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Season 7 Episode Rankings

Discussion in 'Sunnydale Cemetery' started by Living Dead Boy, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Living Dead Boy

    Living Dead Boy Joss Is A Very Flawed Boss

    Nov 23, 2011
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    Washington, D.C
    Black Thorn
    Now, as I finished up season 6's rankings, I headed over to the season 7 section and realized no one's made a ranking thread. It's not surprising, considering the amount of hate it gets, but let's try, guys. As hard as it may be for some. :p

    22. Empty Places
    21. End Of Days
    20. Bring On The Night
    19. Showtime
    18. First Date
    17. Get It Done
    16. The Killer In Me
    15. Sleeper
    14. Never Leave Me
    13. Potential
    12. Same Time, Same Place
    11. Help
    10. Dirty Girls
    9. Beneath You (for that masterful final scene alone)
    8. Lessons
    7. Him
    6. Touched
    5. Lies My Parents Told Me
    4. Storyteller
    3. Selfless
    2. Chosen
    1. Conversations With Dead People (blew my mind the first time I saw it, and it's still a wonderful character episode, especially for Buffy. Her talks with Holden remain a highlight of the entire series.)
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  2. Mylie

    Mylie Scooby

    Dec 1, 2016
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    Personally, it's not out of hate (though it is my least favorite season) but because I honestly don't remember most of the episodes enough to do a ranking.
  3. Fool for Buffy

    Fool for Buffy BFF of Sour Patch Kid

    Jun 2, 2017
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    With my love of season 7, I will do a ranking.

    22. First Date- Everything Giles says is right. People shouldn't date during the apocalypse. Also I hate Wood.
    21. Empty Places- It's just disappointing to watch. I don't want mutiny.
    20. Get it Done- It's pretty creepy with the demon rape thing. But it's also pretty forgettable. I do like when Spike goes to get the coat though.
    19. The Killer in Me- There's too much Kennedy for me to handle. And I don't like how Willow starts acting like Warren. Good episode for Amy though.
    18. Potential- Dawn is sweet, Xander's speech is adorable. Don't care about Rona and Kennedy and a couple people whose names I don't remember getting trained.
    17. Bring on the Night- Yay! Drusilla as the First! And Giles is back so that's good, but he brings Kennedy, which is not good.
    16. Him- The last twenty minutes are hilarious. The first 20 are cringy.
    15. Lessons- Points for the final scene. Pure genius. And Buffy and Dawn's relationship is adorable in this episode.
    14. Sleeper- I admit it took me a while to figure this one out. But once I did and then rewatched it, I was impressed. Spike as the first is pretty creepy too.
    13. Dirty Girls- Faith is back! But Caleb is here too. Caleb really destroys the Scooby gang and any trust people had for Buffy, so that sucks.
    12. End of Days- Some sweet Spuffy moments and a shocking and awesome entrance by Angel overcome that thing with the Guardian.
    11. Never Leave Me- A fantastic Spuffy scene. You faced the monster inside you and you fought back. And there is the interrogation of Andrew which is pretty funny.
    10. Help- I've said before this feels a lot like the Angel pilot. Focus on one girl you know is in danger, you help her, but she ends up dying anyway. More great Spuffy moments also.
    9. Same Time Same Place- Well shot and well executed with the time. Gnarl is genuinely terrifying. Glad Willow is back.
    8. Storyteller- Who knew an Andrew-centric episode could be so good? It's very funny and a nice light episode before some pretty not light moments at the end. One of the funnies lines of the series by Anya. Not sure if I'm allowed to say it on here though.
    7. Beneath You- Ah, the church scene. Absolutely perfect. But that's not all with this episode. The scene in The Bronze is very interesting and there's the time Dawn tells Spike he'll wake up on fire. Woah.
    6. Showtime- The fight scene is Buffy complete badass. And a really good setup by Willow and company to get it there. I would trust Buffy if I saw her behead an ubervamp with a wire.
    5. Lies My Parents Told Me- I'd like to point out that some of the points for this episode come from the fact that it has the greatest title ever. But also I love flashbacks and it's another great insight into William.
    4. Selfless- The only Anya-centric episode of the season is very well done. Seeing Dhoffryn is always great. Even though the song is inferior to others in OMWF, it's still good.
    3. Touched- I can get over a Willow Kennedy sex scene because of the monologue. My all time favorite scene. And Xander and Anya talk about sex and then have it, which is classic. And a return of the Mayor!
    2. Conversations with Dead People- It just stands alone from every episode of the series. The Scooby gang is separate the entire time and they each have very intriguing storylines. Dawn's may even be my favorite, and I'm not always Dawn's biggest fan.
    1. Chosen- Though it's not as good as the Gift, it's a great finale. Spike's sacrifice is perfect, the plan to turn everyone into slayers is fantastic, Kennedy finally does something halfway close to decent by encouraging Willow, Anya's death is shocking but justified, and Buffy's last line is Spike.
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  4. Priceless

    Priceless I didn't forget y'know

    Jan 25, 2016
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    I love this season so much . . .

    1. Sleeper
    2. Chosen
    3. Empty Places
    4. Conversations With Dead People
    5. Get It Done
    6. Storyteller
    7. First Date
    8. Bring on the Night
    9. Lessons
    10. Lies My Parents Told Me
    11. Him
    12. End of Days
    13. Touched
    14. Never Leave Me
    15. The Killer in Me
    16. Beneath You
    17. Potential
    18. Same Time Same Place
    19. Selfless
    20. Dirty Girls
    21. Showtime
    22. Help
  5. Puppet

    Puppet My ass is not pansy!

    Aug 1, 2017
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    Black Thorn
    Hmm, let's give this a shot (keeping in mind that it's been a while since I watched S7)

    22. Empty Places. Yeah, sorry, though this probably doesn't come as a surprise to many. I've surprised myself with my ranking, so I'll explain them all :). This one says itself; it's OOC, painful to watch (and not for a good reason) and just...ugh, annoying. Does lead into a good next one, but whatever.
    21. End of Days. Not a fan. If not for the OOCness of EP, this woulda been my least favorite. Which is surprising, considering it's also the 21st episode and serves to prepare us for the end. Anyway, I just don't really remember it that well, which says everything right there ;)
    20. Get It Done. Not a big fan of this one, overall; Buffy's whole time spent in the other 'world' was just... whatever... she didn't take the power, so what was the point? All of that, just to get a vision in the end? Please. Then there was Spike, whose entire 'arc' in this episode did not make me happy at all, not to mention Willow misusing her magic, again, in a season when she should be done with that. Just, overall, a bad episode.
    19. First Date. Yeah, I'm not a Robin fan. The only thing that saves this from a lower spot are the funny and meaningful scenes in between the actual dates, like Xander's gay-me-up speech and Buffy and Spike's moment in the upstairs hall. None of the 'actual' dates are enjoyable to watch or make any sense whatsoever.
    18. Beneath You. Again, the only real saving grace for this one, imo, are the funny moments (courtesy of Anya) and the final scene in the church, which is, admittedly, stunning.
    17. Dirty Girls. I wanted to place this higher, after all this is where Faith comes back, but after reading a short summary to remind myself what it was actually about beyond her return...so not a fan, the whole thing just feels like the writer forgot about the growth Buffy and Faith had gone through since S3 and wrote them as they would have in that season.
    16. Him. While I liked the message that Buffy got across to Dawn near the end, the ridiculousness of the first 35 minutes just can't be ignored, regardless. It's not even as funny as other filler episodes, though it certainly has its moments. I did enjoy the exchange between a bespelled Anya and Willow, even if it wasn't written as well as it could've been.
    15. Lessons. Anyone who has read my previous rankings, knows that I'm not a fan of season openers. This one is actually one of the better ones and is much higher on my list that I usually put these :). However, it still has its issues. I was never a fan of how they tried to make Robin seem like a villain in the beginning (mostly cause I never bought it) and the fact that Buffy stumbles over Spike in the basement, acting super odd, and then just leaves him there? Makes no sense whatsoever, not knowing that kind of person Buffy is. I'm not saying she would have taken him home with her, not at all, but c'mon...
    14. Never Leave Me. This is where things begin to turn and I find less bad to say about each one. Andrew's return was handled very nicely and I liked that it was Willow, of all people, who came across him. The interrogations taking place in the Summers home were a nice touch, and well written. What puts it this low is both because there are simply better episodes than this and because something, which I can't put my finger on, put me a bit off this one in comparison.
    13. Help. This was a really good episode and I always like it when my supernatural shows have human villains, it's an intriguing change. That being said, there were some cliche moments in here that sorta took away from the heart it was trying to show, but I also liked that it didn't end with Buffy saving the day and the lesson she and Dawn both learned through it.
    12. Same Time, Same Place. Okay, at this point I struggle to find bad things to point out, so I'll just point out the good from now on :D. I really loved the way they handled Willow's return, not to mention the fact that it wasn't in the first episode of the season, giving us some great Giles/Willow moments in England. The whole unconscious spell thing has, in a way, been seen in the past, so it's canon and therefore more believable. Alyson did, as usually, handle the acting really well, from start to finish, and definitely took center stage in this one.
    11. Sleeper. I often tend to forget this one, which is why I first thought it would be lower, until I was reminded of what it was about. I remember watching it the first time and wondering, along with Buffy, whether Spike was really killing again or not. It was a nice mystery to see unfold, especially since it wound up being different than what I'd imagined. There really weren't many weak points here, at least not as far as I can recall.
    10. Bring on the Night. Time for the ten best :D. My favorite parts of this are the ones with Spike in the caves with the First and Buffy getting her ass handed to her by a Turok Han. It really sets the stage for the Big Bad and what will come in later episodes. I really enjoy this one.
    9. Showtime. Bring on the Night and this one could easily be seen as a two-parter and in true fashion, I always prefer the second one to the first. For this one, I cite my reason as the final showdown at the construction site and Buffy finally coming for Spike, just as he knew she would.
    8. The Killer in Me. Take away the annoying parts with Kennedy shoved in our faces and this is a stellar episode, and another stellar performance by Alyson Hannigan. That the show dared bring back one of the most hated characters of the verse was brave and they handled it very, very well.
    7. Touched. On the heels of the worst episode of the season, comes one far greater in every way. From the obvious answer, which is Spike's speech to Buffy in the abandoned house, to finding the Scythe after a very unique 'battle' with Caleb, to the scene with Faith and the Potentials and the bomb, this is an all-around great episode, imo.
    6. Chosen. As finales go, it's not the best, which is sad since it's the series finale, too, but it's still pretty awesome. Perhaps the weaker points are Anya's death, which deserved more than what it got, the ridiculous truth that Andrew survived what actual Slayers didn't, and that it felt a bit rushed (definitely should have been a two-parter) but there is still enough strength to earn its spot. Willow's Goddess moment, the montage of girls being Chosen, the entire final battle in the Hellmouth, the scene with the Core acting normal, Buffy running to the bus, so many really great moments to find here.
    5. Conversations with Dead People. What can I say that hasn't already been said? I love the 'specialty' episodes of the show the most; Hush, OMWF, The Body, so this doesn't really come as much of a surprise. The only thing that would have made it better would be an actual cameo from Amber Benson and having Xander in the episode, in whatever role he could have played.
    4. Lies My Parents Told Me. Yes, I love this one, get over it :D. As previously mentioned, I'm not a Robin fan, to the point where it's hard to feel a lot of sympathy for him, even in this one. I love this for the obvious reason; I'm a Spike fan. This has some great flashbacks, a nice fight scene in the shed and the final breaking of the First's hold over Spike. That is what saves this, considering it also has a completely idiotic and OOC Giles in it, the bastard!
    3. Storyteller. Let me count the ways... I love this one and I feel no need to say why, you should know already :D
    2. Selfless. As mentioned in the past, I'm a sucker for flashbacks and origin stories and I'd been waiting for this one since S4.
    1. Potential. I'm unable to choose my favorite 'speech' between Spike's in Touched, Anya's in The Body, and Xander's in this one. Add to that how wonderful Dawn was to watch throughout this one, not to mention the scenes of Buffy and Spike taking the Potentials out on patrol and you get a truly beautiful episode that I can watch over and over again.
    Fool for Buffy: Interesting rankings, I don't necessarily agree with all of it but I'm impressed with your reasoning and I do agree with plenty. Especially dislike of Robin. I don't like him at all.