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Tales of the Slayer vol.1 rank the stories

Real Angel

Sep 9, 2017
1. Unholy Madness
2. The White Doe
3. Die Blutgrafin
4. Mornglom Dreaming
5. A Good Run
6. And White Splits the Night
7. Silent Screams


Jul 1, 2017
I remember liking the misdirection in the Victorian one. If my memory does not deceive me I believe that was the one where we are lead to believe the slayer is passing herself off as male to move freely in society and the female vampire "the slayer" is stalking turns out to be the actual slayer.

I liked something about "Sonnenblume" the young slayer coming of age in Nazi Germany. It was less of the uncertainty in the face of moral ambiguity, because what was happening was clearly wrong and spoke more to the making of very hard choices. Every human being is responsible for their choices, individuals of course live in a highly ordered and regulated social order, so if every one is responsible, is no one responsible? no, even when you refuse responsibility, you are still responsible, a individual can subvert these forces but only at numerous cost and its our willingness, maybe, to pay that cost, that makes us human.

I also quite like the French slayer betrayed by her Watcher. Its a horrific life, the life of a slayer, on another level the patriarchal control is always a interesting view. I would not mind more commentary on that aspect of the Watcher Councils, there are hints through out the series, divulged more clearly in S7. The double metaphor of slayer and womanhood, being a women in society fighting your own personal battles as every human being does and then having this double systemic oppression to contend with.
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