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Temporary Restriction on Political Posting

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Due to a lot of nastiness on the board coming from political threads, the staff has decided the board could use a little break from politics. So for the next two weeks (though July 18), we are not allowing political threads or posts of any kind anywhere on the board. The Coronavirus thread will be closed during this time as well. Posts that include political commentary made during this time will be deleted.

After the two week period, we will then allow one political thread to be posted at a time, where all political conversation should take place. Political posts in other threads will be deleted. This will continue until the staff feels it is no longer necessary.

It is unfortunate that this topic cannot be discussed civilly, and it is our hope that after a break people will choose their words more carefully and be more accepting of other opinions and others' right to (respectfully) disagree. Bullying of other members because of differing beliefs such as we have seen over the past month will not be tolerated; at the very least such posts will be deleted and such behavior could result in banning from the board.
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