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Spike: A Dark Place #5 - Released 1/23/13 (Dark Horse)

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Writer: Victor Gischler Penciller: Paul Lee

Spike and his new demon companion are getting along really well... On Easter Island, the duo work to activate a remnant of magic to help get Nadia home. Spike has stars in his eyes, but the bugs are wary of Spike's newest friend and their master's overly relaxed attitude. Something seems off. He's come out of his self-inflicted dark place a bit too swiftly...

Source: Wikipedia

I have to say, I was really sad to see Seb go :( I have actually grown to like those bugs. Also hope we get to see Morgan again. Would be great if Spike would get over Buffy and have a real relationship rather than always stuck on Buffy - that's been done already!

The Easter Island heads fighting was so ridiculous though...I mean, really?!

Was that Riley or Angel at the end?


The Overlooked One
Jul 5, 2008
I've been very sceptical about this whole Spike with a space ship thing.
Never thought it felt like a thing that suited the Buffyverse.

But still, those bugs and their ship ended up to be surprisingly likeable and funny.

Overall I think this was a rather harmless story. But it did managed to uphold my interest.
So it was okay...

For being a world without magic they still do a lot of magic though. :rolleyes:

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