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Rank the Season 3 Episodes

Discussion in 'Season 3' started by Samuel Reyes, May 10, 2015.

  1. wickedtiger86

    wickedtiger86 Scooby

    Apr 24, 2009
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    This is not the easiest thing ever.

    1. The Wish
    2. Band Candy
    3. Dopplegangland
    4. Earshot
    5. Graduation Day 1&2
    6. Lover's Walk
    7. The Prom
    8. The Zeppo
    9. Faith, Hope & Trick
    10. Revelations
    11. Helpless
    12. Anne
    13. Homecoming
    14. Amends
    15. Enemies
    16. Bad Girls
    17. Choices
    18. Consequences
    19. Beauty and the Beasts
    20. Gingerbread
    21. Dead Man's Party

    This is a really good season, though. The last three are the only ones that I ever feel tempted to skip on a rewatch, but even then, I end up glad that I watched them. For one scene or another. Like, I love the use of Call of the Wild in Beauty and the Beasts. And Giles' speech about the mask and Americans in Dead Man's Party. :)
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  2. Puppet

    Puppet My ass is not pansy!

    Aug 1, 2017
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    Black Thorn
    And here we go again, lol. Unlike the majority, I don't love S3 as much, but that doesn't mean this is gonna be easy...dammit...

    22. Amends. I cannot abide this travesty! Willow willing to sleep with Oz just to gain his forgiveness was appalling and so unlike her character, I'm just glad Oz was a stand-up guy who didn't take advantage of her stupidity. There wasn't enough byplay between Buffy and Faith, cause it just had to be a Bangel episode, didn't it? And that's the final point; the Bangel. Not only is this the season that made me truly despise those two together, but this episode is everything that's wrong with it! Angel willing to lose his soul just to get rid of the guilt? Why the hell did he get to keep not-breathing??? Ugh...sorry, rant over, for now.
    21. Revelations. I found Faith connecting with a perfect stranger and being hardened by her betrayal completely OOC and a disgrace to her character. The evil!Watcher angle coulda been unique but was handled in such a way that it came off as cardboard-y and boring. The only redeeming factor is the argument/intervention in the library, that brings out so many truths. It always breaks my heart to hear what Giles has to say. "But don't forget that Angel tortured me. For hours. For fun." Chilling.
    20. Beauty & the Beasts. I applaud the writers for trying to touch on the horrible reality of an abused woman not standing up for herself, out of some misplaced affection for her abuser, but they definitely could've handled it better. The amount of time it takes for Buffy to accept a date with Scott to be actually dating him is also poorly executed. The best parts of this episode is Faith chasing down Wolf!Oz, tbh.
    19. Dead Man's Party. I don't dislike this as much as some of you, but I'll admit that it does have its weak parts. It's this low, because there are a lot of strong episodes in this season. I never fail to laugh at Giles. "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans." I also enjoyed the fight before the zombies interrupted, but agree that there should have been some after effects of it. It seems the message of this episode was that, if you're true friends, then you don't have to discuss your issues. Not a good precedent to set for the youthful viewers, I've had unhealthy friendships like that in the past.
    18. Anne. I'm not much for season openers, but this is higher on the list than my S2 rankings, so, yay? It seemed to drag a bit and then, when the action finally began, there wasn't enough time to truly resolve things. The Scoobies went from missing Buffy and not patrolling at all, to suddenly having worked out a system and code names and such, way too little time spent building that concept for the viewers. But seeing Chantarelle again was pretty cool, I still remembered her from Lie to Me, though it probably doesn't work as well if you've forgotten her. Also agree that the re-introduction of Buffy, in a way, was awesome. "I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and you are?"
    17. Faith, Hope and Trick. The only reason this isn't lower is because of the introduction of Fatih, one of my favorite characters on the show. Mostly because she's the character I identify with the most (sans the murder, of course). The Hope part was weak, though I did enjoy Kakistos, as a MotW. He probably woulda been a bit wooden if they'd lengthened his arc by even one more episode. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Trick and was actually sad that we didn't get more of him in S3, but Faith was the standout for me in this one. "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's a new Slayer in town."
    16. Enemies. Not a big fan, but I get what it was trying to do. It just went about it in the completely wrong way, imo. I disagree with those of you who wanted a kiss on the lips, I think it woulda taken away from the impact of it all, leaving the viewer stuck on the possibility of Fuffy and not taking from the episode what we needed to. Then again, I never saw the Fuffy undertones, even when it was pointed out to me, so maybe that's part of it. I thought Angel was a little too good at pretending to be Angelus and poor Xander :(
    15. Bad Girls. If we consider this and Consequences a two-parter, then this one is the weaker of the two. Balthazar and the El Eliminati were definitely weak, but they weren't the true villains of the piece, I guess; that'd be Faith, especially in hindsight. I just find it a little too 'setting up for the twist ending and following episode' to really rate it any higher. The themes it brings up in the next episode are far more interesting and thought provoking.
    14. The Prom. The only reason this ranks higher than Bad Girls is the glittery umbrella and Jonathan's speech about Buffy. It saves an otherwise 'meh' episode. So does Xander covering for Cordelia and the hilarious scene with Giles and Wesley. "You've the maturity of a blueberry scone."
    13. Earshot. This is when it starts getting difficult, cause this is officially the 'worst of the best'. I loved the themes and message this brought out. The twist that Jonathan wasn't going to hurt anyone was very powerful the first time I saw it, especially as I was dealing with suicidal thought myself at the time it aired. It was also funny in places where it served it well, without being distasteful. My absolute favorite parts are Joyce's awkwardly leaving when Buffy reads her thoughts and Giles walking into a tree. "You slept with my mom!"
    12. Choices. It was tough to choose (no pun intended) between this and no. 11, but there you go. This was a beautiful episode, I truly continue to enjoy it, even having seen it so many times, lol. Some of the high points were the speech Willow gives to Faith when she is discovered, stealing pages from the Books of Ascension, and Oz's quiet but determined way of making it clear that Willow is the main priority.
    11. Consequences. This is just such a lovely piece of small-screen cinema, from Faith trying to lay the blame at Buffy's feet, to Xander's wake up call when he thinks he can save Faith, to the Council screwing everything up when trying to do the opposite. I'm one of the few (apparently) who don't think SMG and DB had much of any chemistry at all, but instead DB had amazing on-screen chemistry with Eliza, and it shows in the scene where he tries to talk some sense into her. We did lose Trick, though, that sucks :)
    10. Homecoming. Now for the Top Ten, crap this is hard. Harder than I thought it would be when I started this. I love the SlayerFest 98 plot, this episode truly shows us more of Trick than any other. And, while I did not like the Gorch brothers in S2, I loved the married Gorch couple in this one, especially the way Cordelia handled it in the library scene. The byplay between Buffy and Cordelia was perfection in this one, for me this was the full circle I needed to not be disappointed when Cordy just vanished in S4, without mention. Despite how early in the season this episode is :)
    9. Gingerbread. Yes, I may be in the minority, but I freaking love this episode! From Giles' terrible German, to the glimpse into Willow's home life that we've waited seasons for, to the great exchange between Giles and Cordy. "I swear, one of these days you're gonna wake up in a coma." "Wake up in a...oh, nevermind." I loved the darkness of what the villain was, that it preyed on the inherent human weaknesses in us all, and that Joyce got a spotlight, one of her first, and only, until S5. There is very little I don't love about this episode. Amy turning herself into a rat, awesome, Xander and Oz showing up too late to the saving party, hilarious, Cordy spraying the adults with a water hose, brilliant. Love it, 9 out of 10 stars from me!
    8. Graduation Day, Part I. This was so close to beating the second parter, mostly due to the fight between Faith and Buffy towards the end. Everything, from the moment Faith looks up when the music ends, to when she falls over the side of the building, is just incredible. The writing, the fight training, the score, it's all great. Unfortunately the rest of the episode falls short, mostly, in comparison, which is why this one suffers the eighth spot on my list. I did enjoy the small evidence of how Giles is better than Wesley during the sword practice, that was an amusing little tidbit.
    7. Graduation Day, Part II. For season enders, this is pretty low, but coming directly after Becoming, it's understandable, I think. The reason this one beats part I, is because of the way they bring all the other students into the fight against the Mayor and his vampire minions. It was not only the perfect ending to the past 3 seasons, but also a great sequitur from the Prom. It also wins out over part I due to the parts with the Mayor showing real empathy and grief for Faith and Cordy getting to stake her first vampire!
    6. Lover's Walk. This one woulda been higher if not for the atrocious Willow/Xander escapades; poor Cordelia and Oz. Any episode with Spike would be high for me, but in a season where he only shows up in one, I truly wish I could rank this higher. Every scene he's in is wonderful, but every scene he's not in falls short, hence the ranking of 6... :(
    5. Helpless. Yes, Giles betrayed Buffy, but guess what, he's only human. I love the theme that is an undercurrent for the entire series, that people make mistakes. But they grow from them and often become stronger for them. Don't focus on his betrayal, focus on the fact that he felt more and more guilty until it culminated in him telling Buffy the truth, knowing that in doing so he was risking everything he had been working for since his Ripper past ended. The life he had built for himself. Kralik isn't that intriguing a villain, but then he's not supposed to be the villain of this piece; the Council is. And they are truly devious enough to fill that spot. This has very few flaws, off the top of my head I would say that Buffy doesn't delve enough into how much she hates losing her powers, when she's always wanted to be normal before this point.
    4. Band Candy. In a season so heavy with emotional and dramatic impact, this was exactly the breath of fresh air needed for the viewers. It wasn't so much with being character driven, but you don't need every episode to be that. I loved it; having Rayne back was awesome, he's such a charming anti-hero, makes no apologies for not being a do-gooder. Seeing Ripper beyond quick flashbacks was truly eye-opening, and connects rather well with the decisions Giles makes in Helpless, later. And let's not forget that it was hilarious, all around. Snyder probably being one of my favorite parts :D

    My Top Three (in absolutely no order, cause I can't pick)

    The Wish.
    I love it when shows play on alternate realities and this one did such an amazing job at showing both the obvious and the subtle differences of a world where Buffy had never come to the Hellmouth. Cordelia was played off as being the lead at first, and then suddenly she was killed off and we were left wondering how in the hell this was all going to be resolved. People always highlight how awesome AH was at playing the villain, but I thoroughly enjoyed NB's turn as a vampire, as well. Our introduction to Anyanka/Anya was one of the best of any character in the show, right behind Spike in School Hard. She was so chilling and unapologetic, especially compared to what she became later (though I do adore later-Anya as well.)

    The Zeppo. I will never apologize for having this in the number one spot, despite it sharing that spot with two other episodes. Xander is a definite favorite of mine and this episode is a large part of why that is. The way the episode is structured almost reminds me of Hush and OMWF in that it's a very unique take on how to tell the story. This is why I find Xander to be so brave, this is why I find him selfless (as I'm pretty sure he never told anyone about the events of this, even the Faith thing only came out cause the others figured it out), this is why I know he is so much more than the goofy exterior he shows most people. Love it, wouldn't change a thing.

    Doppelgangland. Most of you had this at number one, so I bet no one's really that surprised. Following up from the epic The Wish couldn't have been easy, and yet they knocked this one out of the park. More specifically, AH knocked it all the way to space. I've always been a fan of her work as an actress, but an episode like this (and the end of S6) is why Willow is one of her strongest performances, by far. The way she switches back and forth between the Willow we know so well, and the almost exact opposite of her, is fascinating and so telling of AH as a talented af actress.

    Phew, this was a lot harder than I expected. I also realized that maybe I like S3 a lot more than I originally stated at the top. I think it's the Bangel; I rarely rewatch this season because of Bangel and so I forget how many awesome episodes were in S3.
    MarieVampSlayer: I love the Zeppo, you are not alone!!!
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  3. HowiMetdaSlayer

    HowiMetdaSlayer Occasionally, I am callous and strange.

    Dec 10, 2015
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    Was never really that big on The Zeppo.

    I know I'm weird. :oops:
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  4. Mylie

    Mylie Scooby

    Dec 1, 2016
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    I've always felt weird about not being crazy over it because everyone seems to love it so much.

    I don't really feel strongly about it and don't feel like rewatching it much unlike 3/4 of the episodes in that season.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one.
    HowiMetdaSlayer: Amen sistah! :)
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  5. Mr Trick

    Mr Trick Scooby

    Jan 9, 2015
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    London, UK
    The Zeppo is probably overrated, but I still really enjoy it and its a smartly written episode. Plus Xander deserved his day in the sun:)
  6. Living Dead Boy

    Living Dead Boy Joss Is A Very Flawed Boss

    Nov 23, 2011
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    Washington, D.C
    Black Thorn
    Alrighty then, let's get this show on the road.

    22. Dead Man's Party
    21. Beauty and The Beasts
    20. Choices
    19. Enemies
    18. Faith, Hope, & Trick
    17. Gingerbread
    16. Amends
    15. Earshot (all of these episodes are pretty top notch, I just find Earshot just a tad overrated.)
    14. The Prom
    13. Homecoming
    12. Revelations
    11. Consequences
    10. Bad Girls
    9. Lovers Walk
    8. The Zeppo
    7. Helpless
    6. Band Candy
    5. Anne (this episode means a lot to me, and the fight in Hell remains top 5 greatest fight scenes in the show.)
    4. The Wish
    3. Graduation Day Part 1
    2. Graduation Day Part 2
    1. Doppelgangland (this episode is in the dictionary under the word "perfect")
  7. Fool for Buffy

    Fool for Buffy BFF of Sour Patch Kid

    Jun 2, 2017
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    I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this seeing as this season is basically flawless. But here we go.

    22. Dead Man's Party- People being mean to Buffy is never good. But I love Giles's line about Joyce's mask.
    21. Beauty and the Beast- Angel's back, but he's a little off. And I don't think we needed another werewolf episode, but I can deal.
    20. Gingerbread- I just hate Joyce in this episode and I don't buy that a couple of kids would change everything in a town that has dead bodies as it's number one export. I am still laughing with Xander at the fact that fairytales are real.
    19. Consequences- Faith tries to blame Buffy which makes me so angry. But it does well to illustrate what taking a life will do to someone.
    18. Faith, Hope, and Trick- The introduction of Faith is something I will always love and be grateful for. The introduction of Scott Hope is something I will always try to forget.
    17. Revelations- This is already getting hard because this is a really good episode. But I'm just not as sold by Gwendyln as some people. What I love is we get a preview Faith/ Buffy showdown.
    16. Homecoming- Did Buffy and Cordy ever have to reconcile? At least slayerfest is very entertaining. But Xander and Willow kissing isn't.
    15. Choices- It's a bit of a let down as it's during a run of fantastic episodes. But the Willow Faith interactions are great and the final moment between Willow and Buffy is even better.
    14. Band Candy- In any other season, it's definitely in the top 10. But these top 14 are going to be impossible to choose and it could change in an hour.
    13. The Zeppo- I love it, and Xander deserves a one-off. Some people call what Faith did a rape. Definitely not. Xander consented just as anyone would have.
    12. Amends- Introduction of The First brings some obvious and delayed foreshadowing. Strong is fighting. One of my favorite Bangel scenes.
    11. Bad Girls- I gotta love me some Buffy and Faith innuendo. Too bad it had to fall apart.
    10. Anne- The Battle for Hell. I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and you are? Oh, it's so fabulous.
    9. Lovers Walk- Yay, Spike is back! Not yay though because Willow and Xander get caught kissing. Poor Cordy and Oz. Spike's scene with Joyce is really well funny too.
    8. Helpless- A gem of a betrayed father daughter relationship. Quentin Travers makes quite the effect on the show for being in 3 episodes. The way Buffy kills Kralik is just proof that she was way smarter than people gave her credit for.
    7. Earshot- Every single person is living a life just as complicated and intricate as you are. Pretty amazing way to illustrate that. Great scene between Buffy and Jonathan. It's not quiet. It's deafening.
    6. Enemies- I'll admit it. I was dooped the first time. Angel is a really good actor. Buffy and Faith at each other's throats is iconic.
    5. The Prom- I thought it couldn't get any more heartwarming because the class protector award was so sweet. But then Giles said every now and then and I knew what was coming.
    4. Graduation Day Part 1- The only reason this doesn't beat part 2 is because there is a fair bit of setup. But the Buffy and Faith battle is the show at its very best.
    3. Doppelgangland- Some people have this as number one, and it could be, but I'm sticking with this ranking because it's an all comedy episode and I prefer drama.
    2. Graduation Day Part 2- Speaking of drama, this has it all. The infamous bite scene, Buffy and The Mayor telling their plans, the student army, and blowing up the school. A great ending to a great season.
    1. The Wish- Everything about this episode is just wonderful. Vampire Willow and Vampire Xander, The Master's best episode, Cordy's best episode even though she dies twenty minutes in, alternate reality Buffy being a lot like Faith, the introduction of Anya, and the scene where everybody kills everybody.
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  8. PaulParmar1

    PaulParmar1 Team Spuffy

    Oct 2, 2017
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    Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
    1. Graduation Day Part 2
    2. Graduation Day Part 1
    3. The Wish
    4. Band Candy
    5. The Prom
    6. Anne
    7. Lover's Walk
    8. Amends
    9. Faith, Hope and Trick
    10. Doppelganged
    11. Consequences
    12. Bad Girls
    13. Enemies
    14. Choices
    15. The Homecoming
    16. Beauty and the Beasts
    17. Revelations
    18. Earshot
    19. Helpless
    20. Gingerbread
    21. The Zeppo
    22. Dead Man's Party
  9. fauxindigo

    fauxindigo Potential

    Feb 6, 2017
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    New York
    1. Doppelgangland amazing
    2. The Wish also amazing
    3. Earshot so cool how B can read peoples minds- if only she heard Faiths
    4. Bad Girls shows how being bad can seem fun
    5. The Prom perfect high school era ep
    6. Graduation Day 1 love the building tension and Buffy & Faiths fight
    7. Graduation Day 2 great end to high school era
    8. Homecoming it's fun af!
    9. Band Candy also fun af!
    10. Revelations dramatic af
    11. Enemies has a good twist

    12. Lovers Walk love Spike but what a bummer of an episode
    13. Faith Hope & Trick Faith steals every scene, Trick is cool, Hope is eh....
    14. Gingerbread love the witch hunt and fairytale theme
    15. The Zeppo very cool format and I like episodes that focus on one character
    16. Consequences Even though this episode kind of gets lost, it's crucial to Buffy & Faith's storylines and relationship
    17. Anne not bad but I don't like Buffy in L.A.
    18. Amends Angel as his most melodramatic - points for Jenny Calendar/The First though
    19. Choices never really cared for this one, although I liked Willow being captured /held hostage
    20. Dead Mans Party kind of an annoying episode
    21. Beauty & the Beasts too bad we didn't know Debbie, Pete or Mr.Platt before this episode, we might've cared about their deaths
    22. Helpless hate Buffy being powerless and Gile's betraying her, even though the ending is good with how Buffy quits the council and it's pointed out that Giles loves Buffy like a father
  10. MarieVampSlayer

    MarieVampSlayer I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about!

    Sep 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Québec, Canada
    Another list, another very good season so this is gonna be hard:

    1. Graduation part 2
    2. The wish
    3. Graduation part 1
    4. Homecoming
    5. Band Candy
    6. Dopplegangland
    7. Bad Girls
    8. The Zeppo
    9. Helpless
    10. Anne
    11. Faith, Hope & Trick
    12. The Prom
    13. Amends
    14. Consequences
    15. Enemies
    16. Choices
    17. Earshot
    18. Lover's Walk
    19. Gingerbread
    20. Revelations
    21. Dead Man's Party
    22. Beauty and the Beast