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The Night Buffy Was Bested


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
The Night Buffy Was Bested Part 1

While chatting with Willow and Xander Buffy was surprised to see someone she knew from her previous school walk along the corridor.
Willow noticed Buffy turn to look at the stranger.

WILLOW - Who’s that Buffy?

BUFFY - I think it was someone who I used to like, from the school I used to be at.

XANDER - What is the name?

BUFFY - Hemery High School

Xander glanced condescendingly at Buffy.

XANDER - No Buffy, what is his name?

BUFFY - Hmm sorry we used to call him Ford,

XANDER - Why did you do that?

BUFFY - His name is Billy Fordham and there were three other guys with the name Billy, one of those three was a bit stupid so everyone called him Silly Billy.

WILLOW - Why do you think that Ford is here Buffy?

BUFFY – Good question

Buffy calls to Ford.

BUFFY – Hey ford, what brings you here?

FORD - I just got transferred.

BUFFY - Have you signed yourself into this school yet.

FORD - Not yet, I only just got here so I can do that later.

XANDER – Why not do it now?

BUFFY - Tell you what Ford, I’ll take you to where the receptionists office is.

XANDER – I can’t win can I, first it’s Angel then it is Ford turns up.

Buffy puts a hand around Fords upper arm and takes him toward the office. Before they part Ford asks Buffy if she is still a slayer of vampires.
Buffy is surprised.

BUFFY – I am

FORD - My one regret is not seeing how you kill a vampire


Angel is asking Willow where Buffy is.
Willow leans against Angels chest and looks up to Angel’s eyes. She flutters her eyelashes.

WILLOW – You know Buffy, she always goes where no one knows.

XANDER – What is going on with you and Angel? What are you and him doing?

Willow nods her head.

WILLOW – Ours is a forbidden love.

XANDER – How is it a forbidden love?

WILLOW – ‘Cos if Buffy found out she beat the stuffing out of me.

Willow smirks to Xander.

Buffy and Ford are at the bar waiting to be served.

FORD – If it is okay with you Buffy can I wander about the campus with you, later?

BUFFY – As long as you promised not to get in the way.

FORD – Of course, whatever you say.


Buffy and Ford are having a look at the front entry of the school when a girl runs into them then continues to run ahead of them.

FORD - Her face was all messed up, what she a vampire?

Hearing a fight around the corner Buffy tells Ford to stay there. Buffy runs around the corner to confront both the vampires there, Ford faces a vampire girl who is carrying a large book though he offers to let her go.


Buffy is waiting in the shadows for Willow to walk towards her, when she appears Buffy steps out in front of her.

WILLOW - Wow you gave me a bit of a shock.

BUFFY - I did

WILLOW - A surprise shock not an electric shock.

BUFFY – Oh right, I knew you be here about now, although I must admit I did expect you a while ago, I have another surprise for you.

Willow grins.

WILLOW – Is it a nice surprise?

BUFFY – I think so but you might not.

Buffy changes to be a vampire and sinks her teeth into Willow’s neck then proceeds to make Willow like her.

BUFFY – Anyone you want to be with us?

WILLOW – Xander will feel awful lonely without us, lets go to his place later tonight, how long do I need wait before I am like you?

BUFFY – Well all I had to wait was an hour, so!

WILLOW – Yes that is alright for you, according to Giles you slayer’s are meant to heal quick!

BUFFY – Yes that is true he did say that but the point is he said healing, somehow I don’t think changing from human to vampire could be quantified as a healing thing.

A few hours later Buffy and Willow were outside Xanders room, they quietly force his door

WILLOW – This’ll surprise him, I’ll bet he has never had two girls in his bedroom at once, he’ll never get over it.



Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
(just so you are aware of it, Buffy the Vampire enjoys killing people, well, she did not say she didn't)

The Night Buffy Was Bested part 2

In the library during his meal break Giles leant back in his office with a cup of tea, he was confused by his thoughts. He was at a loss to understand Buffy’s reaction to him that evening, he felt as though he didn’t know her, yet he felt the same with Willow and Xander.

He considered it might him who wasn’t feeling right. Yet at the Bronze that evening he noticed that when Angel met Buffy but he was at a loss to understand Buffy’s behaviour, even when Willow sat beside Buffy they appeared to be even closer than they had ever been.

There was nothing Giles understood about how his slayer was behaving or why. Angel was the same though he told Giles that in the furthest reaches of his mind, there was a memory of a girl he had tortured. Though why he thought of that girl he didn’t know,
The girl he had turned after he had removed all of her friends all of those who wanted to be her friend.

Angel kept a discreet watch on Buffy, Xander as the walked from The Bronze, about to follow them he bumped into Giles. Just looking at each other was enough for them to know what the other was thinking. They realised that neither of them understood Buffy anymore.

Keeping away from them Ford wandered to be next to Buffy.

FORD – I had fun last night, would it be alright if I take you to a club that I want to go to. I promise it will be a good night.

Buffy agreed, but told him.

BUFFY – I am a bit busy right now so how about we meet on the steps tomorrow, about 7:30 in the evening.

They agreed with each other, Buffy grinned as she watched Ford walk away. She went to be with Willow, Xander followed them as they led the way to the cinema. Eventually he wanted to leave them but Willow told him to wait she pointed up at the billboard.

WILLOW – The people in there are watching yet another vampire movie.

XANDER – So? What is the importance of that

BUFFY – After the film has finished and the punters walk from the cinema they will walk out into the night. They will be in the right mood, for us that is, rumour has it their blood will taste better when the fear in them rises.

WILLOW – And should we follow some of them home we could wait until close to their home.

XANDER – So you want them to think that all is well because they are almost home?

WILLOW – Imagine how disappointed they’ll be we can stand it their way showing them what they feared on the film was possible. The creatures they thought were make believe were real, that what they feared jumping out on them all the way home was now standing in front of them.
They enjoyed themselves during the next few minutes.

WILLOW – I would like it if we could get another one each before dawn.

Buffy smiles to Willow.

BUFFY – So we go and get one each.

WILLOW- See you back here, who are you going to get there is so many to choose from. You know I am starting to feel glad that I was the one who was picked on so much, there are so many to choose from now, lets meet up in the alley near The Bronze.


Talking to two girls he found in the towns park.

XANDER – How does it feel knowing that a bit later tonight you could both be immortals.

Willow wanders to stand behind the girls in the alley, she was with one of the jocks from the school’s football team, she looks at Xander.

WILLOW - This one thinks he is going to get lucky tonight.

XANDER - Somehow I doubt that, but it is all about what we want, where’s Buffy?

Xander hears a voice above him. He looks to the windows in the building.

BUFFY – I am on the roof top above you.

She motions to the guy standing beside her.

BUFFY - I promised this guy I’d take him flying so, and just so he won't complain.

Buffy threw him off the roof then stood in the alley to catch him a few feet above the flagstones.
Willow grinned to Buffy. Buffy snapped the guy neck.

WILLOW - Xander’s unwilling victim knew she was about to be a meal.

BUFFY – The night isn’t over yet lets wait and see what the club Ford is taking us to there might be more fun for us.

WILLOW – Well no one seems to know about us, who else can we play a trick on?

BUFFY – Good question but I dare say in the next few days we could find out.

XANDER - Well I would like to give that Ford the benefit of our prowess.

Buffy grins

BUFFY – I said I would meet Ford on the steps in front of school at 7:30 so how about you two keeping hidden from him but following where he takes me.

Xander and Willow keep out of sight as Buffy is led to an underground bunker. Willow laughs to Xander.

WILLOW – Why would anyone build an underground bunker here, it isn’t big enough for the school.

Ford encouraged Buffy to go down the steps inside the club.

BUFFY – So what gives there is no music and not enough people?

FORD – I had a chat with a vampire, he said he’d be here with several others at 8 tonight to make us all vampires if I gave him you.

Buffy looks around at the other people in the room.

BUFFY – What about them?

FORD – Sweeteners for the agreement they will give the vampire some blood.

Willow and Xander enter into the room, Xander ensures the door is kept open

WILLOW – So who of you had agreed to Ford’s plan.

Everyone except a girl volunteered her arm above her head.

CHATERELLE – I do not trust the vampire Ford made the pact with.

BUFFY – Then you had best leave all you other are going to die tonight, know this, none of you will be made vampire tonight.

After snapping the necks of all the hopefuls in the bunker Buffy, Willow and Xander took turns sucking blood from Ford. By the time that the vampires Ford had made the agreement with got into the club they found no one was left alive.

MARION – She faced her leader, well I’ll be some damned vampires have been here before us, you can’t trust anyone these days can you.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
The Night Buffy Was Bested part 3


Relaxing in their den Marion wanted to know why Drusilla and Spike were so confused by their findings of the last evening.

SPIKE – Neither of us understand why when we got there they were all dead, killed by vampires.

MARION – What is wrong with that?

SPIKE – I did not know there were any other vampires in town.

MARION – I can think of one, the Julian he said he tagged a girl a few nights ago, she might have changed a few of her friends.

Spike wanders away from them.

DRUSILLA – Maybe so, but why should we have heard anything about who by now and why was nothing in the newspaper.

Drusilla looks around for someone to reply to her


Spike quickly runs back into the room, he puts an arm around Drusilla’s waist.

MARION – Where did you get to?

SPIKE – I went to get that Julian.

MARION – What did she have to say?

SPIKE – That one who attacked him might have been the slayer.

MARION – But Julian is still with us, how.

SPIKE – He bested the slayer, he didn’t know it was her though. And now it seems as though she and a couple of others took out that Ford guy, I’m not sure why or who the others were.

DRUSILLA – If it was my choice I’d say it’d be that Willow maybe that Xander though I cannot think why.

MARION – I heard that Xander hated Ford, that may have been the reason, do we attack Buffy and Willow?

DRUSILLA – We might be able to make use of them from time to time.

SPIKE – And suppose we do is there any way we can get an insider into their group?

DRUSILLA – If we allow that Angel beast to be friends with us, we might be able to learn what the red head and that Buffy are doing.

MARION – Not to mention that Xander.

Spike and Drusilla face each other and smile.

SPIKE – Oh but we didn’t.

They share a laugh. Had they known it they may have laughed louder as Xander had just been killed by a Vampire Slayer who was passing through Sunnydale.

SPIKE – Until that happens we should have a couple of us keep an eye on her.


Willow and Buffy had just broken into the Sunnydale school, they made their way straight to their old haunt, the library.

BUFFY – What are we here for Will?

WILLOW – I’ve been formulating an idea to get Amy and some others who are like minded, I would like to get a group of witches who specialize in various doctrines of Shamanisn, People who want to be the spirit guides for certain animals I think it could help us.

BUFFY – Why do you want people who can be spirit guides for animals?

WILLOW – Once they have mastered the power of being a guide they may develop the ability of the animal.

BUFFY – What animals do you think might benefit us and how?

Willow opened a book about animals and birds.

WILLOW – Take the eagle, it has an impressive wingspan, so it can float over an area without using much of its energy, add to that that most folk will not shoot at one. If a friend of us should be that Eagle. The friend could tell us what or who it had seen when it landed.

BUFFY – Okay, now I see the benefit.

They start to sort through the books on the shelves.

WILLOW- What am I thinking of Gilles keeps all the good books out of reach of the schoolies.

She and Buffy go to the back rooms. Willow begins to pull book after book from one of his cabinets.

BUFFY – I never knew he was that careless, those books should have been kept under lock and key.

Willow sheepishly grins to Buffy.

WILLOW – Oh they were.

Willow grins again and holds up a broken lock in her left hand and part of a broken cabinet door in her right hand.

BUFFY – But who will Giles think has done this?

Willow reaches into Buffy’s left pocket on her jacket, she takes out the Codex,

BUFFY- But that is the book that Giles wanted.

WILLOW – True, but it only tells the truth from a human’s perspective that is not the actual truth. Also for our benefit as the Codex is a book that Angel was going to get for Giles, dear Giles might be of the belief that Angel took the books.

Buffy stepped back, surprised at what Willow had just implied.

BUFFY – Will you can be a right little meany if you want to.

WILLOW – Thanks, and just for that.

Willow placed the Codex with a couple of books on the philosophy of occult practises in full view.
Later that evening Willow lay in wait for Amy.

BUFFY – Why don’t we break into her dad’s house and get her?

WILLOW – She is a witch, though she does need to make a spell to do anything but if she has the time she could make life (Willow stares at Buffy and smiles) tee hee! Our death is a problem for us, so rather than risk it lets wait for her to relax before we make her one of us.

BUFFY – Sire.

WILLOW – I don’t think I am, I have had feelings for a couple of girls.

BUFFY – You can still be a Sire although would you be a Siren or a Siress.

WILLOW – I do like Siren best, a witch of the sea’s, yes I like that.

BUFFY – So once we get that Amy who should we go for next?

WILLOW – Rumour has it that one of Angel’s old flames is near, if we can get Darla to join us she might give us the benefit of her experience something which I think could only help us.

BUFFY- Didn’t I kill that Darla though?

WILLOW – Yes, you did but with each of us being a Shaman, and each of us promoting a separate field of power, the one aspect that I’d concentrate on will be necromancy and reincarnation. So that we can bring Darla back to us.

BUFFY – What about me?

WILLOW – You can learn to be the most powerful of us, you can be a healer.

BUFFY – How if a healer the most powerful?

WILLOW – Causing an old seed that was thought to be dead seed to grow into a thirty meters high tree, giving life to a seemingly dead fish. To lay s hand on a friends cut hand, only to remove your hand when the cut on your friends hand has been completely healed.

BUFFY – I must admit, I do like the sound of that but we are vampires.

WILLOW – Very true but where is it written that all we do is kill, we could be the exception to the rule.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Due to the nature of the descriptive attacks on many of Holtz’ descendants, only those people under 100 years of age may read this instalment of The Night Buffy Was Bested without the supervision of a member of BB.com For fear of older folk getting heart palpitations and not seeing the next morning.

The Night Buffy Was Bested part 4

The first night after Amy joined them, Amy was happy to gain the extra personal power and the additional power that being a Shaman gave her, then she heard that Buffy had persuaded the vampire Darla to join with them Amy felt they would soon become a powerful coven.

Gone were the days when a coven of witches was at its maximum strength when there was thirteen members in the coven. Now that the coven was of Vampire Shamans it seemed like there would be no limit to how many there were in the coven.

A great surprise was when they received the message from Darla that Spike and Drusilla were going to be willing members of the coven. It was during the time that Darla found their willingness to join that Darla was told of Connors endeavours to kill the Angel beast.

Blaming Holtz Darla requested Buffy despatch a couple of them to find any relatives of Holtz. The thought of that made Buffy glad, she told Willow that she still hated that a male could be regarded as a slayer, even a so called slayer born from a bonding of vampire.

Buffy cast an apologetic grimace to Darla then announced that the trio she would send were Willow, Darla and Drusilla. Spike questioned Buffy’s choice, “Why not, a witch who could point them in the right direction to find the long forgotten brethren of one of Gods Riders. And

Drusilla who could tell them if they were getting close to an element of their victims descendants.” Buffy confronted Spike, “She told him that Darla is the most likely of them to ensure that none of his descendants escapes their punishment.”

Spike had to agree that Buffy’s reasoning would be beneficial to their sense of fulfilment, he remembered the times that Darla was forced to flee because of Holtz’ constant threats of death to all vampires.” Willow said, “that may have been due to her kind.”

Willow could feel the need to look about from where they stood, she pointed east of where they were, Drusilla said that a small car would be sufficient. Darla used her charms to locate a van that they could use. Drusilla thought it fun to keep telling them, “just a few more miles.”

“We are getting warm,” said Drusilla at last and Willow pointed further to the south then directed them to San Bernardino, a large house overlooking the city should do, as the last part of the journey was to the east the covers could be removed from the windscreen.

“The descendant of Holtz has no idea of what he did or the lengths he would go to too fulfil his endeavour,” said Drusilla. Though she was not a direct descendant of Holtz she was a daughter of a line of Holtz’s one of his siblings.

The woman two sons didn’t know anything about Holtz nor the demon he chose to be an accomplice to The first they knew of the family’s involvement with pure evil was when they were told who killed their mother and why.

“Are you telling us the truth,” said Nathan. The policeman looked almost apologetic to him. “We checked on her date of birth, she was born in Plymouth, England in the year 1610 before she sailed to this country aboard the first ship, Darla was one of the first to settle in this country

she has never been officially declared as dying, it was rumoured that she died in 1997 though as we saw she is still, an undead vampire. Of those with her one was born just before 2010 yet the other several hundred years old, I’d offer you witness protection but really

giving protection against being that killed your mother and now want you and your brother.” Nathan breathed in deeply, “my brother got married recently, his wife had just given birth a couple of day’s ago is that baby in any danger?” asked Nathan.

Darla’s ex boyfriend was the father of her baby, the baby was abducted by Holtz and when old enough it tried to kill its father. Darla is part of those who have taken it upon themselves to remove from life all existing descendants of Holtz. The policeman shrugged to Nathan.

The policeman stared in disbelief as two puncture marks appeared on Nathan’s neck and blood began to flow from them. Shaken beyond recognition Nathen spoke to his brothers carer, “There is an entity from hell who is out the kill Beavis and his child, I’m sorry to appear to be abrupt

but there is no warning good enough to help Beavis. Rachel, the carer from the church Beavis’s wife Rosemary attended saw no reason to accept a threat from hell, she was sure God would protect any life who promised to protect the baby she would become despondent.

A threat was seen by co workers of Rosemary who saw a person next to them who started to show fangs, turning to run away there was no reflection of them in a mirror, thinking the being was gone she stopped only to see the hair of a head as she felt fangs bury themselves in her neck.

Beavis felt as though there was nothing that could protect him, he began to wish all manner of pain on his ancestor Holtz. A woman appeared in front of him, “I do not care how many wishes of Hate you make against Holtz. He followed me and tried to kill me many a time

I hated him and still do, you are the last of his descendant I have found. To kill you and end his line will bring such peace to my mind, there is no way I will ever not kill you though I will do it in such a way that you will not know it.” He thanked Darla.

In that instance Darla’s face began to start to appear as a demon, Beavis knew such fear in that final four seconds that he thought lasted several years. Darla felt at ease as the pained expression on his face continued long after his death.

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
The Night Buffy Was Bested part 5

Willow spent most of the next afternoon and evening at the towns library, she had gone there hoping to discover what explanations had been written of about the short blue flames that appeared in the marshy areas to the north east of the city of LA. Finding a section that dealt with that area was problematic as Willow didn’t know why it only appeared there.

Of all those who had recently become friends with Willow it was Darla who ventured into the library to ask what she was searching for, Willow was surprised that Darla would be at all curious why she would search for an answer. “Of all those I know, you know the most about everything there is to know anything about. So if you are here seeking the truth of what is?”

“I am perplexed about those little blue flames that are seen gently hovering over the marshy ground,” said Willow. Darla smiled. “I can help you with that, a confusing question would be to ask when is a ghost not a ghost? Known by many name such as The Foolish Fire, The Jack O’ Lantern though more than often it is the Will O’ The Wisp, though it is not a spirit luring you onto the mire.”

Willow looked at Darla, confused as to what it might be, Darla grinned. “Stephen King had written a tale based on a part of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s successful working of the Hound of The Baskerville’s, the part involving the mire, Stephen King’s tale failed to find any success as his tale was thought to be based on creatures of lies,” stated Darla.

“What was Stephen King’s variation about?” asked Willow. “A vampire,” replied Darla. Willow faced Darla, “Why say that? Do you mean vampires are not based on fact?” asked Willow. “Just because we know we are real the man in the church or the couple watching television at their home would say there are no vampires. So who are we to dispel their fantasies.”

“That still leaves me wondering about the lights,” said Willow. “That burst of gas that escapes the fat of a body buried deep in the mire occasionally is married with a flame, ‘Ignis fatuus’ that ignites.” Darla pointed over to the north to a line of blue flames, “Follow the line of blue flames and you may find a gathering of blue flames.”

Willow was bemused, “What could be at those pools of flames?” asked Willow. “They are the places where witches might gather to seek knowledge of future or past events,” said Darla. “Willow faced Darla. She was acutely embarrassed that she had no idea of the answer.”
Darla had Willow want to see into the near future, Wednesday or Friday.

Willow sat beside a place that had an accumulation of little blue flames emitting from the ground, Darla told Willow to seek answers about what is known of the time to be. Willow was told of a person who was feared back in the late 1600's he was feared by so many that they hid his grave in a tomb, for the protection of all in the locality who were living.

Only a few were saved from his ramifications, those who he declined to chastise were those of greater access to evil entity’s or doers. One such entity confronted the bishop of the main church in Sunnydale, the bishop got himself lost in the heavy mist around the edges of the mire. For so long he walked the soggy ground he uttered the words what he’d give for something good to eat.

The bishop felt fear the fear one feels when the impossible happens directly unto you. A man appeared out of the mist carrying a small loaf of bread and some cheese, the man politely offered the bishop the bread and cheese. About to accept the strangers offering the bishop spotted that one of the strangers feet was hoofed, the bishop duly declined the offering.

As soon as the bishop did decline the strangers temptation the mist vanished though the bishop was left facing a bridge over a stream, one he had been warned about never crossing without making an offering of a blue flower; a potted blue flower. Though it was unknown who wanted the flower a cut flower would make it angry.

Willow suggested to Darla that one entity they should never make angry with them was an entity who was able to make themselves invisible; Darla saw the wisdom in what Willow said. Even though the bishop knew neither of them he agreed with what was said. He looked over to the other side of the bridge and heard the sound of bagpipes floating on the breeze.

Offering the bishop great bravery they pushed him to cross the bridge, as the sounds of the drummer hastened the bishop to meet his maker, it did not bother the vampires Darla and Willow, for they were already dead.

The End
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