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Rapid aging Connor, a mistake?


Bloody hell, Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers..
Sep 7, 2017
Québec, Canada
A baby would have been a liability in a show like Angel so the rapid aging was necessary. For Angel the charcater though it sucks because he never got the baby phase which is so cute and Connor would have loved him so much...ok maybe that would have been bad for the soul though!


Buffyverse Ambassador
Feb 2, 2017
Canada now located in Germany
Agree. Although I absolutely hated Connor after he came back. I understood it was necessary to move the plot forward the way it needed to be. I just wish Connor hang been such a bratty butthole.
bratty butthole? To be expected growing up without a mother and no real father in a hell dimension. What did you expect?
The only small complaint I have is that he was so thin with parents that were not fat but had real form and bone structure. They should have at least had Vincent work out a bit or wear more padded clothing. He still looks great nowadays. Would make a great addition to any Buffy comeback should one ever be.
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