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RPG Forum Rules

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Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
In this forum you are now allowed to create your own Role Playing Games. The following rules apply:

- RPGs must remain PG-13. No sexually explicit RP-ing!

- Each RPG is limited to 1 thread.

- You may play a maximum of three characters per RPG.

- You may participate in a maximum of three RPGs at a time in order to give other players a chance.

- If a RPG is finished, please pm a mod to close and move it to the archive.

- If your RPG thread has no posting in 30 days, it will be closed and moved to the archive. A RPG may be re-opened by pming a mod a link to the thread.

- No god-modding without the permission of the other player, with the following exceptions. If you are absent from the RPG for more than 3 days, the person who started the RPG may play for you to keep the story going if necessary. (God-modding is when you post the actions of a character other than your own.)

- Out of Character chat should be in parentheses and preceded by "OOC:". Please limit OOC talk in threads and use private messages instead if at all possible.

- All RPGs should be Whedonverse-related (Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Firefly/SHIELD).

- Please post your character's name and location in the Title field of your post so it doesn't get confusing.

- Try to avoid one sentence posts.

- All member created RPGs must be open to ALL board members. Anyone excluding other members or conspiring to keep certain members out of their RPG will be barred from the RPG forum.

How to create a RPG

1. Post a thread in the Transfiguration forum with the title of your RPG as the thread title.

2. In the first post, give the scenario/background and any other pertinent information (if non-Canon characters are allowed, which characters/types of characters you need for your RPG, etc).

3. Players will post a short bio in your thread of their character if necessary (if they are not using a standard Whedon character). Otherwise they will post the character they wish to play. First come, first serve.

4. When you feel you have enough players, you may post starting the action of your RPG.
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