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SLAYER: Buffy Is Back


Buffyverse Ambassador
Feb 2, 2017
Canada now located in Germany
Of all the adversaries Buffy (and the Scoobies) has come up against, none compares to Satan himself!

After the events that led to Sunnydale, California, located on a Hellmouth, being swallowed away leaving only a crater, the military has done its best to keep the events out of the media calling it a disaster triggered by an underground earthquake that created a huge sinkhole.

Since then Buffy has been working under contract with the military and established bases around the globe each with a slayer (potential), a Craft partner in the telepathic network sourced through Willow. Both lead the international headquarters B.A.S.E. or Buffy’s Alliance of Slayers E...the group is still searching for the right 'E' word to complete the acronym.

An international meeting of the global Vampire Overlords accompanied by their Turok-Han vampire guards, is taking place outside London, England in the main area of operations of the interconnecting global labyrinth Underground ruled by Count Dracula. Angel is present acting evil like the partner or assistant of the Prince of Darkness. Buffy who is disguised as Bite-sy the vamp.

Along with Buffy and Angel, also present and undercover are Willow, Riley, Spike, Robin, Faith, Gunn, and Illyria in an undercover sting operation. Other such operations are also ready to sting in synch with the rest.

At B.A.S.E. headquarters, Xander and Andrew are monitoring the Hellmouth with state-of-the-art surveillance and technology along with military soldier support. Dawn is in the background holding Faith and Robin's daughter, three year old Hope. They have communications with Buffy.

Xander: Ready when you are, 'Bitesy'.

Buffy: Inform the others to strike when I give the sign.

Xander: What is the sign?

Buffy: You'll know, when I give it.

Buffy grabs a wall hanging sign that reads 'SLAYERS STINK TO HIGH HELL!' and smashes it over the head of Dracula signifying it is time to strike. Undercover operatives make themselves known as awesome action breaks out everywhere.

Buffy: Slayers don't stink. They sting!

Buffy has grown very powerful and, after an awesome and dramatic take out of Dracula, she goes on a one woman rampage taking out fifty evil villains herself using martial arts and an array of ancient and modern wooden throwing weapons. Everyone else also bursts out in full action around the globe.

SLAYER: Buffy Is Back
story by Ayko

Anya and Halfrek are rotting in a hell slave prison. An armed demon guard brings Okim, a sorcerer that failed all but one of 100 demon missions assigned to him, to join them in their slave labor. The Queen of Darkness suddenly appears with a group of her scabby minions and brings the prisoners to her area of operations where she is preparing for the ceremony of D.I.E. (Doomsday of Infinite Evil) opening the dimensional portals to the demonic realms to bring forth Satan into the physical world to rule with them with further plans to extinguish Heaven for good.

The Queen of Darkness offers the group a chance at redemption and to prove their loyalty by returning to the physical world under her command to infiltrate BASE so she can easier secure Dawn, The Key, and open the portal to Satan, and also to kill the slayer, Buffy. Okim declines siting the fact that 'the Slayer is invincible!'

Hell Queen: What a loser! The wild wizard. A wild wimp! One friggin' mission accomplished out of a hundred. You are worthless.

Anya: Perhaps we could be of assistance. For one, he is not Okim.

Halfrek: ...And we are very expensive.

Okim is taken back to the hard labor prison. The three ladies discuss a deal for Anya and Halfrek to be sent back to the physical world to infiltrate BASE and the Scoobies. The Hell Queen tells Okim that he should consider being their loyal subject otherwise she will be forced to lock him away with Shub-Niggerath who is in the special reinforced hell cell of hallow dimensional agony, a fate worse than any other. Okim refuses and she sends him in as sounds of loud groaning, slashing, and then screaming are heard.
Artist rendition of Shub-Niggurath and her 'Thousand Young'

Trash reporter for The Global Truth, Mick White, obsessed with doing an interview with Buffy, is irritating her at B.A.S.E. headquarters. Inside, the team takes pride in the fruits of their hard work and decide it is about time for a group vacation. The Scoobies also discuss possible 'E' words to complete the BASE acronym. Xander suggests a change to BASS and Buffy's Alliance of Super Slayers but Buffy finds that 'too macho', plus what about all the T-shirts she ordered for every member?! Andrew says Earth as in Buffy's Alliance of Slayers on Earth but Buffy thinks Andrew has been watching too much sci-fi and tells him to go ahead and suggest the Slayer Empire. Elite, Exquisite, Extaordinaire.... all wrong. Dawn bets that evil has it easy with its E acronyms as Buffy rolls her eyes.

A visit from Giles, accompanied by Slayer Sora from India, surprises everyone. Giles is cold and hard. He explains that he has been a part of the rebuilding of a new Watchers Council sponsored and supported by The Vatican. He declares that after years of considering the past, he has discovered that he acted irresponsible as a Watcher lacking in discipline and disregarding tradition and basic morals and protocols that could be the cause of bringing forth the final Apocalypse. The others protest but Giles explains that he allowed Willow, and others, to have access to dangerous books and spells as impressionable experimental youth as she was consumed by the psycho witch doctor, Rack, that he did not notice too busy with The Magic Shop, supplying the residents of Sunnydale, right on top of Hellmouth, with every book and tool they needed for God knows what and then leaving vengeance demon Anyanka in charge when he returns home to England like the coward he was after Angel abandoned Buffy and her mother died just before Willow raises Buffy from the dead and Willow's dark side takes control and runs amok. Not only that, Giles is responsible for the death of Tara. Again Buffy protests but Giles explains that he should have listened to Tara's father when he came to Sunnydale just before her twentieth birthday hoping to bring her home before something bad happened to her as was with her mother. What happened? Tara is shot a few weeks later by a disturbed geek adolescent that helped push Willow to become a brutal murderer. It is not just one small slip up. It is a series of blunders that has led to the initiating of the Apocalypse through the ritual of D.I.E., or Doomsday of Infinite Evil, to bring forth Satan, and Giles blames himself. He begins to cry just as another surprise visit comes in the form of Anya and Halfrek volunteering their services. Meanwhile, outside, Byzantium Knights silently and stealthily surround BASE HQs.

Three magical possessions must be found and brought together:

1.The Holy Chalice that Jesus used at the Last Supper that has been through multiple names and stories from medieval tales of The Holy Grail with many different locations of the Chalice today depending on the source. The Valencia Cathedral in Spain has it on display.

2.The Four Canine Teeth of Buddha in Ramagrama Stupa in Parasi, Nepal, guarded by The Scorpion King and his army of spirit-bots 'bhuta vahana yanta'.

3. The NecranomicoN rumored to still be lost among the Candarian ruins in northern Turkey.

Just then, military forces are awoken to the presence of the Byzantium Knights and just as a confrontation is about to escalate, Giles invites General Montgomery to join them. He his Knights will be needed to battle the 'bhuta vahana yanta'. The General continues the story.

Once the three artifacts are attained, they must journey to the property of Philmont Scout Ranch in Northeast New Mexico to a place called Urraca Mesa in the Sangre de Cristo Rocky Mountains where the first and largest Hellmouth exists. The area is known for the highest number of lightning strikes per year in the whole state of New Mexico. In addition, compasses don’t work correctly there. Scientists believe it is due to the high content of iron or lodestone in the cap of the mesa. As seen from above, the mesa takes on an ominous shape showing the western edge has the aspect of a skull with a slight indent where the eye would be. Even the word urraca has terrible connotations in the Anasazi and Apache language. It means magpie, a mid-size black bird that is a member of the crow family. The Mapgie was a portent of evil. If the Magpie called your name, you were doomed to an ill fate. In short, the Native Americans believe the mesa to be a truly evil place and the gateway to Hell.

Long before European settlers ever arrived in the area, an ancient people called the Anasazi settled there. For generation upon generation, they lived and died in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain country, in the canyons and along the banks of the Cimarron River. Then, about 900 years ago, they suddenly vanished. Archeologists have discovered hints that their demise was sudden and extremely violent. Some evidence suggests that many people were tortured. Were the Anasazi attacked by a rival tribe? Did they turn on each other? Or can their death be attributed to supernatural forces?

The Navajo, who settled the area long after the Anasazi disappeared, began to sense evil spirits among the rocks, rivers and trees. Slowly, they tracked the spirits to Urraca Mesa, where they believe a gateway to the demon world exists. They believe that the eye in the skull area is a portal to the fifth dimension (the Native American version of Hell). Navajo Medicine Men have studied the petroglyphs and lore of the area and have come to the conclusion that a huge battle was fought atop the mesa between the Anasazi and the forces of darkness. The entire tribe entered the gateway to force back the evil spirits, while the most powerful shaman sealed the gateway with four (or six) powerful cat totems. The cats are said to scare away the Magpies who can open the portal. It is said that when the last of the cat totems fall or vanish, the gateway will reopen and hell on earth will be unleashed. Today, only two of the cat totems remain standing. The others have disappeared.

Visitors to this unhappy place have had some unusual experiences such as creatures following them, strange voices and sounds the echo out of the night, and an eerie sensation of being watched or followed. Many people have seen a large blue ball of light floating over the mesa. When the ball of light is approached, many claim to see the figure of a Native American shaman within. One hiker, crossing the mesa at night, saw a hairless, humanoid-shaped creature, and short while later, a human figure limed in blue light. Native Americans claim the spirit of the shaman who closed the portal, guards it still, bathed in a blue nimbus.

In any case, that is where the DIE ritual is to be performed. Montgomery quotes The Bible.
I saw a star fall from the sky to the Earth that took the Key to the tunnel leading down into the Abyss. When the Abyss was opened, smoke rose up out of it and darkened the sun and the sky.
-Book of Revelation-

The gang form three teams. General Montgomery and his Knights will accompany Willow, Spike, Anya and Halfrek to retrieve the teeth of Buddha. Angel, Gunn, Robin, and Faith will retrieve the Holy Chalice. Giles, Sora, Riley, and Buffy will go to find NecranomicoN.

Sorceror Okim has bonded in soothing, meditative communications with Shub Niggurath and makes a deal with her. He also notes that she and her thousand children have already cracked openings in the reinforced hell cell of agony. Together they burst out and move through the reaches of the demon hells searching for an exit.

Suddenly, Okim is in the year 2015 accompanied by Dawn in a beautiful gown. Okim uses spiritual powers to infiltrate a nest of cocoons breeding billions of manifestations for human possession forged to the soul-body systems of Prince George and his families soon ready to explode out with the innate human telepathic network and in one moment explode into most of the unsuspecting population with Prince George and his families the hosts and triggers to be crowned as leaders of a hidden satan empire of the undead except for the regions where they pretend to be undercover satanists to fool all levels of society but, not so thanks to Okim whose soul enters the nest. He uses his powers to put the entire network to sleep and brings them to a safer realm of existence where they are taken into loving therapy and untied of their cross breeding knots of insanity transforming the trapped essence and species into a race of friendly and intelligent ghost like companions of fun for humans that are respectful and thankful to Okim, a soldier of Allah.

In the year 1984, Okim and Dawn appear at a meeting of big business tycoons to explain what satan terrorism infiltrates have done to commit mass murder. For example, destruction of the Ozone by lacing gasoline with Ozone destroying components that are responsible and will literally fry our flesh on the surface by 2015. Okim gives them a kerosene petroleum mix for airplanes that will help to build a temporary Ozone for as long as planes fly. Cigarette filters are laced with toxins that cause lung disease and gives them instructions to repair the filters and create a less addictive nicotine mix. Okim explains that Satan terrorist infiltrates will take credit and instructs the tycoons to let them. Dawn smiles in a serene state of mind. Yeast, especially for bread, is laced with artery hardening components that are the cause of heart attacks and heart disease. Okim gives them instructions to fix that. Dawn silently smiles. The rainforests are over ninety percent laid down by loggers possessed by the satan terrorism and are planning to kill themselves when finished destroying all rainforests leaving us to suffocate by 2015. Okim gives the business tycoons the formula to make paper from animal cott that was invented by an Australian researcher that went missing. He explains that terrorist infiltrates will claim the collecting of cott is to manufacture artificial meat as cattle and other land wildlife vanish from the face of the planet in the years leading up to 2015. Dawn smiles. Okim indicates that he will take care of the loggers as he takes Dawn's hand and vanishes with her. Okim appears to the possessed loggers at a forestry base. He commands them to cease their work and enters their mind and invokes a subroutine into their brainwashing of satan possession that commands them to stop their destruction, turn around, and replant every tree they took down before killing themselves leaving us safe to breathe throughout the journey to 2015 and beyond. Okim is suddenly alone on a Meteor and erects a small facility of some kind.

Upon discovering the escape, The Queen of Darkness creates a bundle of energy that she throws out to the cosmos hurdling towards Earth. It crashes with a bright energy explosion close to a military base in the California desert. Two soldiers arrive to investigate. They find a bright light that fades to reveal a blob that devours and absorbs the soldier's bodies in one gulp and then duplicates both soldiers. They look at each other without emotion and nod as more soldiers approach. It doesn't take long before all militaries continue to be enveloped by the Plasma Blob force and opposing sides threaten global nuclear war.

Doc, present at BASE, is disguised as a as a Quasimodo type drifter misfit victim taken in.

Gony: My hump is on this side, that is my lump.

Xander: Oh, I beg your pardon...and where do you have your bump? Hehehe.

A bump grows between Gony's hump and lump to show three -umps.

Gony: Curse you! You just had to say it, didn't you.

Xander: Oh, sorry again.

Gony: Do not dare to ask about my stump.

Xander: ...or your rump, I guess.

A stump grows out of Gony's rump.

Gony: Damm you! Ssssss...You fool!

Suddenly, Gony's demonic spell holding him in disguise falls apart revealing a metamorphosis into Doc now part serpent and called Droc readying the ritual of D.I.E. to bring forth the Satan fused and powered with E.E.W. (Evil Energy Waste) from the M.E.S.S. (Morbid Evil Stockpiles and Storage) realm now with a tear that is slowly ripping open and filled with all the EEW since forever and getting ready to explode perhaps, as Satan and his minions hope, all the way to Heaven...

The last hope lies with a shy cosmic Guardian
and his connection to The Key and The Chosen One
as well as Bible Prophecy and secrets of NecronomicoN.

-Galactic Prophecy-

With every new update of facts and the status quo throughout, a continuing Buffy one liner goes something like this:

Buffy: Why can't anything just ever finish or stay calm for a while so I can relax and enjoy some R and R like anybody else.

Angel: It never rains around you, it pours...around us, I meant us.

Buffy: Why can't anything just ever finish or stay calm for a while without being the calm before the storm that unleashes Armageddon and opens the Abyss to Satan, or causes the Apocolypse if those aren't available? It never rains, drizzles, or pours around me, it thunderstorms with gushing hail.

Buffy: It never rains around me, it twister tornadoes.

Buffy: It never rains around me, it hurricane typhoons.

Buffy: It never rains around me, it showers asteroids.

Buffy: It never rains around me, it readies to explode an infinite amount of evil energy waste in our faces and pour together all realities with demonic forces taking control of the universe past present and future and into Heaven. What a career!

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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Buffyverse Ambassador
Feb 2, 2017
Canada now located in Germany
That was thought out before I watched any of The Angel series. Now that I have more than once and after watching the reunions and quotes from the actors concerned about their aging fitting into any new adventures I put together the following premise...

BUFFY the Vampire Slayer: ..versus Satan (working title)
story by Ayko based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel from Joss Whedon

I saw a star fall from the sky to the Earth that took the Key to the tunnel leading down into the Abyss. When the Abyss was opened, smoke rose up out of it and darkened the sun and the sky.
-Book of Revelation-

The opening film teaser begins with a recap of the finale from the Angel TV series and the ending words 'Let's go to work' as swords clash...

The film continues with wild scenes of the demonic beings pouring out of dimensions enveloping everything in utter destruction.

***SWOOSH*** The scene phases to a more serene plain of existence to a wiseman/wizard style presence where Okim stands, Guardian Of Divinity and interdimensional portals. He discusses the situation with forces/voices of Heaven and the quarantine of humanity and reality as the ‘end days Apocolypse’ approaches. They also discuss Dawn The Key, Buffy & the Slayer line, and the tear or rip in the E.E.W. or evil energy waste storage realm where the evil spiritual residue has been collected since the beginning of mankind and satan. Illyria is on his side recovered with full powers and memories as one of ‘The Old Ones’/’The Powers To Be’ (an offshoot from The Old Ones or younger Generation like Pagans or wiccans are offshoots of Christianity) and assisting Okim while obeying him like a chief or father. Okim concentrates sending a private vision to Wesley indicating that ‘it is time to begin’. They depart the 'portal communications realm'...*swoosh*

At an undisclosed location, The Queen of Darkness is having a meeting with ‘The 13’ representing the colonies of evil influenced/guided/possessed key identities among the societies of humanity. The meeting is not going good with the immature and almost funny sick foolishness of the bunch in classic Buffy style. The Hell Queen uses her clairvoyant powers to contact Glorificus who now runs the demonic world of ‘mind and soul brainwashing’. She is ordered to recruit a couple of experienced evil doers to help her with the lot of 13. She makes Spike and Anyanka an offer with promotion of ranks supervising the demon worlds to satan sidekicks once he has arisen. They jump at the chance.

Beasts & False Prophets:
Executive council of evil take over-‘The 13 + 1’

Council Leader/Satan contact/Clairvoyant/Queen Of Darkness
The businessman (from Wolfram & Hart)
The politician
The police officer
The judge
The teacher
The entertainer
The king
The scientist
The computer expert
The reporter
The priest
The biker
The doctor

Somewhere in the Caha Mountains of Ireland (present day)

Angel, now mortal after being redeemed and spiritually cleansed by Okim, is completing his training and preparation to go back to society with Connor. Okim & Illyria appear to them to discuss their return to society with Angel’s first question, of course, being where he can find Buffy. The four of them discuss the situation including the lessons learned that brought Angel to his redemption.

Xander and Willow are planning their wedding and reminiscing of the days when they finally and officially proclaimed their love for each other before getting engaged. They also discuss the surgery Xander is to undergo with his eye and the 3% increase in disability benefits and other such hardships such as Willow promising ‘no more magic’... suddenly *swoosh* Okim appears along with Illyria, and Tara who they present as a ‘surviving glitch’ of multiple time lines being sewn back together and this is where she apparently belongs with true friends/family. Xander is skeptic and threatens Okim and Illyria, as well as Tara while Willow remains quiet in shock feeling the truth in Okim and the Queen of the Light she felt before (in season seven). Okim explains that he is a Prophet of God and that Tara is truly Tara back from the dead who will accompany them. Okim uses holy magic to cure Xander giving him normal eyesight with two healthy eyes. ‘Do you believe him now. He speaks the truth.’ Willow states fully illuminating white and creating a mind bond of communication with Okim. He leaves with Illyria and the others discuss Willow doing magic, the whereabouts of Buffy, and how Tara now fits in their lives.

Giles is in a dark and smoky lounge drinking scotch. Rogue Slayer, Lady Genevieve Savidge, approaches Giles to mock him after his second wife left him and took everything he has. She provokes him into a confrontation as if she wants to hurt him. She then has two men take Giles off into the back seat of a shady limousine. Savidge gets in the front as the driver zooms off just as the police arrive at the scene. The men introduce themselves as members of the new council of Watchers. Giles assures them he has nothing to do with such things anymore and is ignored as they exit the freeway in direction of the airport. They finally arrive at their destination of The New Watchers Council sponsored by The Vatican and run by Wesley, Oz, Faith, Wood, and Gunn, with guidance from Okim. Giles must redeem himself for mistakes of the past they discuss and help in their mission and priority to stop a new Hellmouth from opening a hundred times that of what was once Sunnydale as criminal groups and evil powers forge an alliance (of sorts) preparing to bring forth Satan in physical form during the D.I.E. (Doomsday of Infinite Evil) ritual. Giles, with the help of the others, is to find Buffy that nobody has heard from or seen after being cast out and betrayed during the events of season seven. Buffy disappeared reminiscent of the disappearance between season 2 & 3 except it has been decades instead of months.

Riley is worn out by age and experience. He places flowers on the grave of Sam Finn. The scar across his face over the left eye has faded. A communication comes to him from the military that some general needs to speak with him. It turns out that a special unit is searching for Buffy Summers and records show a prior working as well as a personal relationship between her and Riley. He is to join the special task force team searching for her that specializes in demonic and end day Prophecy needing someone with intuition.

At another undisclosed location, the spirits of Cordelia & Joyce are helping Buffy to communicate with wildlife and other species of nature.

A disc shaped flying vessel is cutting open a passage through time-space being chased by another vessel and being overtaken. The alien pilot of the first vessel pushes the propulsion systems and overloads it. The vessel loses control of the passage opening and crashes on early 21st century Earth in a remote area of the California desert close to a military base. The pilot is lying on the console when the first two soldiers arrive. The alien pilot suddenly leaps up and knocks one soldier down. It morphs into a blob, devours and absorbs both soldiers whole in one gulp, and then duplicates them, including memories, programmed with one will. The soldier duplicates look at each other without emotion and nod as more soldiers approach the wreckage.

end of intros...

© Willy Muschiol...Ayko...All rights reserved past present & future


Buffyverse Ambassador
Feb 2, 2017
Canada now located in Germany
extra Ayko teaser...

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
couldn’t put him back together again.
By Mother Goose.

That’s it? What is with the king’s men trying to pass the blame for their incompetence and unwillingness to help Humpty on to the horses. That’s low. In any case, just so happens that I have found the lost stanza and more in a 3501 years old burial shaft somewhere other than Egypt...legend has it that it may be from the Lands of Mother Goose that ruled the rest of the planet at the time and that many tombs and artifacts found in Egypt over the years were used for criminals and people with psychotic behavior who were often buried with treasures that were like bait for evil or illness that inflicted the ‘criminals and sick’ and that wrapped mummified corpses, for example, helped to filter & clean the soul as it phases from the body.

When Lady Dumpty came along
she cried all day and all night long
as she stitched Humpty with love back together
and they & the horses lived happily ever after.
By Mother Goose (& sidekick Ayko)

As it so happens, there was also at least one more stanza found to another rhyme from the Lands Of Mother Goose in the same 3501 years burial shaft not in Egypt as the missing pieces come together presented by Ayko.

Little Miss Muffet,
She sat on a tuffet,
Eating of curds and whey;
There came a great spider;
Who sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away
By Mother Goose

As before, we all know Mother Goose would not just leave us there without finishing the story to give it reason and sense after starting it. First of all, a great spider would not frighten a little girl and what would frighten Muffet? The great spider just for sitting down beside her friendly and calm just as you would on a public bench waiting for the bus. It just sounds way too mysterious and sinister, if you ask me. Besides, as we know, when Little Muffet is into her curds and whey she would not notice a spider. Easy prey for mishap, if you ask me. In any case, luckily, in the same 3501 years burial shaft not in Egypt, the missing pieces come together.

Then the great spider,
Revealed her true nature,
Removed a mask to show Glory;
Then with the magic tuffet,
She banished little sis Muffet,
But that is not the end of the story;
By Mother Goose (& sidekick Ayko)
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Buffyverse Ambassador
Feb 2, 2017
Canada now located in Germany
As stated in wikipedia.org (noting that there is no mention of the demonic form that Ayko has on file of Lake Mungo 2, Mungo Beast):

The Lake Mungo Remains are three prominent sets of human remains: Lake Mungo 1 (also called Mungo Woman, LM1, and ANU-618), Lake Mungo 3 (also called Mungo Man, Lake Mungo III, and LM3), and Lake Mungo 2 (LM2). Lake Mungo is in New South Wales, Australia, specifically the World Heritage listed Willandra Lakes Region.[1][2]

LM1 was discovered in 1969 and is one of the world's oldest known cremations.[1][3] LM3, discovered in 1974, was an early Aboriginal Australian human inhabitant of the continent, who is believed to have lived between 40,000 and 68,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene epoch. The remains are the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia to date. His exact age is a matter of ongoing dispute.

Today, 2017 on November 17, AP The Associated Press website reports that the remains of the 42,000 year old Mungo Man was reburied. No mention of the other two. Could Mungo Monster somehow have awakened and took Mungo Woman as a hostage after doing God knows what to the scientists involved. Has this anything to do with the Lands Of Mother Goose? Here is the AP link...

News from The Associated Press
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