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Rank the Season 2 Episodes

Btvs fan

Feb 11, 2019
Ok here we go

1) Becoming Pt2
2) Passion
3) Innocence
4) Lie to Me
5 ) Becoming pt1
6) I only have eyes for you
7 ) What's My line Pt2
8) School Hard
9 ) When She was bad
10 ) Halloween
11 ) BBB
12) Surprise
13 ) What's my line pt1
14 ) Phases
15 ) Reptile Boy
16 ) Killed by Death
17 ) Dark Age
18 ) Bad Eggs
19 ) Some Assembly Required
20) Go Fish
21) Inca Mummy Girl
22) Ted


Jul 12, 2019
United Kingdom
My favourite season, containing some of my favourite episodes of television ever.

22. Inca Mummy Girl
21. Some Assembly Required
20. Reptile Boy
19. The Dark Age
18. Go Fish
17. Killed By Death
16. Bad Eggs
15. Ted
14. When She Was Bad
13. What's My Line Part 2
12. What's My Line Part 1
11. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
10. Phases
9. Halloween
8. School Hard
7. Lie To Me
6. Surprise
5. Passion
4. Becoming Part 1
3. Innocence
2. I Only Have Eyes For You
1. Becoming Part 2


Mar 31, 2020
By far the best season of Buffy. Difficult to rank but here it goes :

1. Passion: This episode is as close to perfect as you can get. Even today I fail to understand how a writing team can come up with an episode of this caliber, and then be the same writing team that gave us the Initiative, Dawn, Riley and a whole bunch of other crap.

2. School Hard: Buffy the Vampire Slayer the mini-film. Spike was always better as a villain.

3. Surprise/Innocence: This is how you shake things up. Side note, the dream sequences here are way better than the ones in Restless.

4. Becoming Part 1 & 2: Intense awesome finale where we got to explore Angel's past. Although, I think as finales go Prophecy Girl just beats it.

5. Killed By Death: I love this episode and the demon. One of my biggest gripes with Buffy is that in the later seasons the demons became very generic and seemed to be walking around in the open without anyone noticing.

6. Halloween: For all you people who think Tabula Rasa is a great episode, please remember this episode did it first and did it better.

7. Lie To Me: Fantastic episode. Awesome writing.

8. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: How to be fun, silly and dark. SMG is so gorgeous in this episode.

9. The Dark Age: Interesting demon and Cordelia's scene with the cops is priceless.

10. What's My Line Part 1 & 2: Great way to conclude the middle of the season.

11. Reptile Boy: Great filler episode. Can be skipped, but shouldn't.

12. Ted: Buffy vs a Robot. Terrific episode but the ending was a bit of a let down.

13. Phases: Buffy vs a Werewolf. Crap werewolf costume. Otherwise very enjoyable episode.

14. Bad Eggs: Buffy vs a Body Snatchers. Fun filler episode. Can easily be skipped though.

15. I Only Have Eyes For You: Buffy vs a Ghost. Last 10 minutes are terrific, but the Ghost story wasn't really my thing.

16. Some Assembly Required: Buffy vs Frankenstein's monster. Some nice character moments but some imagination required.

17. When She Was Bad: When Buffy was less badass than in Prophecy Girl.

18. Inca Mummy Girl: Buffy vs a Mummy. Some nice character moments but the monster is amongst the weakest in the entire show.

19. Go Fish : Buffy vs the creatures from the Black Lagoon. It has its moments but can definitely be skipped.
Mar 20, 2021
22. Bad Eggs (gross)
21. Reptile Boy
20. Go Fish
19. Some Assembly Required
18. Inca Mummy Girl
17. The Dark Age
16. When She Was Bad
15. Phases
14. School Hard
13. What's My Line Part 1
12. Whats My Line Part 2
11. Halloween
10. Killed by Death
9. Surprise
8. Lie to Me
7. Innocence
6. Becoming Part 1
5. Ted
4. I Only Have Eyes For You
3. Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
2. Passion
1. Becoming Part 2
Jul 10, 2020
20. Bad Eggs - Just a really bad episode

19. Go Fish - It has its moments but not good overall, and made to seem worse by its position in the season

18. Inca Mummy Girl - the idea of the Incan girl sacrificed to save her people and the parallels to Buffy could have made an interesting episode, but just a bit dull

17. Reptile Boy - really slow start, Cordy was too annoying and the demon was awful, but there were some funny moments in the middle

16. Killed by Death - not sure why I don't like this episode more. There are some good ideas, but the whole just feels worse than the sum of its parts

15. Some Assembly Required - the main plot is terrible when it gets going, but some nice moments especially the Giles and Jenny stuff which is great

14. Phases - I really like Oz, but I dont think any of the Oz episodes completely work (even in Wild at Heart and New Moon Rising the ending is far better than the rest of the episode), but still an enjoyable episode

13. Ted - The first time I saw this ep I hated the way everyone behaves to Buffy, but I like it more each time I see it, and John Ritter is great

12. The Dark Age - Loved finding out a bit more about Giles past and meeting Ethan again, but the episode petered out a bit in the second half

11. When She Was Bad - One of my favourite Buffy openers. I liked how they followed up on how she was feeling from S1, and the bone smashing scene was powerful

10. School Hard - Really fun introduction to Spike and Dru. Still think Spike was better as a villain

9. Lie to Me - The writing was starting to get more layered by this point, and love the ending with Buffy and Giles

8. Whats My Line - Even though there had been better one off eps before this in S1 + S2, the way they handled the 2 part story was the point where the show really started to take off for me

7. I Only Have Eyes For You - I love the idea of the ghosts doomed to repeat the same event for eternity

6. Surprise - Enjoyed the dream sequence, and there were some nice and funny moments but mainly it was about that ending!

5. Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered - One of the funniest eps in the show. Really good mix of silly and dark

4. Halloween - Great lines and scenes all the way through. Just the thought of Giles reaction to Willow is making me laugh now. But it also has some nice character moments especially some growth for Willow and hints that there is more to Giles than meets the eye. One of the most rewatchable eps

3. Passion - Tonally perfect. Voiceovers can sometimes be an easy way out for writers but Angel's narration adds so much to the power of the episode. I really liked Jenny and was shocked at her death, and the scene where Giles finds her is so moving. It was also really brave - lots of other shows would have avoided having a main character do something so viciously cruel

2. Innocence - Great writing and talk about shaking things up! Really good acting too especially from DB. He clearly loved playing Angelus and having a bit more to do.

1. Becoming - Best season finale in the Buffyverse (along with NFA). Too many great scenes to mention but love seeing more of Angels past. The personal nature of the conflict between Buffy and Angel gives it so much resonance, and seeing Buffy leave on the bus is brutal to watch.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
1. Becoming (1&2)
2. Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
3. Innocence
4. School Hard
5. Halloween
6. Surprise
7. Passion
8. I Only Have Eyes for You
9. What's My Line
10. Lie to Me
11. When She Was Bad
12. Ted
13. The Dark Age
14. Killed by Death
15. Phases
16. Some Assembly Required
17. Bad Eggs
18. Repitile Boy
19. Inca Mummy Girl
20. Go Fish
Fuffy Baith
Fuffy Baith
Good ranking
Dogs of Winter
Dogs of Winter
Almost identical to mine. You clearly have good taste !!!


Dec 15, 2021
Wow this ranking has changed a lot for me over the years. Definitely my fav season.

1. Innocence (I LIVE for the emotion in this ep)
2. Becoming ii (AngelxBuffy fight scene is probably my fav fight in the whole show)
3. Halloween (my comfort episode :), used to me my all time fav)
4. School Hard (if I can convince someone to watch Buffy, I start them with School Hard--I think it captures the vibe of the show really well and has a great villain)
5. Surprise
6. I Only Have Eyes For You
(this one has grown on me a lot, I really like the meaning behind the possessions; it used to confuse me that the situations between lovers didn't match up perfectly, but now I think that makes it better, at first thinking Buffy is the hurt woman but then finding that she is searching for forgiveness herself)
7. Phases
8. Go Fish
(I stand by thinking Go Fish is a good episode--I know people hate it, but I think it's a good monster of the week, thinking "What's up with the swim team?" and the stuff with Xander and Cordelia is funny, as is the interrogation with Willow and Jonathan; you can tell it was intended for earlier in the series with the horror movie vibes, almost entirely monster of the week, and ominous ending, BUT I think it's done better than most earlier eps and we still get some Angel drama even though it feels thrown in there)
9. What's My Line i (I just love everything at the ice rink--I think we get maybe our best glimpse of Bangel when she tells him her Career Week concerns and he makes a date, allowing us to see them get to know each other, which I think the show generally does lack)
10. Passion (this one has actually gotten lower on my list, probably seen it too many times, but Jenny's death is awesome and heartbreaking to see)
11. What's My Line ii (KENDRA <3)
12. Lie To Me (I can't even describe why I just really like this episode--I think the Jason Behr cameo is cool and I love the exchange between Giles and Buffy at the end)
13. Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered (another episode that I used to like a lot more... probably because I've seen it a lot; I also don't like Xander as much as a character and not just because it's a lot more obvious that he's problematic, a lot of his good scenes just aren't as heartwarming to me as they used to be--crayon speech and Dawn potential speech--I do still love him tho)
14. The Dark Age (kind of a let down honestly? It's cool to learn more about Giles, but I feel like I really wanted that through seeing Band Candy Giles, not just seeing him fall apart)
15. Becoming i (another one that has dropped on my list through the years... I think the speeches in general have lost their effectiveness for me, so a huge part in this ep that I liked was Whistler's speech and I don't think it's as cool as i used to; love Kendra here tho)
16. Reptile Boy (honestly I could put this higher on my list; for some reason I do like this episode, but unlike Go Fish, I am ashamed of it; I probably like it for the Bangel vibes, but also I think the stuff with Xander is funny)
17. Bad Eggs (I also enjoy this episode even though many hate it; I don't love it, but the Bangel vibes are good and I like the scene where she fight the Gorches and then climbs out of the Bezoar)
18. When She Was Bad (underwhelming, plus gross Xander sexy dance)
19. Ted (I high key never liked this ep, sad this is where John Ritter guest stars)
20. Killed By Death (I'm convinced this is the Mandela Effect because for the longest time I COULD HAVE SWORN this ep was in season 1)
21. Some Assembly Required (terrible, only not last because of Bangel)
22. Inca Mummy Girl (nope)
Fuffy Baith
Fuffy Baith
Halloween is also a comfort episode for me, it's my most watched season 2 episode. Great list! Inca Mummy Girl is terrible!

CHK DeWilSon

A BAngel fan. Always.
Apr 8, 2017
It is my favourite series/season but it was especially difficult to put in order the bottom half of episodes rankings simply because I have some enjoyment of all the episodes even if they aren't favourites of mine.....

22. Some Assembly Required
21. Reptile Boy
20. Go Fish
19. Inca Mummy Girl
18. Killed By Death
17. Bad Eggs. I KNOW that I've talk about my major dislike for the horrible monster in the school basement and so I can't watch this episode fully but I'm a suckered for the cute BAngel moments.
16. School Hard
15. Ted
14. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
13. Lie To Me
12. Dark Ages
11. Halloween

10. When She Was Bad. A great series/season opener and one of my favourites from the whole series.
09. Phases. I just love Oz and that he got a episode to give him a bit more background and character was so good for this fan. Sure the werewolf costume was shockingly bad and the hunter character was generic but again it's Oz 😘
08. What's My Line Pt1
07. What's My Line Pt2. I such a huge fan of BTVS two parters starting from the first series and this was no exception. Thought Kendra was an interesting character even with the bad accent and a contrast to Buffy. And of some cute BAngel moments again 😍
06. I Only Have Eyes For You. Great episode and I love it knowing that it was this episode that it was decided that DB could front his own show. Oh yes baby! 😇
05. Passion. The build up to Jenny's death was great. I didn't really believe they would kill her off. And I love this particular episode for Angelus's voice over.
04. Surpise. The ending of this episode in no way had me prepared for.....
03. Innocence. I just couldn't believe what was happening and the devastation that Angel was gone 😭
02. Becoming Pt1. Facing that Angelus had to be put down for good and for Angel to never return was hard to know it had to be. Just a fantastic episode to lead to.....
01. Becoming Pt2. My favourite series/season finale. It had everything I would want and the emotion fallout was deep and felt. Simply BTVS at it's best (IMO).


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
1. Becoming One and Two (Fantastic finale, from the Angel flashbacks to the moment he gets a sword rammed into his chest, this is one of my favourites. Sounds like I don't like the guy. I do!)
2. Innocence (I think this is where David Boreanaz finally shines as an actor. He's amazing as Angelus and I love the emotional heart of this episode)
3. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (One of the funniest episodes and I like the way Xander learns something here. Amy also makes a welcome return)
4. Ted (I'm honestly surprised so many people seem to hate this one. Ritter's casting is great and I love how real it feels. I don't even mind that he turns out to be a robot)
5. Lie To Me (I like the plot of this more than anything else and the ending scene between Buffy and Giles in the cemetery is really nicely done)
6. Halloween (Really nice idea behind it and Ethan Rayne is at his best)
7. School Hard (Introduces Spike and Drusilla. They're both excellent. Not much else to say)
8. Passion (Jenny's death is really nicely handled and this is the first time Angelus is proven to be as evil as they say. It's also the first episode to ever make me cry - the moment when Buffy rescues Giles from the factory)
9. Surprise (Rewatching this is particularly painful. I'm not a massive Bangel person but I love what Buffy and Angel's relationship represents: idealistic, young love. This episode teases you with it before Innocence takes it away)
10. I Only Have Eyes For You (Some cool horror moments in this episode and I really like the whole ghosts doomed to repeat the same event concept)
11. What's My Line One and Two (I'm not a big fan of Kendra but her inclusion here is really nice and any episode featuring Spike and Dru as the big villains are always going to find favour with me)
12. Phases (I miss Oz. Don't like the hunter character though)
13. Inca Mummy Girl (It's kind of dumb but I enjoy the episode's energy and Xander gets some nice development as well)
14. Killed by Death (The Kinderstod is a really menacing villain but the episode as a whole doesn't use him that well. The idea that there isn't a demon and it's all in Buffy's head is a good one but isn't really expanded on)
15. Some Assembly Required (Not bad, but nothing special. Giles and Jenny are sweet together and that's probably the best thing in it)
16. The Dark Age (I like the first half of this episode for how weird it is but once Jenny gets possessed it becomes a bit too gloomy)
17. When She Was Bad (Hate the way Buffy acts in this one but it's understandable given what she'd been through. It's basically a coda to Season 1 more than anything else)
18. Go Fish (This episode just got put at a bad time. We're on the edge of our seats for the final fight between Buffy and Angelus and we get a throwaway dedicated to a swim team turning into fish people)
19. Bad Eggs (The Bezoar isn't a bad idea, it's the cowboys that make this one annoying)
20. Reptile Boy (Bad plot and bad villain combined with unfunny and insulting treatment of Xander makes for a pretty awful story)

Time for a re-ranking as per my rewatch.

1. Becoming Parts One and Two: Absolutely phenomenal, probably the best finale the series ever had, and then some. The flashbacks of Angel's/Angelus' origins are an absolute treat and just a taster of what was to come in AtS, the stakes are raised to probably the highest we ever see them on the series. This truly feels like a 'how the hell are they gonna resolve this?' finale, and even though I'm glad the series continued after this, honestly, you could have ended it here, and it would have been shocking, but unforgettable.
2. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Xander isn't one of my favourite characters, but he does get treated to some of the best development and episodes of the series, and this is his finest hour. He's a jerk, but we at least understand where he's coming from, and I love how this balances screwball comedy with homicidal horror.
3. Ted: A genuinely horrifying and uncomfortable episode to watch. I get frustrated every time I watch it, but even more frustrated when I see people rate it so poorly!
4. School Hard: Lacks the strong ideas of some other Season 2 episodes, but it delivers on the excitement and tension. And James Marsters and Juliet Landau are wonderful, as they always are. They make this season.
5. Halloween: Not the best Ethan Rayne episode, but almost. Strong ideas and character work make this one of the best of the series.
6. Passion: Tense and shocking, with a genuinely heart-rending scene as the factory burns down. Although, Giles could easily have just thrown his firebombs at Angelus directly and killed him instantly instead of just setting fire to a table to announce his presence.
7. Phases: Really didn't give this episode enough credit in the past. Oz is such a loveable character, and the werewolf actually looks sort of decent for once.
8. Lie to Me: Strong emotional core to this episode, and its exploration of wannabe vampires is a theme I wish the series had looked at more often.
9. Innocence: Fantastic performances all round, and a great confrontation at the end.
10. Surprise: I don't really find this episode as sad as I used to. I mostly enjoy it now for the pacing and the cliffhanger.
11. I Only Have Eyes For You: Another really clever idea, and I love the twist of James latching onto Buffy instead of Angelus.
12. What's My Line Parts One and Two: Kind of dull, if I'm being honest, but I like the various assassins, and Spike and Dru are obviously brilliant. 'We'll dance my pet...on the Slayer's grave' is beautiful. Kendra was a mistake, however. If you want to feature a Jamaican character, maybe you should cast someone who's actually Jamaican instead of forcing Bianca Lawson to do that appalling accent.
13. When She Was Bad: Still more of a coda to Season One, but that's not so bad. I think I sympathise with Buffy a lot more this time around, and I respect that they tried to do something a bit out of left field for the opener, instead of a big, 'we're back!' episode.
14. Inca Mummy Girl: Another good one for Xander, but that's about it.
15. Killed by Death: Great monster, naff and rather plot that doesn't show it off enough. Cordelia is the best thing in it.
16. The Dark Age: Nice to touch on Giles' past, but it all feels a bit lifeless and drab.
17. Some Assembly Required: A bit too basic, but has some nice Giles and Jenny scenes.
18. Bad Eggs: The Bezoar plot is actually not too bad, if a little generic. This is the first episode of the series that feels like it has absolutely no point to it whatsoever, because there's not even any focus on a particular character. Hence the irritating scene of two cowboy vampires punching each other in a sewer.
19. Go Fish: Terrible placement in the season and a wafer-thin plot that wastes Charles Cyphers (a sin in itself).
20. Reptile Boy: Utterly awful. This has only got worse with age, and if Beer Bad, Where the Wild Things Are and Dead Things didn't exist, it would be my pick for the worst episode of the Buffyverse.

Season Two builds on what made Season One work and just adds a bit more of interest. Get rid of the Orlok-esque Master and replace him with the more modern Spike and Dru. Feature a bit more complex interplay between the characters. Pull a twist where Buffy's boyfriend turns out to be the villain. There are a fair few bland and generic episodes here, but it gets so much right, especially from Surprise onwards, that I can't really begrudge this season much. It just happens that the next one was even better.

Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada
  1. I Only Have Eyes for You
  2. Surprise
  3. Halloween
  4. Passion
  5. Becoming (2)
  6. What's My Line? (1)
  7. School Hard
  8. Innocence
  9. Becoming (1)
  10. What's My Line? (2)
  11. Bad Eggs
  12. When She Was Bad
  13. Reptile Boy
  14. Lie to Me
  15. The Dark Age
  16. Inca Mummy Girl
  17. Phases
  18. Go Fish
  19. Ted
  20. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  21. Killed by Death
  22. Some Assembly Required
It's neat to see how much the second half of this list differs for everybody! Not surprised to see Passion and Becoming consistently high on almost every post, those episodes were a roller coaster of emotion. I cried like a baby watching both, completely inconsolable!!

Surprise probably should be lower on my list, but the very first BtVS media I consumed was the book version of Surprise/Innocence (a friend suggested it to me, who was a big fan of the show).... so I have a soft spot for it ;)
Reason: School Hard was unacceptably low on the list (!)


I'm busy basking.......
May 8, 2019
1. Becoming Pt 2
2. Passion
3. Becoming Pt 1
4. Halloween
5. I Only Have Eyes for You
6. Innocence
7. Surprise
8. When She Was Bad
9. School Hard
10. What's My Line Pt 2
11. What's My Line Pt 1
12. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
13. Lie To Me
14. Reptile Boy
15. Phases
16. The Dark Age
17. Killed By Death
18. Go Fish
19. Bad Eggs
20. Ted
21. Some Assembly Required
22. Inca Mummy Girl
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