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Question Season 2: Your views, before and now

Discussion in 'Season 2' started by matt124, Apr 2, 2017.


Season 2: Your views, before and now

  1. Still love it

  2. Still like it

  3. Still dislike it

  4. Still hate it

  5. Loved it, now like it

  6. Loved it, now dislike it

  7. Loved it, now hate it

  8. Liked it, now love it

  9. Liked it, now dislike it

  10. Liked it, now hate it

  11. Disliked it, now love it

  12. Disliked it, now like it

  13. Disliked it, now hate it

  14. Hated it, now love it

  15. Hated it, now like it

  16. Hated it, now dislike it

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  1. Mr. Pole

    Mr. Pole My lines are mostly filler

    Aug 12, 2008
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    Black Thorn
    I too was but, my stupidity was thinking thetopher was in the right thread and I just hit the wrong one. Then I read the post above thetopher and thought "okay, at least I am not the only idiot that clicked on the wrong show, but at least I didn't make a post about it!"

    Thetopher makes me feel more smarter. Thanks @thetopher
    thetopher: To anyone who knows me I make everyone feel smarter! My mere presence takes up all the stupid.