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Supernatural puts Mandalorian to shame

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Nov 13, 2018
Was watching Supernatural again. I had a rewatch in December but my depression ruined it.

One thing I found out however on this rewatch is that one of the main cast, Mark Pellegrino is an Ayn Rand fanboy. He is extremely right wing, yet at no point was his job in the series ever in danger.

Jensen Ackeles and Jared Padelicki who play the two leads are very, very left wing and not once has it ever been a problem.

In fact Mark's role was beefed up. For those of you who don't watch it, Mark was originally the first host of Lucifer. In the show the Devil changes hosts all the time. So really there was no reason for him to play the role again in later stories. If anything it would have made more sense for Jared to play Lucifer during the hallucinations or when Lucifer is in his true form speaking to them, as A/ it would have been cheaper B/ Jared's character was meant to be Lucifers true vessel C/ Jared was also excellent and popular as Lucifer so no one would have minded.

Also when Lucifer got free they had to do some ridiculous rewriting as to why Mark could be his vessel again. The only reason they kept bringing Mark back was because he was excellent and popular as Lucifer.

Imagine that though. In order to have Mark on the show because of his acting talent, they went to great lengths, not caring at all about his open and public right wing views. Gina meanwhile who isn't even right wing, just made a few "this is how Nazi Germany started" posts and who is one of the leads of the series and therefore very hard to replace is fired, forcing the entire show to undergo a rewrite and spin offs to be cancelled.

It's almost like the makers of Supernatural cared about making a tv show rather than in pandering to twitter morons, as though its makers were genuinely open and tolerant people. Result? Supernatural lasted 15 years, Mandalorian is struggling after 1. There's a lesson to be learned here I'm not sure what it is?
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