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Rank the Season 10 Arcs!

Favorite TPB?

  • Vol. 1- New Rules

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Vol. 2- I Wish

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Vol. 3- Love Dares You

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Vol. 4- Old Demons

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Vol. 5- In Pieces on the Ground

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Vol. 6- Own It

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters

The Ferg

Apr 7, 2008
Omaha, NE
Seeing as there were so many 2-3 issue arcs, I decided to just put the collected trades into the poll, but I'm really curious to see what you guys think.

I just finished my first reread, which honestly felt like the first time reading it, and after a little snooping around, BS10 seems to be quite popular around BB. I get it, because there's a lot to like. I'm really eager to see what ends up being the most and least popular arcs. I also felt like some of the titles were a little strange. For example, the two-parter "I Wish," was clearly two one-shots that had nothing to do with one-another, and the first two issues of "In Pieces" felt like they should've been named something different as well. Was that just me?

Overall, I think this season really excelled (where other comic seasons didn't) at feeling like one complete story with themes and character arcs and everything. You can literally point toward every character and easily explain what they went through and how they changed at the end of the season.

I will post a full ranking of every arc later, but for now, I voted for Vol. 5. I adore Love Dares You, but seeing as Relationship Status is really just a prelude to Old Demons, I had to go with Own It.
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Jun 17, 2018
Relationship Status Complicated is a bridge between Love Dares You and Old Demons. I think the three run into each other with Relationship Status being more obviously a coda to Love Dares You than setup for Old Demons. I do really like Relationship Status Complicated in its own right though.
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