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Rank the Season 5 Episodes


Apr 24, 2018
1. Fool for Love
2. The Gift
3. The Body
4. Intervention
5. Crush
6. Spiral
7. Family
8. Blood Ties
9. Checkmate
10. Forever
11. Into the Woods
12. Out of My Mind
13. No Place Like Home
14. Triangle
15. Tough Love
16. Shadow
17. Real Me
18. Weight of the World
19. Buffy vs. Dracula
20. The Replacement
21. Listening to Fear
22. I Was Made To Love You


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
Having completed by long-delayed watch-through I thought I'd have a stab of re-reviewing my ratings for this season; on the whole its pretty high-quality in terms of brilliance so even the low ones have some appeal.

22. Into The Woods: Or, the assassination of Briley. Still its hard not to find all this very tiring in terms of histrionics. The arguing, the 'fake-stake' scene, the crappy flophouse of vamp-bites. Riley flies out of town on a low and Buffy thinks she's to blame.
21. I Was Made To Love You: Funny, light-hearted and exploring the fallout to Buffy's breakup and important realization. But robots and Warren; two problematic elements to the show, are (re) introduced. So guilt by association.
20. Weight Of The World: Padding, padding, padding. The Buffy-mindscape scenes and the classic 'Ben-is-Glory? comedy skit is just not enough to elevate this slightly turgid episode.
19. Listening To Fear: I liked the opening and the sub-plot with Joyce's illness and Buffy coping is heart-breaking adult drama, but not a fan of the monster or Ben using it to murder innocents.
18. Shadow: Again I found myself enjoying/invested in Buffy/Joyce rather than the rather silly snake-monster; probably the weakest 'Glory's evil scheme' episode.
17. Buffy Vs. Dracula: A weak season-opener but a good catalyst for Buffy wanting to re-up on her slayer-potential, everyone seems to have fun with this one and it shows.
16. Out Of Their Minds: The first 15 minutes are gold and then we get the truly infuriating plot; Riley's super-powers are causing him to die and he freaks like a dumbass, Spike's meddling makes things infinity worse and there is NO CONSEQUENCE for him. Urgh.
15. Tough Love: All the Willow/Tara stuff is pretty good, the Buffy-matryr 'I don't have a life, I have Dawn's life now' is not; its just frustrating/tired. The Willow/Glory showdown is satisfying though. Top DW foreshadowing.
14. Forever: Some great parts, Bangel-ness and creeps aplenty to be had, and Dawn's character is well-realized, but overall this episode feels a little underwhelming given its themes. Basically 'the one after The Body' episode, which was always gonna be tough.
13. The Replacement: A decent Xander-centric episode that distills his best aspects and worst aspects (but not really) into physical form. Plus the only time I had Riley-feels.
12. Intervention: Comedy fluff with some nice foreshadowing of Buffy's eventual fate. The Buffy-bot is adorable but the Spuffy aspect is very over-rated.
11. Crush: Probably one of my favorite Spike-performances this season; he comes across as truly pathetic by the end of this, and is treated far better than he deserves. Still, so does every other vampire in this particular case.
10. Family: Tara's secret? She's a hillbilly! But Willow loves her anyway and everyone sticks up for her and Spike punches her on the nose! It's all way better than I made it sound and a nice way to showcase Tara's acceptance into the group. Plus float-y dancing.
9. Blood Ties: I'm a Dawn-apologist (this season) and she shines in this episode as she discovers her true nature. Lots of great moments. Also maybe Buffy should just spend her birthdays hiding in a closet rocky backwards and forwards alone?
8. Triangle: Troll-fun! I like a lot of this sub-Zeppo episode, where we jettison Riley-angst for Troll rampage; everything works here in a nonsense sort of way. Just ignore the massive set of contrivances and enjoy Anya/Willow bicker. #teamwillow
7. : Fool For Love: Spike's best episode ever reveals so much about him and his romantic world view; how he came to be and how he sees himself and the slayers he killed. Amazingly this episode manages to make us feel pity for an unrepentant monster. Great stuff.
6. No Place Like Home: Glory's appearance is a highlight here; her presence, crazy antics and sheer power dominate. Plus we learn about Buffy's sister. This episode kicks the season into gear.
5. Real Me: Introduces a new character successfully, but its true charm is re-introducing the audience to all the characters with fresh eyes. A joy and a triumph that even Harmony can't ruin. Because she has minions now.
4. Spiral: Tightly paced and unrelenting is a hard thing to convey on TV but this manages it whilst also giving every single character great moments. A mini-action movie with real stakes.
3. Checkpoint: Why so high? Because this is a fantastic Buffy-episode at its heart and full of fun call-backs, great scenes, top Giles stuff and crusty stuffy English-ness. Plus Buffy looks amazing.
2. The Body: Just...great television. The only reason it's not number one is that its not quintessential Buffy-television. But moving and accurately depicting the differing stages of grief, it delivers fine performances from everyone involved.
1. The Gift: The perfect season finale that- thanks to a fantastic script and a season of foreshadowing- is still so evocative and haunting. Buffy is conflicted yet truly heroic, Spike is sympathetic, Giles is Ripper-tastic, Anya is incredibly useful. Basically every character at their finest. Savor it folks for it won't ever be seen like this again...


22. Listening to Fear (5x9)
21. I Was Made to Love You (5x15)
20. Shadow (5x8)
19. Buffy vs. Dracula (5x1)
18. Out of My Mind (5x4)
17. No Place Like Home (5x5)
16. Into the Woods (5x10)
15. Real Me (5x2)
14. Triangle (5x11)
13. The Replacement (5x3)
12. The Weight of the World (5x21)
11. Checkpoint (5x12)
10. Forever (5x17)
9. Tough Love (5x19)
8. Intervention (5x18)
7. Crush (5x14)
6. The Body (5x16)
5. Family (5x6)
4. Blood Ties (5x13)
3. Spiral (5x20)
2. Fool for Love (5x7)
1. The Gift (5x22)

Aside from #22, I thought every episode this season was great.
1 family 2 tough love 3 the body 4 I was made to love you, the end of it sad .5 the gift


"Preparation, preparation, preparation"
Jul 31, 2018
01. The Gift
02. Fool for Love
03. No Place Like Home
04. Spiral
05. Real Me
06. The Weight of the World
07. Blood Ties
08. Tough Love
09. Checkpoint
10. The Replacement
11. Intervention
12. Family
13. The Body
14. Forever
15. Into the Woods
16. Out of My Mind
17. Crush
18. Buffy vs. Dracula
19. I Was Made to Love You
20. Listening to Fear
21. Shadow
22. Triangle


Nov 26, 2018
1. The Body
2. Fool For Love
3. The Gift
4. Checkpoint
5. Family
6. No Place Like Home
7. Spiral
8. The Replacement
9. Intervention
10. Crush
11. Triangle
12. I Was Made to Love You
13. Blood Ties
14. Tough Love
15. Shadow
16. Listening to Fear
17.Buffy vs. Dracula
18. Out Of My Mind
19. Into The Woods
20. Real Me
21. The Weight of the World
22. Forever


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
1. The Body (One of the best representations of loss ever made for anything)
2. Fool For Love (I will buy into any episode that reveals more about Spike's past)
3. Crush (It's a shame Drusilla didn't ever return properly after this one but seeing her and Spike together again one last time is awesome)
4. Intervention (The Buffybot is surprisingly lovable and this really signals Spike's development as a character when he refuses to betray the gang)
5. Spiral (Really intense action and high stakes. This is one of the most exciting episodes of the series)
6. Family (A nice episode for Tara and the ending in the Bronze is predictable but at the same time adorable)
7. Blood Ties (Dawn isn't a favourite of mine, but her behaviour in this is perfectly understandable and justified. It also has the first Ben/Glory reveal and advances the overall plot)
8. The Replacement (Xander's story more or less ends here. He's grown up, shaken off the burden of being who he was in high school and becomes a responsible adult. Sadly, this is also the end of him being as entertaining but this is a good fun episode)
9. The Gift (Not as good as previous finales but it's a strong end to the season. The return of many plot points such as the robot really help bring the story to a very effective end)
10. No Place Like Home (Glory makes a very good first impression and the weird trippy spell that Buffy casts is a cool sequence)
11. Buffy vs Dracula (The ultimate 'gimmick' episode but it's pretty fun and Xander acting like Renfield from the book is very funny)
12. I Was Made To Love You (I actually really like April despite the horrendous reasoning behind her creation. The scene where she dies is genuinely moving)
13. Triangle (Another fun episode, if a bit too over the top in places)
14. Shadow (The snake is a pretty weak monster but I like the heightening drama relating to Joyce's illness)
15. Real Me (Dawn's not too annoying. Harmony makes for a pretty bad villain but a really funny character)
16. Checkpoint (All the stuff with the Council is pretty good but the rest of it is kind of forgettable)
17. Tough Love (The highlight would be Willow turning darker and attacking Glory. And Spike's speech to Dawn is wonderful)
18. Forever (Not the best, but the ending where Joyce's body arrives back at the house is very effective)
19. The Weight Of The World (This drags quite a bit but the concepts it plays with are interesting)
20. Into The Woods (Only put higher than some others because it gets rid of Riley. Sorry, not a fan)
21. Out Of My Mind (This was the first episode of the show I saw and it's unbelievable it made me want to see more of it. Riley is unbearable)
22. Listening to Fear (It's not aliens but it's definitely stupid)

This is maybe my favourite non high school season. The story arc is very enjoyable and Glory is a great villain. I love Spike's development and the death of Joyce is a major turning point. That said, a lot of the episodes tend to feel similar with not much variety. Season 4 had a bad story arc but its individual episodes were stronger.
Feb 23, 2019
Black Thorn
1. Fool for love I absolutely adore this episode, I love action scenes and Spike vs both the slayers was amazing, I also loved how he put the Nikki's jacket on whilst talking to Buffy and that really stood out for me. We also got to see Spike in a different light, where he wasn't just a monster but he had also been a man. Buffy mirroring Cecily's words and how that made Spike cry showed there was still something there that wasn't a monster. And how can I forget the ending, I loved it.
2. The gift The plot for this I didn't find that exceptional but the execution of it came out beautifully. Each character did their part and emotions were running high for the full episode. And the song, 'The Sacrifice' is one of the saddest songs I've heard and I'm not usually big on instrumentals. The end of this episode was outstanding, the speech, characters reactions to her death and seeing her grave.
3. The body This was such a heart-breaking episode, I watched this with my brother and he started crying and I've never seen him cry over a fictional death before. It's eerily realistic having no music but still hearing the children playing outside, and seeing each character deal with grief in their own way. The acting was stunning in this episode too.
4. Crush All I can say is that this was a hilarious episode from start to finish, watching Buffy, Dru and Harmony all gang up on him was amazing. This is one of my go-to episodes if I feel sad.
5. Buffy vs Dracula The fact that Dracula only appeared in one episode of Buffy is literally criminal, he was a captivating character and I loved the characters basically fangirling all over him. Also Giles and the female vampires was a definite highlight of this episode too.
6. Blood ties I really enjoy seeing Spike and Dawn together in season 5 and early season 6. this is where i first came to like Dawn, watching her find out that she is the key and not in fact a real person is heartbreaking.
7. Spiral I love seeing Spike really pull his weight in this episode and helping Buffy when he knows his life is in a lot of danger. Also Buffy is amazing in this episode, she knows when she can't win and doing literally anything to keep Dawn safe is amazing to see. Also the 'don't hit the horsies' 'aim for the horsies' never fails to make me laugh.
8. The weight of the world This one kinda felt like just a filler episode but I felt like it deserved a higher position due to Buffy's dream sequence that she gets stuck in the loop of. Plus I liked seeing Spike and Xander working together to help Buffy and Dawn.
9. Forever All the scoobies coming together to look after Buffy and Dawn is so nice to see as well as Angel coming back to make sure Buffy is okay. Also again with Spike helping Dawn even though he probably shouldn't have is still kind of him. The buffy and dawn moment at the end with them crying on each other where Buffy stops pushing Dawn away, as well as Buffy wanting her mum back was sad but beautifully acted out.
10. Family This episode was creepy in a way because of her weird family and I felt so bad for Tara. Buffy managing to fight invisible enemies was amazing to see as well as the ending where the scoobies are seen as a family and not just friends.
11. Intervention The fact that the scoobies couldn't tell the difference between Buffybot and Buffy was hilarious to me, as well as many of the things that Buffybot says. As much as Spike having a Buffy sexbot was insanely creepy to me, it was overshadowed by his devotion to Buffy and Dawn when Glory was torturing him. Despite the torture, it was a pretty fun episode.
12. I was made to love you Spike getting defenestrated was hilarious to watch. I liked how Buffy had a lot of sympathy towards the robot despite the amount of destruction it had caused and stayed with April until the end, I love seeing both Buffy's strong and understanding parts of her personality.
13. Triangle Although Anya and Willow are being extremely childish is was a generally fun episode and I thought it had an entertaining twist that the troll was Anya's ex.
14. Tough love I love how this episode connects with dark wilow and shows Tara to be her Achilles heel, also seeing Spike comfort Dawn when she thinks that she is evil is kind of endearing and I also like the continuity with Spike being intune with peoples emotions especially with Willow and Tara.
15. checkpoint I did find this episode a lot more dull than the others but it was nice to see the watchers' council involved a lot more as well as seeing Buffy put them in their place while they tried to be threatening towards her. It really showed how Buffy's confidence has grown and how adult she can be when she puts her mind to it.
16. The replacement I didn't mind this episode and I liked how it followed the Xander with the bad traits and everything was going wrong, and also seeing the good qualities of him shine. Also Anya's comments about having two Xanders at the end is very funny.
17. No place like home I loved Glory in this episode and seeing the fight between Buffy and Glory was fun to watch. This episode also makes be feel sad for Buffy as she thinks her mother's illness is due to magic and not natural causes as well as finding out Dawn is not really her sister.
18. Listening to fear It was kind of fun to see an alien but it didn't really seem particularly threatening, the most emotional part of this episode was seeing the deterioration of Joyce's mind and how this affected both Buffy and Dawn. It was not a bad episode, I just wouldn't say it was amazing.
19. Out of my mind Now this is about the time where Riley was really beginning to irritate me, and I did actually like his character in season 4 but I really thought that despite his hatred of the initiative he was being utterly ridiculous. The saving grace for this episode is when Harmony asked to touch Spike's brain and Spike's dream at the end of the episode was hilarious.
20. Real me This episode was also a bit boring but having Harmony in it was a positive especially to see her with minions trying to kill the slayer, however the rest of the episode din't really live up to much.
21. Shadow Not much really happened in this episode apart from Spike being creepy and Joyce going to the hospital. I liked the idea of the big snake thing but it did look kind of stupid in execution which limited my enjoyment of this episode.
22. into the woods There isn't much good stuff I can say about this episode, because Riley is being stupid, yet again and not doing anything useful at all. It was just so irritating that she got to the helicopter but he didn't look down at her. It was a really frustrating episode and I felt bad for Buffy.


Apr 8, 2017
1. The Gift
2. Forever
3. I Was Made To Love You
4. The Body
5. The Weight of the World
6. Spiral
7. Into the Woods
8. No Place Like Home
9. Blood Ties
10. Listening to Fear
11. Intervention
12. Crush
13. Tough Love
14. Shadow
15. Real Me
16. Family
17. The Replacement
18. Checkpoint
19. Fool for Love
20. Out of My Mind
21. Buffy vs. Dracula
22. Triangle


Jan 4, 2020
1. The Gift
2. Spiral
3. The Body
4. Intervention
5. Blood Ties
6. The Weight of the World
7. Tough Love
8. Forever
9. Fool for Love
10. No Place Like Home
11. Family
12. Checkpoint
13. Buffy vs. Dracula
14. Real Me
15. Crush
16. Out of My Mind
17. The Replacement
18. I Was Made to Love You
19. Listening to Fear
20. Shadow
21. Triangle
22. Into the Woods


Apr 14, 2019
1. The Body
2. The gift
3. Fool for love
4. Forever
5. Intervention
6. Blood ties
7. The replacement
8. Tough love
9. Checkpoint
10. Shadow
11. Spiral
12. Into the woods
13. Listening to fear
14. No place like home
15. Triangle
16. I was made to love you
17. The weight of the world
18. Buffy vs Dracula
19. Family
20. Out of my mind
21. Crush
22. Real me
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