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Spuffy Discussion (for the Spuffist).


Sep 22, 2021
Do not forget that it is a discuission for the Spuffys without anyone denigrating the couple the non-Spuffys can go there too (without insulting the couple of course)

Spuffy Relationship Fan Analysis

I thought it's been a long time since we had one. Here's a small meta on why Spike and Buffy are unique and one.

Buffy and Spike are truly one.

Two parts of a puzzle. I've come to this conclusion with the help of all the wonderful meta out there (Check out angearia's Effulgent love) and my own mind (of course).

I've just found one more example which confirms this statement.
So Buffy has sex with Spike in Smashed for the first time. A whole lotta sex which is quite different from the sex she's had with Angel and Riley. How's it different? It's violent, passionate and uncontrollable like an impetuous stream and a blazing fire. She doesn't need to be careful with him and he doesn't need to be careful with her. They're both one entity. The world around them falls but they don't notice it because in that moment they are complete and nothing else matters. Light and darkness merge together and create ungovernability, lust and a vehement storm.

However, Buffy still hasn't realized that she needs the darkness (which Spike can give her) and Spike still hasn't understood that he needs the light (which she carries) in order to be a better man. They need each other. Ying and Yang. But Buffy's been torned out of heaven and suffers. She hasn't got time for life dilemmas. They only bring pain and dissatisfaction in her life. The fact that she doesn't belong anywhere in this world crushes her.
Spike who once looked up to Buffy as a hero, who tried to change for her, now sees this fallen angel who can't cope with the situation, who can't find her place on this earth. He decides to step in and she decides to search and find her peace with him. She can't deal with this hard life right now so her only other option is death. We all know that it's a lot easier to be bad and to give up than to be good and to try. So instead of helping each other, Buffy and Spike hold each other back. Buffy doesn't have the strength to give Spike her light and she gives in his darkness. He accepts that and he lures her in it. They have sex which results in badness.

"Last night was the end of this freak show."

Buffy still can't accept her dark side and i think this lasts till season 7. She acknowledges the fact that it's there but she can't fully take it in as part of her.

"Nothing's changed. It was a mistake."

Nothing's changed really. She still wants to be the shiny sunny Buffy she was but she can't understand that the clouds were always there.

Then the AR scene happens and we never get a chance to explore the dark side of the Spike / Buffy relationship again. Season 7 is a whole new beginning for Spuffy. It's about the bright side of the 'ship. The darkness seems to be gone.

But it's still there. In Spike.

"And, uh, last night ... was just a glitch. A bit of cold comfort from the cellar dweller. Let's don't make a thing out of it."

Spike can't fully accept the light just like Buffy can't accept the darkness. By the end, though they finally realize that. Although Buffy knows it all along.

Spike: You never had it so good as me. Never

Buffy takes this in, shaken. It's true.

It would take some time before she finally admits it in season 8:

"You're my dark place, Spike."

Spike becomes aware of this as well:

"It was the best night of my life."

In the end they both find what they're looking for. Buffy - the violence which is part of her and which she has to accept and Spike - the tenderness and true love. They finally become one ♥.
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Some Quetions:

1) If you ship them, when did you start doing so?

2) Do you have a favourite Spike/Buffy moment?

3) Do you think there's more to explore in their relationship? If yes/no why?

4) Do you think there's a chance for the couple in the future?

5) Do you sympathize more with Buffy or Spike or maybe both?
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Oct 13, 2021
1. I started to ship them in season 4 after the episode "Buffy's wedding" it made me laugh, it's my favorite couple.

2.is no favorite time i love it all

3. Yes of course if Spike hadn't died I'm sure he would have formed a couple.

4. Yes no doubt

5. Both maybe a little more Spike because he hurts me he tries to do good but she is horrible with him ..


May 4, 2020
1) Yes really from season 5, I guess when the chemistry and UST became out of control, thinking Fool For Love. However in hindsight there was chemistry much earlier as in from Becoming if you look for it

2) ‘Every night I save you’ in Afterlife, Intervention kiss, FFL, Smashed ‘their first time’ and Touched. Too hard to narrow down to just one

3) Yes I very much felt they had so much potential at the end of season 7 for a healthy fulfilling relationship, they already showed sexual chemistry and passion in season 6 and there were feelings then also. They needed the trust and the intimacy which came in season 7.

4) yes for the reasons at 3) above. I know they had a relationship in the comics but Joss ended it with Buffy being single but I think there is enough wiggle room for them to reunite.

5) Both. They were both going through their own struggles, particularly during season 6 which made a healthy relationship impossible but there was still something underneath all the toxicity which was real
Oct 23, 2021
I hate the analysis she / he is right they are totally made for each other

1. Of course I ship them they are made for each other this is my favorite couple, if not I fell in love with this couple in Fool For Love when Spike comes to kill her and instead he l 'It is there that William the big-hearted poet saw for the first time ❤

2. I love every moment (except the attempted rape scene) but my favorite scene is Spike's speeches in "Touched" and after they sleep together it was a wonderful time.

3. Yes of course if he hadn't died he could have gone out together although it is the case in the comics but I have not finished reading them.

4. Yes my answer and make it the same as the 3

5. Spike he hurt me in Season 5 and 6 Spike didn't hurt him less anyway
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