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Rank the Season 5 Episodes


Mar 19, 2020
Yeah, that's the point: the tedium. The almost surreal emotional state of the first hours. When Buffy opens the door you can see the world running as usual.


I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
(Ranked by my personal preference, not necessarily by how good I think the ep is in terms of quality)
  1. The Gift
  2. Buffy vs. Dracula
  3. Checkpoint
  4. Family
  5. Intervention
  6. Blood Ties
  7. Forever
  8. The Weight of the World
  9. Tough Love
  10. No Place Like Home
  11. Real Me
  12. Spiral
  13. The Replacement
  14. The Body
  15. Triangle
  16. Shadow
  17. Out of My Mind
  18. Into the Woods
  19. Listening to Fear
  20. Crush
  21. Fool for Love
  22. I Was Made To Love You


Brb, shipping Snoyce
Dec 14, 2010
Northern California
Quite honestly I'm stunned, no, I'm MORTIFIED, that "The Body" isn't Number 1 on everyone's list. It is without a doubt a Top 5 episode (along with OMWF and Hush) and arguably the best episode of BtVS. It could be argued that it's the best episode of TV ever. People, it's that good! Do I want to watch it today? No... I'd rather watch Buffy v. Dracula because I'm in that kind of mood.

Number 2 should be "The Gift," however I don't feel as strongly about that as I do "The Body." The Body is perfect and deserves to be Number One.
Mar 20, 2021
I love this season soooooo much

22. Listening to Fear (gross demon alien slug ewwww)
21. Shadow (the CGI snake hasn't aged well)
20. I Was Made To Love You
19. The Weight of the World
18. Into the Woods
17. Forever
16. Buffy vs Dracula
15. The Replacement
14. Out of my Mind
13. Real Me
12. Blood Ties (Glory being teleported a mile above the ground OH SH- lmaooo)
11. Family
10. Checkpoint (so this is where the slayer eats, sleeps...combs her hair?)
9. No Place Like Home (I loved the way it tried to make out Dawn was evil, and Glorys intro was perfect)
8. Spiral
7. Crush (love a bit of Dru)
6. Triangle
5. Tough Love
4. Intervention (love Spikes devotion and the whole Bob Barker bit, him and Glory were funny together)
3. The Gift
2. Fool for Love
1. The Body
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
Good list. Think on my last rewatch 5 became my new favourite season.


Nov 28, 2021
I know I am in the minority but I think this is the worst season. As bad as Riley was in season 4, he is worse in this season. Dawn. More like Yawn. The main arc is meh compared to the other seasons (with the exception of season 4 which is the worst). Other than Fool For Love, there aren't any episodes that really stand out for me.

1. Fool For Love: Spike's backstory. A lot to love in this episode. The B plot with Riley I can do without though.

2. No Place Like Home: Not a huge fan of Glory. We see way too much of her and she keeps doing the same thing over and over again. But being the first time, she comes off as fresh. The revelation of what Dawn is and how it was executed is really good.

3. The Gift: Entertaining showdown at the end. But Glory went from being invincible to too easily beatable.

4. Intervention: Quite a few things to enjoy in this episode. The Buffybot and Buffy's journey in the desert.
"Bob Barker! We will bring you Bob Barker."
"It is not Bob Barker, you scabby morons!"

5. Listening to Fear: Demon is kind of freaky and Kristine Sutherland's performance is really good. But seeing the Initiative again bugs the hell out of me.

6. Blood Ties: It has its moments, Dawn cutting herself and finding out that Ben and Glory share the same body, despite Ben being really dull.

7. The Replacement: Average. Watch the Zeppo and Doppelgangland from season 3.

8. Forever: Nothing spectacular. But seeing Angel again is enjoyable. Is it me or is Doc way more interesting than Glory? Explains why they brought him back for the finale.

9. Family: Tara's family was dull, the demons again were generic, the message was cliche. It gets points because the relationship between Willow and Tara is kind of sweet, especially in this episode.

10. Crush: Drusilla is back. And so what? When they brought Spike in season 3 for one episode it was epic. Here it was just boring.

11. Tough Love: You have to wait until season 6 to get Dark Willow done right. Glory really starts to feel repetitive.

12. Shadow: Despite focusing a lot on Glory, it feels a lot like a filler episode.

13. The Real Me: Buffy is now a show for young teenage girls.

14. The Body: I understand what they were going for here, but I'm trying to watch a supernatural show. Jenny's death in Passion was way more emotional and what you expect from a show about Vampires and Demons.
Also having this episode follow "I Was Made To Love You", made it difficult for me to get into the emotional state Joss was aiming for. It probably would have worked better if they kept the dark tone from season 2.
On repeated viewings I find myself just bored.

15. Out Of My Mind: Everything here is just meh. Spike falling for Buffy felt like lazy attempt to justify him sticking around.

16. Buffy vs Dracula: More like Buffy fan fiction.

17. I Was Made To Love You: Robots are just not interesting in the Buffyverse. "Ted" was also way better and this episode feels even more like a filler than "Go Fish".

18. Checkpoint: I honestly don't see the point of this episode. True you find out that Glory is a God, but you don't need an entire episode for that. The Watcher's council here isn't interesting and then don't return.
Also the Knights of Byzanthium are boring and look terrible.

19. Spiral: Again the Knights of Byzanthium are boring and look terrible. Buffy should have realised earlier that keeping Dawn in Sunnydale was a mistake.

20. The Weight Of The World: How to drag the story in order to make the 22 episodes quota.

21. Triangle: The troll is just awful. I don't understand why some fans complain about the monster of week episodes in earlier seasons and then state that season 5 is perfect from start to finish.

22. Into The Woods: Good riddance and unbearable to watch.
It's a fact that Spike will never be as good as a love interest for Buffy as Riley was. Doesn't matter if fans like him more, he's still the worst suitor. Spuffy was toxic.
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