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Rewatching the whole Buffyverse with a friend!!!

Willow Tara

Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
So because I moved to a new town and another school, I got lots of new people to spread the love for the Buffyverse to! (I watched with many of my friends from my old school too)
And just yesterday I started watching Buffy with a new friend :)

The other times she came to my house we studied and I also taught her a bit how to edit videos, cause she wanted to learn that. So she looked around in my room and seemed to really like my Buffy/Whedonverse collection. Also there are lots of Buffy pictures on my walls and she saw Dawn and said she looks really beautiful. And I showed her how to edit videos with this example: a Spuffy video with her favourite song :) She said she really liked it and I think I suggested to watch Buffy and she said she'd love to. So we we talked abour when we'd meet again so we can watch Buffy and I suggested to watch Angel too and she agreed.

So yesterday we met and I showed her a Dawn video I made for her (with the song pretty girl, because she says she's so beautiful ;)) And yesterday was the first day of her ever watching Buffy! And it was AMAZING! She really liked it! We watched "Welcome To The Hellmouth"-"Nightmares" from 2 pm yesterday until 2 am today and then went to sleep. And then got up at I think 8 am today and watched "Out of Mind, out of Sight"-"School Hard". So a pretty huge Buffy marathon! :D
She was from the beginning like: "I ship Spike and Buffy because of the video. When is Spike coming?" And then she was very happy when we watched School Hard :)
Also I think she ships Willow/Xander. And I asked her what her favourite character so far is and she said she really likes Xander. And I find that absolutely amazing! Non of my other friends I watched Buffy with really care about Xander, but she does! That's so cool! Also I told her how we're going to watch the Buffyverse. (Buffy 1-3, Angel/Buffy 1/4, Angel/Buffy 2/5, Angel/Buffy 3/6, Angel/Buffy 4/7, Angel 5)
And I also told her about the rest of the Whedonverse I've watched! It was really fun!!! :D

I'm really looking forward to the next time we meet to watch Buffy and can't wait to watch Buffy and Angel in the correct order with her! And the best thing: She allowed to watch in english!!!! :D I normally watch it in german when I watch with my german friends, but she said it's okay to watch it in english!!! :D :)
I am so happy this is amazing!!!!
Maybe I can even get her to watch Firefly and Dollhouse with me after we finish the Buffyverse :)
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