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Rank The Angel Seasons


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Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
How do you rank the seasons?

Season 2 - I love this season, think this is the season where it really showed off the characters strengths and weaknesses.
Season 1 - Some great episodes, a great finale, and probably the season I rewatch the most
Season 3 - I adore the first half of this, the return of Darla, some great stand alone eps.
Season 4 - A little too jam packed, but always love seeing Angelus, and some great character moments.
Season 5 - I disliked the first half of this, it's the season I rewatch the least, however I do like Illyria and the final few episodes.


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Jul 31, 2018
1 - Season 2 - It has the best arc in it and perfect episodes of ATS.
2 - Season 4 - I love Jasmine and the darkness of this season, it's like a long journey, when I watch it, I want to continue & get to the end of it.
3 - Season 3 - What I love the most is Wesley's character's struggle.
4 - Season 5 - Could have been better in some episodes but good overall.
5 - Season 1 - I kind of dislike this season. There's plenty of episodes that I hate or don't find entertaining.


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Feb 18, 2014
Denver, Colorado
Season 4- I don't know if it's just me, but I love the stakes keeping getting raised higher and higher with this season. They have to resort to really desperate measures and ingenuity to succeed, which they were pushed toward by the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I can see how it could be a love it or hate it type of season, but I love it. Plus, Faith and Angelus ftw.
Season 5- I do sometimes find Spike really annoying in this season, but this was when I started actually enjoying seeing Spike again (I couldn't stand him in the later seasons on Buffy). And since I used to really like Spike in earlier seasons, it is always nice to come back again with him in this season on Angel in more agreeable circumstances. Spike has some great moments, and the Illyria mini-arc is cool and well presented. Plus, I love the set and situation (by that I mean, working for Wolfram and Hart). I thought that making them actually work for Wolfram and Hart was a great move and it really changed dynamics up in interesting ways; ways that allowed for some interesting plot devices and story possibilities. For instance, I like how Gunn gets more nuanced because of the lawyer boost he received.
Season 2- I wasn't a fan of the Darla-heavy episodes (I don't like Darla very much personally) but on the plus side, I think I enjoyed the cast chemistry best this season. The falling out that Angel had with the group was very convincingly portrayed. And I like how, as a consequence of this, the group had to change the nature of their internal relationships to compensate. It was subtle but appreciable.
Season 3- I enjoy this season a lot, just a little less than the ones I picked before it. The Holtz storyline starts out good for me, but it kind of lingers on a little too long I think. The Connor stuff is frustrating, but in a good way (sort of) I guess you could say. I get frustrated with Connor after awhile, although I can sympathize with his circumstances. But on the other hand I like how baby Connor was used as a plot device. Adding Fred was also nice and definitely a positive (she blends in really well with the rest of the cast). Plus, there are great stand-alone episodes this season, for example Billy (for example the amazing scenes between Fred and Wes absolutely steal the show and they are a really good illustration of the quality of the acting of the show, across the board).
Season 1- I liked it but a lot of this season spends time on getting the spirit and nature of the show right, as well as the chemistry. Part of what contributed to this for me was also Doyle beginning a major character and then abruptly disappearing the way he did. There's also the issue of Wes still being more or less the way he was on Buffy, which has its pros and cons (and I definitely prefer a darker and more cynical Wes compared to early Wes). Lastly, I would say the stand-alone episodes or motw episodes are very inconsistent in quality.

Having said all this, the margin for me between the quality of all these seasons is much, much closer than my feeling about Buffy seasons. I can honestly say I enjoy all 5 seasons of Angel, just to different degrees. I can't say the same about Buffy unfortunately.
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Jun 17, 2018
Season 5 - The front half is a bit hit and miss but when it hits oh boy - the second half apart from TGIQ is just great or at least interesting.
Season 2 - the Darla stuff is terrific mostly (Redefinition isn't great) and some of the standalones are fun, but there are some in between Redefinition and Reprise which are a bit ropey and I'm not sure how I feel about the Pylea mini arc - it's a bit ammbivalent
Season 1 - there was not between this and Season 3 there are some good bits and not so good bits in both - but the highs of the first season are greater Five by Five in particular but I also love the episodes after Five by Five, Rm w/a Vu, Sommambulist, Hero has a great beginining and end, Parting Gifts, I've got you under my skin - also has good bits too.
Season 3 - I love the episodes before Darla comes back and Lullaby, Waiting in the Wings, Birthday and Wesley in this season but there are some real stinkers here - Dad, Provider, Double or Nothing and Couplet and The Price are also weak too. I love Holst as a villian too - love me a villian with relatable motives created by the hero in villianious form.
Season 4 - I really don't understand how anyone can like this season - the horrible assassination of Cordy's character and of Liliah and just a lot of grimdark and overblown supernatural stuff with the heroes failing, only really Faith, Gwen and Fred being a bad ass in The Magic Bullet and the crunchy ambivalence of Jasmine and the Wiliah dark romance saving it. Spin the Bottle and Supersymetry are good.
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Feb 23, 2019
Black Thorn
Season 2 - loved every episode of it! I’m not too big on the Pylea stuff but it was enjoyable.
Season 1 - It has Doyle and I really enjoy the introduction to Wolfram and Hart, I didn’t know that I could enjoy Angel as a character until half way through this season, same with Cordelia.
Season 5 - I honestly love the change in scenery and it’s a breath of fresh air after season 4. It has some of the best episodes of the show.
Season 3 - the characters were a bit off but apart from that a pretty solid season. Loved Wesley in this one though.
Season 4 - I barely have anything nice to say about this season apart from Faith and Willow were in it and Spin the Bottle was a good episode.


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May 8, 2019
Season 5 - My absolute favorite season of AtS! To me, this is about as close to a perfect season as you can get. I love almost every single episode, and the few that I don't love I can actually watch without being completely bored. I absolutely adore Fred, and hated her death, but Illyria is just so awesome that it made up for her death. Spike becomes a character that I like again, and I love the bromance between him and Angel, and the friendship between him and Fred. I also really like the crew working at W&H for a season.

Season 4 - If s5 had never been made, this would be my favorite season of AtS. I think it's a glorious, epic mess of a season. It's visually stunning and very colorful, while being a very dark season overall. I like The Beast, Jasmine is pretty cool, and I love having Angelus back for a little while, even though he isn't nearly as entertaining as he was in s2 of BtVS. I'm not really bothered by the character assassination of Cordelia, as I'm not really a big fan of hers to begin with, and while I don't particularly like the Connor/Cordelia relationship, I don't think it bothers me as much as it bothers others.

Season 2 - Almost as good as 4 & 5 but not quite. I love Lorne and Caritas, and really enjoy the whole Pylea arc. I adore Darla, and love her character development so much in this season.

Season 1 - I like this season, but I don't love it. It's a bit slow at times for me, and not as dark as the later seasons. However, there are some excellent episodes in this season that I really enjoy.

Season 3 - I'm truly glad the other seasons of Ats are not like this season, because otherwise I would not like the show. I have tried so hard to get into this season, but I just can't. I'm not entirely sure what doesn't work for me, other than Cangel (which I absolutely do not care for at all) and goofy Angel, but I know it just doesn't work for me. This has to be my least favorite season in the entire Buffyverse, and by far the most boring.


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Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
Season 4 - By far, the best season; flaws? what flaws? No, but seriously, this just takes my breath away, the writing and acting are so phenomenal. Particularly Wesley's arc, Angel's arc (including Angelus, of course!), Faith's return, even Connor's slow deterioration despite me not being a fan of the character. I could wax poetic for hours, but let's just say that I love this season (and it used to be the opposite, hah!)
Season 1 - I'm rarely a fan of first seasons (I like the Buffy one but it's not in my top 3 and same with Supernatural) but this one is just fantastic and very underrated; it also used to be my favorite of all up until very recently. It's got Doyle (still crying), the amazing trio that is Angel/Cordy/Wes, the best Faith episode of the show, and some of the best MOTW episodes of the show.
Season 5 - A very close second to S1, this one was a bit jarring when it originally aired, being so different from S4, but grew on me with every re-watch; Spike's return and the eventual introduction of Illyria did not hurt things at all :)
Season 2 - It feels almost blasphemous to put it this low, but as much as I love it (and I do) I just don't consider it as great as other people do and I find that it goes up and down a lot, with not-so-stellar episodes in between all of the great ones. And, as much as I love the Pylea arc (and I do), it doesn't fit with the darkness of the earlier parts of the season.
Season 3 - It becomes more and more obvious with each time I watch it, that it's the weak link; it's got way more character assassination than S4 could hope for, utter OOC behavior, the irritating threesome that is Gunn/Fred/Wes, and some truly awful episodes. It sucks because the Darla is pregnant storyline could've been sooo much better if it hadn't been surrounded by such weak writing and acting :(
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Feb 11, 2019
Season 5 : Until Destiny and Spike is coporialsed its a bit slow but once he is it kicked into gear. He and Angel make such a great team to watch.
While the run from Hole in the world to the end is so good You have the new sets which I like. Illyria introdiction who I loved. Gunn in a suit and smart was cool. Hell even Connor was written pretty decent in thos season. Wes and his death is always so sad and Lorne murder of Lindsey is shocking. All in all its NY favourite

Season 2 Up to Reunion is the best run on either show imo with some real stand out episodes. Then for the second half it goes to Pylea which is why it's not my favourite but it's still great.

Season 4 Its got issues such as Connor/Cordelia and Angelus but I still like inspite of that and I love Apocalypse Nowish and Habeus Corpses with W and H getting wiped out. Dark Wes and Lilah Plus Faith nuff said

Season 1 the first part is very meh but the show kicks into gear and the Faith 2 partner and Sonmbulist and Prodigal focusing on Angel are just great.

Season 3 Darlas death and the Wesley arc episodes are great but the rest you could leave for me.


Apr 14, 2019
Season 2 - some great stand out episodes in this one. Love cordy in this season and the beginning of Wesley's growth and leadership. I also love Darla and her episodes and I really like the Pylean episodes. Lorne is used really well too and Wes and gunns bromance is great.

Season 5 - 1st half a bit hit and miss for me but disc 4 of the dvd boxset is one of the strongest discs in whole buffyverse (You're welcome to hole in the world). From YW onwards the season is really good with some real heartwrenching episodes and of course puppet Angel! So cute, especially when it vamps out!!! As a side note though I'm not so keen on TGIQ

season 4 - opens with my favourite opening episode in whole buffyverse. However it dips a bit afterwards until apocalypse nowish where there is a great run of episodes until Jasmine appears. I'm not a fan of Jasmine, or connor/Cordy and like others don't like how they destroy cordy's character. Love the return of faith and willow.

Season 3 - there are some really good episodes in this season, however there's also some weak ones. This middle season is a bit like Buffys middle season in that regard. I do like Holtz and really like Sahjhan but never liked Justine. Introduction of Fred is really good but not her best season for me and I don't like the love triangles either. Also has the weakest finale in whole buffyverse.

Season 1 - there are some good episodes and I love Doyle but the show is really finding its feet a bit. As much as i like the characters I feel that only having 3 main ones was a little bit limiting at times. Some of the better episodes were the Buffy crossover ones and this season also has my least favourite episode of Angel- I fall to pieces.


Oct 24, 2005
Neptune, California
Season 2:
It’s rooted in the Angel Investigations’ mission to help the helpless, and the personal arcs of each of the gang are written well. Each of the members of the team do extraordinary growth this season. There was an appropriate balance between monster-of-the-week and story arc development.

Season 1:
Probably the most perfect first seasons of genre show I know. The case-of-the-week aspect allows viewers to dive into the journeys of the team. Doyle’s sacrificial death is one of the most poignant moments on television, and at the time this season first aired, it was almost unheard of for a main character to die in the first 9 episodes of a series. Then bringing in Wesley to round out the team was a perfect addition. Sometimes I do wish there was an episode or two between Doyle and Wesley to show the impact Doyle’s death had on the team, but it IS felt throughout the rest of the season.

Season 3:
I really enjoyed most of this season. I think the Holtz storyline dragged out a little long. I would have liked Darla staying on for a few episodes before she was killed off by Holtz while protecting Conner. I understood the symbolism of her sacrifice but I think she would have added a little more bang to the season post-Conner. I did like the final arc including Angels son turning on him, but Tomorrow was probably the worst finale of the series. I also hated the “Cordelia is a demon” storyline and the visions being merry storyline because that doesn’t sync up with Half-Demon Doyle two years prior.

Season 5:
I hated Cordelia’s absence. Not just because it was a slap in the face to the woman who helped carry the show for 4 years, but because her absence was felt throughout the whole season. Cordelia became a leader, who grounded the team in their mission. I liked Spike okay in this season but it made the show more of an “Angel vs Spike” instead of the team helping the helpless. I really hated the “Work Against Your Enemy From Within” angle. I didn’t think eviscerating the last remaining regular female on the show was a great direction. A Whole In The World still guts me every time. I think the final leg of the season was a great introduction to the final season (season 6). And I wish that we would have gotten to see that story (with maybe a bigger Cordy presence—wishful thinking).

Season 4:
I love the Angelus arc. I’m okay with the first 6 episodes. I’m not okay with fake Cordy for the whole rest of the season. Or Coma Cordy. Or weird maternal incestish Cordy. Or anything Jasmine related. Skip’s explanation of the Jasmine events make zero sense, other than his giving Cordy “demon powers” which I think was him really just implanting Jasmine inside of Cordy so that she could be awakened post-HigherBeing. I’m not entirely convinced Jasmine or Cordy were ever higher beings. I think Jasmine had Cordy in a stasis between 3 and 4, prepping her to be taken over. Anyway, it’s not the best season. Way to arc-heavy. Definitely the bottom of the barrel.


Mar 7, 2018
York, England (Teabag Central)
Season 3 - Wow, it seems I'm in the minority so far in rating this season so highly! Personally, I love Holtz's arc, his relationship with Connor, Sahjan, his crew, Wesley. Holtz just seemed to interact well with everyone he encountered and made the show better and added a lot of depth. I love the introduction of teenage Connor, the lighter episodes at the start of the season hold up well and are unique, and of course the piece de resistance - Wesley's loyalty arc. But Holtz really is the glue that underpins most of the season's high points.

Season 4 - Again, we are the few, those that like this season! Truly cinematic, with a great "what's going to happen next vibe" serving in some really good episodes and narratives. The performances of the cast are just stellar in the first half of this season, while admittedly the season does tail off badly with the whole Jasmine/Cordy thing and meanders pointlessly toward the end. But, the first half of the season just makes it stand out so much, especially in terms of re-watchabiity and intensity.

Season 1 - Its the one I tend to rewatch more than season two, mainly because the show was still new and fresh with some good humour, compelling episodes and nice scene-setting and characterization.

Season 2 - This was close for third place, but just lacks a certain note of intensity and vibe found in the stories that season one delivers upon. Some really good stuff here, though.

Season 5 - Is it just me, who thinks this season is crazily lacking? In an earlier post someone said this was jarring after season four - understatement. I could hardly follow the dialogue, it just seemed so detached and the plots lacked intensity, vitality and direction, at least for my taste.. I find I never re-watch this season. I understood the whole Fred/Illyria/Wesley angle in terms of the magnitude of Fred's death and what it means, but to me, that just means we don't get to see a character I loved watching, particularly in season three (Fred).
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