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Question Season 5: Your views, before and now

Discussion in 'Sunnydale Cemetery' started by matt124, Apr 1, 2017.


Season 5: Your views, before and now

  1. Still love it

  2. Still like it

  3. Still dislike it

  4. Still hate it

  5. Loved it, now like it

  6. Loved it, now dislike it

  7. Loved it, now hate it

  8. Liked it, now love it

  9. Liked it, now dislike it

  10. Liked it, now hate it

  11. Disliked it, now love it

  12. Disliked it, now like it

  13. Disliked it, now hate it

  14. Hated it, now love it

  15. Hated it, now like it

  16. Hated it, now dislike it

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  1. AnthonyCordova

    AnthonyCordova Apocalypse Engine

    Feb 18, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Mile High City
    Right, season 5 has always been my example of television at its best raised to the level of art (which is what all of the peaks of S5 are to me). In terms of peaks, whether we mean episodes carried to an art form (I throw restless in as S5 prologue rather than S4 ending; i always watch it first in a s5 rewatch) or whether we are talking about character acting carried to another level (for example SMG was never better as an actress than in S5, her most challenging season) all of the highest peaks of the show are there. Season 3 is obviously a quality season but I think S5 is more ambitious in certain directions, and in nearly every case, succeeds. The story of Buffy herself is a very powerful lesson in maturity. This I guess turns some people away (Buffy is often unhappy or bemused and the monsters are more often inner monsters) but like I said, it's still my shining example of television raised to art form, which isn't for everyone. Season 3 is its equal for very different reasons
  2. Taake

    Taake Bella Staff Member

    Jan 1, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Stockholm, Swe
    Black Thorn
    I'll probably go with "liked it, now neutral/like it"

    There are a few strong episodes, a few absolutely awful episodes, and then a bunch I don't remember that well.
    Overall for me it's the season that ruined Spike as a character, the creepy stalking, panty stealing, the obsessive love Buffy altars, "love robots" and "Crush" does nothing for me, even though I enjoy his relationship to Dawn and his actions at the end of the season, his character becomes irredeemable to me after this season (blah blah redemptive love, blah blah - BORING! and doesn't excuse the monster he is in this season or the idea that he even can 'love' Buffy, no matter how "hot" future sex scenes are. Why not have Buffy start writing a serial killer in prison too while we're at it.)

    But I find Buffy's struggles with her family life (Dawn, Joyce's illness and death) gripping, the break-up with Riley heartbreaking, a general yay for Buffy dealing with the Council, and though Glory is mostly talk she is hell of a lot more fun than say the Trio or the First, and then Ben/Glory thing is pretty fun. Also "The Gift" is the perfect ending to a story that was on it's swan song. I never really watch beyond it anymore so, in a sense, for me it is the end of the show and I think it's beautiful.

    So no earth shattering love or hate for this season, just lukewarm like.
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  3. Mr Trick

    Mr Trick Scooby

    Jan 9, 2015
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    London, UK
    I think I probably like it even more now than I did when I first saw it. Outside of S2 I think its Spike's best season and I love the storyline with him and Buffy. Though it has its flaws I do like the Dawn/Key storyline. Glory is a really enjoyable BB, and it has four or five of the best episodes ever (The Body, Fool For Love, Intervention, The Gift).
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