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Season 7 rewatch my thoughts

Btvs fan

Feb 11, 2019
OK so I've been doing a rewatch of S7. It has been awhile and I made sure not to watch any of the other seasons to do a comparison. So I've done the first 10. These are my basic thoughts in 2021 both good and bad. Short answer from 1 -9 it feels competent. I wouldn't say great and there are some misteps but over all it feels ok. When it gets to 10 the collapse is very noticeable.
I will say the fight scenes are awful. Constant edits/cutaways and shaky cams to disguise the fact they've got a gymnast rather than a fighter as the Stunt double. Long gone are the S4 days of fast smooth flowing fight scenes and great stuntwork. Well they still have that on Angel (see Angelus v Faith scaffolding fight) but those days are long gone on Buffy.

BTW its common to blame Marti but she is actually on Maternity leave and Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson were promoted jointly into her role, so they deserve some. At the end of the day though Joss is the captain, nothing gets on screen without his say so. The buck stops with him.

There is also quite a few plot points that are raised that just get dropped, its crazy how many.

I do notice how unhealthily skinny SMG was with scene of her wearing tank tops and short sleeve shirts. Its not great and its not just her either, MT has it similar too. For a "feminist show" it is jarring how skinny they got there actresses.
Anyway Its gotta lighter atmosphere but more important people actually do things. The dialogue while not perfect is still pretty good and you've got some self contained plots for each of the episodes while also deepening the mystery of the main arc.
I also liked the Xander/Buffy and Dawn dynamic, so much so I actually think bringing Willow in spoils it a bit.

That said I wish Joss or whoever would remember what came in the previous episode when they do stuff. You've literally got Buffy checking Spikes chest wound in Lessons then in the next the merest touch is bringing on AR flashbacks !!
BTW people often talk about the Church scene and its a great scene in an otherwise meh episode yet its not as sympathetic to Spike as some make out. He grabs Buffy by the throat at one point before she stops him. Then he talks about how he had dreams of killing her. Its very creepy and only at the end is he sympathetic when he lies on the cross.

That said how he is in the first 10 episodes is different to Angel while being interesting and the plot of the First using him and having him under some sort of control is again interesting . Pity it pretty much gets dropped.

Anyway another is Anya you've got Dhoffryn promising slow vengeance then by the next episode they've got Anya and Buffy fighting demons and they have them say oh I guess Dhoffryn couldn't be bothered so he sent demons instead. Talk about a dropped plot point !!!

Willow well they spent last year changing magic into a drug that can't be used so this year they are twisting themselves in knots so they can have Willow use magic. Its so convulted I can't be arsed unpicking it.

Dawn, while she's not written as badly as S6 she still feels kind of just there. The whole Buffy won't choose you plot went no where and its ridiculous that they have Michelle Tractenberg as the nerd girl no one wants to speak too at school. Like seriously!!!
Wood is interesting, burying Jonathan hints at something darker and deeper though again that's dropped

There's Andrew as well. Evil creepy manipulated Andrew who murders his best friend, I like. The Xander replacement comedy foil he becomes I do not like.

But that all aside its an OK start. The episodes have basic competence and Selfless is a real stand out episode and I like Never leave me as it seems to be the first real conversation between Buffy and Spike about there relationship.

Then we get to Bring on the Night and my God does the show take a dive. The Potentials suck the life out of everything and I hate those awful fake English accents and mannerisms. You know whoever wrote them has never visited the UK not once. Also are you telling me there was no English actors in Hollywood in 03 that they could've got ! Plus there's Kennedy as well 😐
You've got the start of the Giles is the First bait and switch plot. You've got the Uber Vamp who looks cute rather than scary but apparently is super hard to kill which will be forgotten about a few episodes from now (in the words of DVD commentary Joss "don't tell people that)
You've got Spike who can be drowned!!
Finally you've got the start of speech Buffy something so boring and monotonous even the writers will make fun of it.
Anyway those are my thoughts ill have more for the second half when I see it.
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