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The Fang Gang in Season 2

Discussion in 'Season 2' started by Carrie Hopewell, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Carrie Hopewell

    Carrie Hopewell Little girl lost in the woods

    Jun 5, 2016
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    Lisbon, Portugal
    I just read a commentary on Epiphany, wherein the author argues that Angel's epiphany was useless to his friends because of the way he treated them previously. Regardless of the truth in that statement (Angel proved the truth of his words by apologizing, helping them, showing true remorse), why is Angel's behavior the only thing people discuss about season 2? What about (ex) Team Angel?

    Angel himself is very aware of what he did wrong during the Darla arc and really changes his behavior throughout the rest of season 2 (and during season 3). He was so shaken up by Darla and W&H's schemes, and later, truly repentant of his actions and willing to change, that I obviously forgive his behavior. However, no one ever talks about the Fang Gang's behavior.

    Wes and Cordy were Angel's best friends. People who knew he was good and believed in him. People who followed his mission and wanted to be led by Angel. Yet, where was all this trust and affection in season 2?They were the ones who were fine and untroubled, but ironically didn't try all that hard to pull Angel from the brink (not that it was easy to) and gave up on him completely after he fired them.

    For all of their talk about being family, they abandoned a family member when he needed help the most. It's like being hurt by a depressed friend and deciding to give up on that friend because your suffering is bigger. It's not right at all and it was pretty shitty of them. They should have tried to knock down Angel's door every day (or whenever it was necessary), ask Lorne for guidance (like Angel did), attempt to cut a deal with W&H... anything, as long as they did something other than the bare minimum - which was a 5 min sit down with Angel. Angel always fought for his friends - fought for Faith even after she hurt him and those he cared about - but everyone gave up on him so easily.

    Moreover, for all their talk about fighting the good fight, while Angel was out taking his revenge, stopping Angel was fighting the good fight. Angel locked the lawyers inside a wine cellar, scared Anne by following her and using her, kept showing little care for the humans who might stand in his way, and was so out of control that they feared he'd turn into Angelus in Dear Boy. But what did they do about this?? How did Cordy, Wes and Gunn protect the L.A. citizens from Angel(us)? How did they stop Darla and Drusilla? They might not have had vampire strength, but they were still champions for the PTB.

    It's funny how Wes, Gunn and Cordy prided themselves on taking cases and continuing their jobs, and completely ignored the fact that Angel was potentially dangerous. It's Btvs season 2 all over again. No one tried to help Buffy get ready to fight Angel, they just shamed a teenager who had been a victim. And in Ats, three intelligent, brave, ethical heroes do squat to stop Angel. Lorne was entirely more helpful and he's the one who usually stays away from conflict.

    I'm not saying saving/helping Angel would've been easy. However, in between cases, better than sitting around, perhaps remembering that they had a best friend in need of help and people in possible need of rescue from said best friend, would have been the right thing to do. Unfortunately, no one ever calls Team Angel (minus Angel) out on this...
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  2. thetopher

    thetopher Member of the Church Of Faith

    Dec 23, 2013
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    The Moot, England
    In S2 Angel Investigations was a bit more of a business than a family, in the sense that Angel was 'the boss' and told the others what they were doing and how they would handle various cases. They did care for each other but the group dynamic was firmly in place 'super-powered guy in charge, Cordy helps with the sourcing of people in need and Wesley is book-man.

    This is most obvious when looking at Wesley's character, who clearly acts as a subordinate to and is reluctant to talk to Angel or confront him on various troubling personal issues 'didn't we learn anything from the tea!' etc.

    Even Cordelia- vision girl- still has one foot into her acting biz and wanting the celebrity lifestyle- completely jealous of Wesley when he starts getting invites to exclusive parties.

    Gunn isn't even an employee in fact in S2 he's barely more than a monster-fighting ally, he helps out, he asks for favors in return, but he chafes when Angel unilaterally takes over a case (like in 'Shroud Of Rhamon').

    In short I think they did their best to help Angel (apart from Gunn who didn't really get half the stuff that was going on with Darla, W&H and Angel himself- which I understand) but the guy is stubborn. If he fires them and rejects them and shuts them out then I can't blame them for being dissolute and leaving; lost and directionless for a time.

    As for the resolution of the entire plot- It's the very act of Angel firing them that brings the rest closer together. They might not have been affected by Angel's subsequent epiphany (apart from that whole 'saving them from having their brains used as incubators' thing) but that really isn't the point; the group dynamic has shifted.
    Angel isn't automatically the boss anymore, Wesley has learned to stand up for himself and take pint on most cases, Gunn is firmly invested in the crew now that he and Wes have undergone life-threatening situations together (Wesley took a bullet for him, they faced a giant fire-farting demon, etc), and Cordelia fully accepts Vision-girl-hood, so much so that when she has the opportunity to give them up late in the season she refuses.

    I read an episode review on these boards that basically claimed that the whole 'Angel on his own' plot was pointless and didn't advance his character. Even if I agreed with that it did advance all the other characters and the group as a whole. Afterwards they all become much closer- and more equal- as a result. By the end of S2 they are much more of a family.
    I hope that makes sense.
    GraceK: I love this whole post.
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