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Spike on Angel Season 5 Was it worth it or a waste of time ?


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
Definitely worthwhile.
Whilst Spike feels slightly shoe-horned into the plot at some points (especially for the. first 7 episodes or so) he really comes into his own as the season progresses.
I just think the AtS writers had a better grasp of his character: they weren't afraid to make him the butt of the occasional joke (like back in BtVS S4), had fun deconstructing his character a bit (his entitlement towards women, the coat, his petty rivalry with Angel, etc) and knew how to depict the guy growing up and getting a deeper perspective about the world now he had a soul and was away from Buffy.
They really nailed his strengths as well; his passion, his insight, his want to be in the thick of a good fight and his perseverance.


Feb 18, 2021
Spike is my favorite character, so of course I'm glad he came back, but I think his characterization was a little off. My main problem is that Spike definitely would have gone to find Buffy and the only reason he didn't is because JM was on Angel. He was also played for comedy a little too much without enough balance. Spike wasn't overall stupid so the fact that they played that up too often was annoying.

But I think the biggest real issue I have is that his and Angel's relationship didn't evolve that much. Yes, they had arguments, and yes, they start to have some meaningful discussion, but i feel like these talks never moved their relationship forward. I'm not saying they had to be best friends or even like each other, but there simply wasn't enough evolution. Angel still thinks of Spike as lesser and doesn't really think of him as a hero (we see this continue in the comics). They were still all gruff and emotionally repressed at the end, same as they started. I just wish there had been more change/exploration if the writers were going to bring up these issues in the first place.

I do like Spike in this season overall. There were so many great moments that showed the depth of Spike: The fight scene in Destiny was perfect and so was the wee little puppet man scene, as well as the Caveman vs. Astronaut fight (cavemen would win, btw). I also love that Spike performed his poem at an open mic and people liked it.

This is minor, but did Spike's accent seem different to anyone else this season? I can hear a distinctive change.....
Yup...it's terrible in places.

Dogs of Winter

Jul 10, 2020
I think it was worth it. On Buffy I preferred Spike upto S4 or S5 when he was allowed to do things that didnt always revolve around Buffy, so it was refreshing to see him interact with other characters and have different motivations.

And he fits in well with the team without ever dominating proceedings like he sometimes did in later Buffy

I loved his scenes with Angel. They have good chemistry and so much history and I would like to have seen their relationship explored even more
And his friendship with Fred was really sweet

Even though he was completely different to her he also filled a Cordy shaped hole in S5 as a character who could be funny, brutally honest, sometimes act stupid but also be really insightful about other characters

Joan the Vampire Slayer

Carpe Spuffy!
Jun 5, 2008
WA State
I just wondered how people feel about bringing Spike back from the dead to be on Angel. Did people like or dislike it and was it worth it or fundamentally just a waste of time ??
Well, I'll preface this by saying that I love Spike, so the more the better in my opinion.

Spike and Angel have such an interesting and entertaining dynamic, and I think bringing Spike in was a good idea.
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