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Slayer and friends


Home sweet virtual home!
Oct 9, 2011
Some of you maybe thought from time to time: "Could Buffy be more successfull if she had no friends?" I thought this once and collect something like a mindmap in my brain with pros and cons. At the end I have come to the conclusion that it was better for her to find friends. This is important for you to know because now it is NOT an unprejudiced articel. I think that this is important to know for the reader.

Of course some of you may say that if the Slayer has no friends, the Slayer is not need to worry for them, so the Slayer can do his job more efficient. The Slayer is more efficient because she is not distracted by anyone. Just to give an example, Buffy could have had better chances against Glory if she didn't have to watch after her little sister all the time! By the way is a Slayer without friends or family all alone? No, there is her Watcher teaching her and let her do the work for the council of Watchers. Without friends or something she can turn to, the Slayer is more controllable for the Watcher and so for the council of Watchers. This is why the Watcher can influence her more because she never learned to listen to someone other.This means more efficience for the Watcher too. An obey Slayer is better than a rebellion one.

A little ago I showed you an example with Glory. Now I will pick it up this and show that exactly the same example show us something other about a Slayer. Buffy always moved the "Glory" problem to the right untill she realized that Glory was a real danger for Dawn. Then and just because of her fear that something bad could happen to Dawn, becasue of Glory, she really start fighting her. Dawn gave Buffy a reason for fighting which a Slayer without friends wouldn't have had. It's like a motivaton for her, a purpose for what she is fighting for. Maybe other Slayers had not had this purpose and mybe that's why the often died young and aimless.

In the beginning of Buffy the vampire Slayer she was influenced by the council of Watchers. This was not alway good for her. The council used the Slayer just like a puppet knowing that if she dies another one will be appointet. Look at the episode when Giles gives Buffy some poissions just becasue the council said this to him. Her friends helped her with her desicion to set herself free from the council!

Anther reason for friends is that they can simply help the Slayer. The Scooby Gang. More I don't have to say.But spent a look how they help the Slayer. They formed a team existing out of Witches and normal guys. Out of werwolfs and demons. Watcher and even Vampires help the slayer. Realized something. The Slayer can be something like a Melting-Pot. Where all races find together and help each other. That's so amazing in BTVS. They all work together use special forces and magic or just their sense of humor to help Buffy. They are so different. That makes them more efficient than a single Slayer could ever be!

In the end I want to say two thing, friends give a Sayer support, the power to do and together they are stronger than every demon. They bring a Slayer down to earth and give her a reason why fighting.
In Short: They give them life. A Slayer without friends don't know for what she is fighting for, their life is senseless. And I think that's quite cruel to life for something what you don't understand.
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