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The Adults and the Children


Hear Me Roar!
Apr 18, 2017
Has anyone else noticed this pattern in the 4 (+1) Whedonverse shows? There seems to be a division among the good guys. I call the two groups you can separate them into the adults and the children.

The adults tend to be older, though not necisserily. They're usually experienced. They tend to inhabit roles of leadership or violence. Adults are more likely to have a backstory. For example, Buffy is already a demon fighting veteran when she arrives in Sunnydale, while Xan and Will are supernatural virgins.

The children are often younger. They're rarely as experienced, which means they're often prodigies in their fields. They tend to have bubbly, quirky personalities. They're more fearful than the adults and less comfortable with violence. Some serve as either scientists/sorcerers, while others have less defined roles. The latter group could be said to be "social resources," as they are an important part of the group dynamic, but they don't have a function that relates directly to fighting evil.

The interactions between the adults and the children tend to take on a parent/child dynamic. For example, Adele acts as a disappointed mother towards Topher, while she treats Dominic and Boyd more like peers, even though she is also their superior. The division is also very clear in the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, where Fitzsimmons and Skye make up the children, while Grant, Coulson and May make up the adults, though it gets muddier as the show goes on. Skye quickly becomes very similar to May.

Buffy adults: Buffy, Giles, Angel, Riley (maybe also Spike and Faith)
Buffy children: Willow, Dawn, Tara, Xander, Anya

Angel adults: Angel, Wesley
Angel children: Fred

Firefly adults: Mal, Zoe, Jane
Firefly children: Wash, Kaylee

Dollhouse adults: Echo, Adele, Dominic, Boyd and Ballard
Dollhouse children: Topher
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