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season 8 thoughts

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
Imo It did seem bloody weird to totally ignore Spikes character as he played such an integral part of season 7, but then thats what I hated about season 8 was that you never did see how they got from the end of season 7 to the beginning of 8. The whole bank robbing bit for example.

And I strongly doubt they ignored Spike for the reasons your citing. I think It was more because they felt he didn't fit in the story they were telling.
In "Him" in Season 7, Anya had already robbed a bank. It would have been fitting for them to have used that stash (which is never used in Season 7) because they bank they owe it to is at the bottom of the pit that used to be Sunnydale by then.


Feb 6, 2017
New York
Spike was in the end of Season 8 wasn't he?

Also just wanted to say that yes some elements of season 8 are super-fantasy because Joss and the writers had free reign but personally, I don't mind because #1- it's a different medium so it's inevitable that more can be accomplished and that shouldn't be seen as a bad thing (imagine the crazy stories they would have done in the Buffy Animated Series set in High School) and #2- I love fantasy; BtVS and Angel are fantasy shows, and I've always felt like anything can happen on the show so Giant Dawn while maybe never would have happened in a live action Season 8, is still within the realm of possibility in this series. The changed medium allowed a story like that, that otherwise would have been impossible and the people that don't appreciate that story or element probably don't appreciate fantasy elements of storytelling as much as myself and others who do. Just saying. I get it, I get that some people want their entertainment to be gritty, "realistic", based on true stories etc.. but I always loved the buffyverse because it felt like a fantasy world where anything can happen but is still grounded in reality.
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