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Serenity TV Special


May 20, 2010
Does anyone know of any other options to see the Sci-Fi Inside: Serenity TV Special that was included as a bonus on the original DVD release? I have the HD-DVD (yay for dead formats) and Blu-Ray of Serenity but as far as I know neither of them have this bonus content. I'm considering the 4K release as I'm upgrading my home theater and when I read a review of it they mention this bonus feature was also not included on the 4K release. Bascially I didn't know it existed until today :). FYI, if you are wondering about it both reviews I've read say the picture quality is only slightly improved over the regular Blu-Ray but the DTS:X sound track included is a big improvement. So I won't be buying the 4K release until I get my ceiling speakers installed.
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