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Rank the Angel season 3 episodes

Discussion in 'Season 3' started by Carrie Hopewell, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Carrie Hopewell

    Carrie Hopewell Little girl lost in the woods

    Jun 5, 2016
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    Lisbon, Portugal
    I made a commitment to make threads for all of the Angel seasons (apart from S5, because it already exists) and I'm going to stick to it, even though I hate this season (hate in terms of Angel and not shows in general). *Deep breaths* Here I go:

    1. Lullaby (by far the best episode. It's a brilliant one)
    2. A New World (love all the Angel and Connor scenes. An excellent episode to make the bridge between baby Connor and teen Connor, and to make his kidnapping count dramatically)
    3. Benediction (I dislike the Cordy scenes, but this episode is very well written, with some amazing conflict between the characters. Holtz is at his best as a villain and we finally have a confrontation between him and Angel. It really ties the season together in terms of story)
    4. Quickening (very enjoyable episode and a great set up for Lullaby)
    5. Heartthrob (I didn't always like this episode, but I think it handles Angel's grief quite beautifully and the characters all shine)
    6. Loyalty (There's something unsatisfying about all of this trilogy. I think this season is either too slow, or too boring and goofy, or too mellow. Lullaby was the last episode this season that was fun, exciting and dark also)
    7. Sleep Tight (same complains as with Loyalty. Wesley's betrayal isn't well written imo)
    8. Forgiving (I find this episode rushed and Angel's behavior with Wes OOC - the angry "I'm going to kill you" threats I mean)
    9. Tomorrow (worst season finale. I hate the Cangel and Cordy parts, but the Angel and Connor scenes are solid)
    10. Billy (I don't like some of the undertones of this episode)
    11. Dad (some parts are cute, in others Angel makes me cringe)
    12. That Vision Thing (laying on it thick with the A + C = <3)
    13. Fredless (boring)
    14. That Old Gang Of Mine (boring and a bit stupid)
    15. The Price (boring and Angel doesn't seem too upset with loosing Connor at times because the show tries to forget it happened)
    16. Double or Nothing (Gunn sells his soul for a truck? Also, Angel is apparently not coping with his grief well because after a few days he still hasn't let go of his son? The show doesn't let Angel grieve and it's absurd and unreasonable)
    17. Birthday (if Cordy didn't inherit Doyle's visions Angel would go insane with them??? How???)
    18. Provider (meh with a dash of wtf?)
    19. Offspring (Cordelia acquires some weird motherly instincts, Angel only cares about Cordy and not about Darla and his mysterious offspring. The whole episode is an OCC mess)
    20. Carpe Noctem (I skipped part of this episode the first time I watched it and I always skip it now)
    21. Waiting in the Wings (haven't seen it. Tried to watch the beginning and just decided to spare myself the anger)
    22. Couplet (haven't seen it)

    Jeez, I hate more than half of this season. Dorky Angel is such a pain to watch. It's also so unbalanced. Absurdly happy in the first half and absurdly humorless in the later half)
  2. Priceless

    Priceless I didn't forget y'know

    Jan 25, 2016
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    1. Birthday
    2. Fredless
    3. A New World
    4. Heartthrob
    5. Benediction
    6. Forgiving
    7. Billy
    8. Waiting In The Wings
    9. The Price
    10. Sleep Tight
    11. Carpe Noctern
    12. Dad
    13. Quickening
    14. Lullaby
    15. Offspring
    16. Tomorrow
    17. Loyalty
    18. That Old Gang of Mine
    19. Couplet
    20. That Vision Thing
    21. Provider
    22. Double of Nothing
  3. Fool for Buffy

    Fool for Buffy BFF of Sour Patch Kid

    Jun 2, 2017
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    1. Waiting in the Wings
    2. Lullaby
    3. Sleep Tight
    4. Birthday
    5. Billy
    6. Fredless
    7. Benediction
    8. Offspring
    9. Heartthrob
    10. Quickening
    11. Forgiving
    12. Loyalty
    13. The Price
    14. That Vision Thing
    15. That Old Gang of Mine
    16. A New World
    17. Dad
    18. Carpe Noctem
    19. Provider
    20. Double or Nothing
    21. Couplet
    22. Tomorrow