angel and they didn't? Double tap, people. Or he'll make you pay.
14. Rm w/a vu- Cordy's I'm a bitch line is classic. One of Doyle's best episodes as well.
13. The Bachelor Party- More great Doyle backstory, but let's face it, this episode is three ranks higher than it should be because of Angel's amazing theme song entrance.
12. Eternity- An Angelus cameo is always great. Genuinely sad that an actress would try to become a vampire to stay young, but it's probably not that unrealistic in a supernatural world.
11. War Zone- The introduction of Gunn was one of the best Gunn episodes, since there weren't that many in the series, and Angel himself is really fun to watch in this episode.
10. Blind Date- What's better? Lindsey having a moral conflict or Angel throwing those sunglasses? The answer is, they both work together to get this in the top 10.
9. Parting Gifts- Wes is back! We're introduced to empath demons, there's another great plot twist, and demons fight at an auction. Lots of good stuff going on here.
8. The Ring- Lilah Morgan! Hard not to love her right from the beginning. Angel's Captain America thing actually works. I also think the whole idea behind this episode was pretty smart.
7. In the Dark- Of course, this all comes down to Spike's rooftop impersonation of Angel. But the actual episode is very intense as well.
6. City of- Absolutely could not have asked for a better pilot. Introduces the themes, the characters, the main evil, and Angel kicks a vamp out of a window.
5. Hero- Doyle was already a true hero, he just needed to show everyone else and himself. But it's too bad that was his exit. And I loved him and Cordy for that blink of an eye.
4. Sanctuary- Buffy makes everything better. Faith also makes everything better. Having Buffy and Faith in the same episode will lead to fantastic stuff 99% of the time! (That's right, Empty Places is the other 1%) Angel taking care of Faith is really remarkable, and this is a great conclusion to her arc, for now.
3. To Shanshu in LA- Angel's purpose is a fascinating and complex subject, but Angel and Lindsey are what make this episode so amazing. Also Holland, who just is pure evil and doesn't care.
2. Five by Five- The flashbacks are not often mentioned but actually pretty important. Faith is intriguing, but clearly falling apart. The torture scene is heartbreaking. The meltdown is even more heartbreaking.
1. I Will Remember You- It's a classic, without a doubt. It's the happy ending that everyone wanted and nobody wanted. It's what the show could never do but did anyway. It's top notch acting by SMG and DB, and you're heartless if this doesn't move you to tears.
Welp, looks like I'm heartless ;)


Dec 1, 2016
I finished my rewatch of this season this week so here it goes :

I Will Remember You A+
Sanctuary A+
Five by five A+
To Shanshu In L.A. A+
Parting Gifts A
Blind Date A
Hero A-
Somnanbulist B+
City Of B+
The Ring B+
War Zone B+
The Prodigal B+
Bachelor Party B+
Room W/A View B
In the Dark B
Sense and Sensitivity B
I’ve Got You Under My Skin B-
Lonely Heart C
Eternity C
I Fall to Pieces C
Expecting D
She E


"Why can't I stay"
Jul 31, 2018
1. In The Dark
2. Five By Five
3. To Shanshu In L.A.
4. Sanctuary
5. RM W/A Vu
6. City of...
7. Blind Date
8. Parting Gifts
9. I Will Remember You
10. The Prodigal
11. War Zone
12. The Ring
13. Hero
14. Somnambulist
15. The Bachelor Party
16. Expecting
17 I've Got You Under My Skin
18. Lonely Hearts (the villian in the ep is urggg)
19. I Fall To Pieces
20. Sense & Sensitivity
21. Eternity
22. She


Nov 26, 2018
1. To Shanshu in LA
2. Hero
3. Five by Five
4. In the Dark
5. City Of
6. Sanctuary
7. Somnambulist
8. I Will Remember You
9. Somnambulist
10. I've Got You Under My Skin
11. Parting Gifts
12. The Ring
13. War Zone
14. The Bachelor Party
15. Rm w/a Vu
16. Sense and Sensitivity
17. The Prodigal
18. I Fall to Pieces
19. Eternity
20. Lonely Hearts
21. She (would be dead last but I can't in good conscience do that to an episode with that dancing)
22. Expecting


Feb 6, 2017
New York
I'm going with Top 11 and Bottom 11

1 In the Dark the one Spike episode this season- need I say more?
2 The Ring felt like Angel meets Spartacus
3 Rm w/a Vu I love that while Buffy was dealing with a demon roommate, Cordy was dealing with a ghost
4 Five by Five it's like Who Are You?..Part 2... but even more depraved
5 Sanctuary I don't even care that Buffy's annoying, Faith's breakdown @ the end is of epic proportions
6 Somnambulist I actually love Jeremy Renner, his character Penn and his backstory with Angel- I wish he was the S1 big bad
7 To Shanshu in L.A. Vocah is scary af as is Cordelias hospitalizing vision & the end with Darla was a killer cliffhanger
8 Parting Gifts funny seeing Cordelia trying to be a professional actress... and Wesley!
9 City Of love love love all of it
10 I've Got You Under My Skin Exorcist 2.0 with a crazy twist at the end
11 The Prodigal I just remember loving the Angel/Liam flashbacks in this episode

12 Eternity Rebecca is actually a great character that they could've done more with; her story & potential as a character was strong
13 Expecting Cordelia is actually funny in this demon pregnancy ep unlike Season 4 demon possessed/pregnant Cordelia
14 Lonely Hearts decent ep that felt like a one night stand cautionary tale... kind of like Expecting
15 I Will Remember You okay it has its moments & at times, had me pining for the early Bangel years but it was all just...wasted
16 War Zone I actually love Gunn & this is okay for a intro episode
17 Hero I love Doyle but don't really care for this episode and hate that he basically condemned Cordelia to demonhood
18 The Bachelor Party nothing extraordinary here was there?
19 I Fall to Pieces gross and creepy as hell
20 Sense and Sensitivity no comment
21 Blind Date filler
22 She I don't really remember this episode but I'll take everyone's word for it that it's the worst


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
1. Five By Five/Sanctuary (Fantastic action, and the team was allowed to go much further with Faith than they were able to on Buffy. Buffy herself acts horribly in Sanctuary but it doesn't spoil the overall plot)
2. City Of (Adore it; wonderful pacing, great way to introduce the show and set up its differences from its predecessor)
3. To Shanshu In LA (A really good, apocalyptic finale. Everything with W and H was building up to this and it pays off)
4. Eternity (A really interesting story and a triumphant return of Angelus even if it is just for a short few scenes)
5. Parting Gifts (My username should tell all)
6. Blind Date (Love the infiltration of W and H along with the first bit of development to Lindsey)
7. Expecting (The plot of this is really nasty and very much has you rooting for Cordy and the gang. Plus that ending is fantastic)
8. Sense and Sensitivity (Hilarious, especially the police station fight at the end)
9. I Fall To Pieces (Fabulous villain that lends this episode a really eerie tone)
10. Lonely Heart (Just a good bit of fun; a simple premise that works within the show's concept)
11. The Ring (Normally don't like gladiatorial type plots but this is really nicely done. The variety of fighters is impressive too)
12. Hero (RIP Doyle. You shall be missed)
13. Bachelor Party (Really lovely character development for Cordy and Doyle, plus some really funny lines)
14. Rm w/a Vu (Love the ghost in this and the ending is surprisingly sinister. Dennis is an unfairly underrated character)
15. In The Dark (Some great guest spots from Buffy plus a really well staged battle by the pier. The sunset is also a really touching moment)
16. War Zone (Gunn's introduced really well in a very heartfelt story)
17. I've Got You Under My Skin (For an Exorcist rip-off it's not bad. The concept of the boy being even more dangerous than the demon is a nice touch)
18. Somnambulist (Penn makes for a decent villain but it's Kate that lets this down a little bit)
19. The Prodigal (Kate's dad who we hardly got to know is killed but doesn't leave much impact. If he had been in a few more episodes and we had seen a more likeable side to him things may have seemed more tragic. This was where Kate started the downward spiral to becoming pretty annoying but overall this is perfectly passable)
20. I Will Remember You (One of only two episodes of the entire series I think is bad. Sorry, really can't stand it. The melodrama is ridiculous)
21. She (The other Angel episode I consider to be absolutely terrible. Hopelessly plotted, terrible villains and a garbled commentary on gender that had much more potential)

It may be obvious but this is a very strong season personally. I loved it from the first episode to the finale with only a few bumps in the road. Season 5 is the only Angel season to be better than Season 1 for me, but what this run of episodes managed to accomplish is something to be appreciated. A great start.


Oct 23, 2018
Hmm - this takes some thinking about...

1) The Bachelor Party - no questions asked. 42 minutes of wall to wall Doyle and he isn't dead by the end of it? My kind of episode. Plus - Cordelia is finally ready to admit thatshe is into Doyle *squeals*
2) Rm W/a Vu - we get the beginnings of Doyle's backstory and just some hilarious Cordelia moments. Not sure why ghosts are so good at mimicking other people's voices though - especially voices of the opposite sex.
3) City of - great introductory episode
4) In the Dark - awesome to see Spike and Oz. Love the Cordy/ Doyle interactions - when she gets him the water and then helps him with the aspirin bottle - my heart melts.
5) Lonely Hearts - if for nothing else, the moment where Doyle and Cordy are asleep on top of each other. But they have some great other interactions too. The MOTW is pretty good - an interesting concept, if slightly easily killed for something that was meant to be really hard to kill. And I feel bad for the poor barman who will be remembered as a killer.
6) I fall to pieces - not the best, doesn't make any kind of sense if you think too hard about it (he's in his office but his eye is in her house - how did it get there? did it just float through the streets? How did no one see it?) but I love the bit where Doyle is at the office 'I've always meant to do that but ... I intensely don't wanna.' And both Cordelia and Angel go undercover. Undercover is always appreciated.
7) Hero - I love love love the opening few minutes of this episode, up until the vision. It was shaping up to be great. Then the weird Nazi/ Jewish metaphor demons are just too on the nose and pretty boring. The bits where Angel goes to see about getting the ship is boring. Scenes with Doyle and/or Cordelia are at least interesting to watch, but they are playing in a boring story line. HOWEVER - the kiss is absolutely perfect in every way... but then I don't accept anything that happens after the kiss as canonical.
8) Sense and Sensitivity - the funny bits are so funny but the cringe bits are just so cringe. And I know they're meant to be cringe - but my embarrassment threshold just does not go that high. I can't watch. And the cops/ gangsters story line just doesn't really feel right in the world. I'm not against cops/mobsters stories in general ... they just don't suit the Buffyverse - it feels awkward. But the throwing the rock and the 'magic word' and 'painbow'... once Angel is sensitive it makes up for anything that has come before it.
9) I will Remember You - pointless BAngel melodrama. If you're not interested in BAngel this is a definite 42 minutes to skip.

I then don't accept episodes 10-110 as canon. Though I do allow that in 2003/4 David Boreanaz starred in a short lived television series where he played a vampire who ran an evil law firm. The vampire happens to be called Angel - but it is not actually in any way linked to the other short lived series in which David Boreanaz played a completely different vampire called Angel. That Angel was considerably younger, handsomer and was a private detective with completely different friends so ... not the same show at all. Both shows were pretty good, though.
Last edited:


Apr 14, 2019
22. I fall to pieces - best part was hearing D'hoffryn's voice but the episode was a pretty cringey.
21. Sense and sensitivity - again another cringey episode.
20. Bachelor party - some funny moments especially with Doyle looking a bit like a dalek and cordy hitting him. The performance from Glenn Quinn felt very real.
19. Eternity - interesting to see Angelus briefly return but the story not as compelling as others.
18. Expecting - wasn't too keen on the humans setting up the girls, they were just pretty weak but Wesley was entertaining in this.
17. Lonely heart - I think this is one of Kate's better episodes but so early on the show was still finding its feet. This episode has my favourite song in whole of Angel (touched by Vast).
16. She - didn't hate it as much as others on here. Wesley again the highlight of the episode.
15. City of - good opening episode and I loved the opening scene and when Angel pushed the vamp out the window.
14. Somnambulist - like the flashbacks in this one and a big episode in that kate finds out Angel is a vampire.
13. The prodigal - again loved the flashbacks in this one and a big emotional episode with her dad's killing.
12. War zone - good intro to Gunn. Decent episode but not one of season faves.
11. Blind date - interesting to get a bit more of lilah in this one and lindseys moral struggles.
10. In the dark - great watching spike in this one and the other vamp is really creepy. First of several glimpses of Angel in the sun.
9. Parting gifts - emotional following Doyle's death. Barney was interesting at first but glad he didn't become a regular.
8. The ring - loved all the demons and a decent take on the Spartacus story. Lilahs first episode and she's great. Wes and cordy already building great chemistry.
7. Rm w/a vu - a great cordy episode. Love the line "I'm not a crybuffy." Love phantom dennis as well and this is a good ghost story in its own right.
6. Hero - really emotional at the end. I did enjoy the Nazi subplot and the scenes with the dead demons is really harrowing. Good to get more of Doyle's backstory. I like their "low rats".
5. Five by five - I'm a big faith fan and really like this episode. Faith torturing Wesley, the big fight scene at the end in the rain soaked alley. Faith smashing Lee's head into the table (never liked him). Bit of Rob zombie in the nightclub. Great viewing.
4. Sanctuary - second part is better but only slightly. Big episode for faith as this begins her redemption. The Buffy and angel mini fight is shocking, even though they've fought before. Love Wesley choosing Angel over the council.
3. To shanshu in L.A. - really good finale. Poor Cordy, poor Wes as both end up in hospital with Gunn watching over them. Love the big fight between Angel and the demon and how cool was it when Angel throws the axe to cut off lindseys hand?! I liked the Angel investigations office and was a shame it got destroyed but a bigger and better HQ await. Angel was bang on with Kate. Sympathy for her has worn thin now.
2. Ice got you under my skin - I really like the exorcist so this take on it could have gone either way. However, i did enjoy it a lot, especially the twists and turns, the final one I never saw coming (On first viewing). It's a pretty good stand alone horror episode but does give the first hints into Wesley's past and his unhappy childhood with the huge expectations on his shoulders. Cordy continues to make me laugh "sorry about the possession and everything ".
1. I will remember you - my fave of the season. Full of emotion and SMG just fantastic in this one although it's right to wave her goodbye at the end so the two can continue leading their own shows. It does throw up the questions of whether Angel was right to give up his future with his soulmate and would they have lasted or would it have ended up like briley?
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