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Top 5 Dollhouse Episodes Per Season


I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
Since we have "Top 5 Episodes" threads in most of the Boards for the individual seasons of Buffy and Angel, I thought we should have a Top 5 Dollhouse episodes per season thread too! Mine are as follows:

Season 1
  1. Needs - I love seeing the Actives with their original personalities (but not memories) restored. It really reiterates how everyone has a core personality which never changes, and how our memories add to our character, rather than change it. I love the mystery aspect to this episode, with the Actives figuring out everything step-by-step and each of them realising their individual needs. It also has one of my favourite sequences in the show, with Caroline leading all the Actives to "freedom" with that beautiful song accompanying it. Just a great episode.
  2. A Spy In The House of Love - I love the layers to Adelle that are revealed in this episode, as well as the central mystery of who the spy is. The way the story is told in pieces, with us seeing everything from different perspectives is a great way to tell the story and I love the final scenes with Adelle showing Dominic no mercy and the way she sadly lets go of "Roger" at the end of the episode. A great look into Adelle as a character and a strong episode all round.
  3. Man On The Street - this really was the turning point for the series, with Paul getting closer to the Dollhouse and questions about the ethics and morality of the Dollhouse coming into play. I love Paul's interactions with Joel Miner and the way Paul tries to let go of Caroline and turn to the "real" girl. And then, that amazing reveal that Mellie is a sleeper doll! I remember when I first watched that episode, I did not see that twist coming!
  4. Epitaph One - I really like the new characters introduced in this episode and the way it gives us a glimpse of what's to come, while also filling in (some) of the blanks as to how we got to this point. Seeing Whiskey in such a state is sad but also very interesting, as it shows what happens to the Dolls if they are left in an imprint for too long (I wish we'd had more time to expand on Whiskey's character, there was so much potential there!) Also love the final scene with that beautiful song, as Caroline and her fellow travelers climb to hope.
  5. Echoes - This episode is a lot of fun (until it isn't at the end, which is kind of really dark!) but I love seeing Adelle and Topher all high as kites, plus it lays down the foundation for Needs.
Season 2
  1. Epitaph Two: Return - I really love the Dollhouse finale. I think the characterisation is solid, I love seeing the fallout from our heroes "taking down" Rossum, I love the plot of the episode, with them having to return to the Dollhouse, Topher's sacrifice is heartbreaking but very fitting and I love the final song and the final shots of the series. A beautiful finale to a underrated show.
  2. The Attic - I love finally seeing inside the Attic and the horrors it contains. Dominic returning and helping them escape is brilliant, and I love that he stays behind to help Clyde free other people. I also love the B-plot of Adelle secretly recruiting everyone and the reveal that she deliberately sent Echo into the Attic to gain information. And, once again, there is a beautiful final song and that horrific but powerful montage of them all "dying" in the Attic in order to come back to the real world.
  3. Belonging - this is such a hard episode to watch but I love Priya as a character and so loved seeing her backstory. Nolan might be the grossest character across every Whedon show and seeing Priya finally take her power back from him is both satisfying and bittersweet, given the toll it takes on her. This is also an important episode for Topher, as he tries desperately to help Priya but only succeeds in making things worse. A sad but powerful episode.
  4. A Love Supreme - I don't usually love the more Echo-focused episode, but this one is very well done. The return of Alpha is awesome and when he kills and imprints himself with Paul it always hits me hard. Also like the return of Joel Miner and Adelle's increasing suspicion of Echo's true abilities.
  5. The Public Eye - I really like Alexis' small role on Dollhouse and I like that this episode shows more facets to the Dollhouse and what they can do. Perrin being an imprint of himself but with more ambition is a very interesting take (and a hint of what will happen to Paul down the track) and I like seeing a new/different Dollhouse. Plus we have the introduction of Bennet!


To be or not to evil.
May 11, 2019
1. Man on the Street - Joe vs Joel vs Paul
2. Briar Rose - An amazing episode. I love how it is framed as a fairy tale, Tudyk kills it, etc.
3. Epitaph 1 - Beats "Restless" for most surprising series finale of all time.
4. Needs - November walking past the school and into the graveyard. So devastating.
5. The Target - A very exciting episode. Feels like an action movie.

1. Belonging - So intense. Jesus Christ.
2. Epitaph 2 - Redemptive
3. The Attic - Freaky
4. Vows - Amy Acker kills it.
5. Instinct - Messed up.


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
Season 1
  1. Briar Rose - I just love everything about this episode, from the Sleeping Beauty voice-over connection to the insane fight between Boyd and Paul to that kray-kray reveal of Alpha! o_O
  2. A Spy in the House of Love - Wonderful episode and @RachM basically already said all the why's :)
  3. Gray Hour - I never understand people who say the first five episodes are not as good as the rest, honestly. I love seeing Echo in her doll-state outside of the dollhouse.
  4. Epitaph One - Also don't mind following completely new characters for an hour, because it's well-written and a nice breadcrumb for S2 and Part 2.
  5. Omega - It's by no means perfect for what was originally the season finale, but it is very good. I love the scene with Alpha, Echo, and Caroline all together, and Boyd and Paul finding out that Alpha was always Alpha, even before the Dollhouse.
Season 2
  1. Belonging - Without a doubt, my favorite of both seasons. It's so goddamn frightening and disgusting and sad and yet strangely hopeful at the same time. Seeing how far Topher has come also makes this a high point of the season.
  2. The Attic - Brilliant. I love all of the metaphors and the cinematography and seeing Dominic again and getting answers, all around it's just a great episode of TV.
  3. Getting Closer - The title can make it a bit forgettable, but I don't know why I'm the first to have it on my list. Learning Caroline's backstory (finally!) along with the Boyd reveal is worth a spot in the top 5.
  4. Belle Chose - Mostly for Enver's brilliant acting :D
  5. Epitaph Two - This is definitely superior to the first one, but season 2 is just that good so it slips down somewhat low :D
Fuffy Baith
Fuffy Baith
I also like Gray Hour

Fuffy Baith

2017 (and 2016) Cutest BB member
Mar 14, 2014
Season 1
Epitaph - This episode gets better once you know the whole story. It's great, and I love the little girl, she does a great job being creepy and acting like an adult.
A Spy in the House of Love - I love the spy element, I love seeing each person's perspective of the event. And I love the reveal at the end.
Man on the Street - This episode does a great job pushing the narrative of the show.
Echoes - I really like the set up of this episode, not knowing what happened with the breakout virus, it reminds me of an episode of Bones or something. Plus I love Adele and Topher being high! so funny!
Gray Hour - I really love the heist angle of this episode, I like the Taffy personality and also this is was one time that I really find Anson Mount to be attractive. lol

Season 2
The Attic - The concept of the attic is great. I love traveling through the attic and then the reveal of the Rossum founder.
Epitaph 2 - After watching the first Epitaph this is a great conclusion to the show, but also makes me wish I we had more seasons.
Belonging - I love seeing the story of Sierra, and how tragic it is, and the ending, oh, so good. Poor Topher.
Getting Closer - This is a good episode, with a tragic ending. I still can't get over the death of a certain character. OMG, so sad, heartbreaking episode that brings this show's narrative to a head.
The Left Hand - It was between this and The Public Eye, but I really like seeing Alexis Denisof on the show, and Victor playing Topher is great!


I'm a little bit bison
May 8, 2019
Nevada USA
Season 1

1. A Spy in the House of Love - Adelle is a fantastic multidimensional character. Loved getting some insight into her character.
2. Briar Rose - Loved the fairy tale feel of this episode.
3. Needs - Love the scene of the dolls walking toward the light.
4. Epitaph One - Ends the first season well and a good setup for Season 2.
5. Gray Hour - Loved the heist, and Taffy.

Season 2

1. The Attic - I could probably just as easily put either Belonging or Epitaph Two: Return up here as I think these are the three episodes I enjoyed the most from Season 2. The Attic is just so up my alley though. It feels a little like Restless and at the same time, like it's own creation. I loved the concept of the mainframe being run by the human brains. Seeing Dominic again was awesome, and it was just a very visually enjoyable episode for me.
2. Belonging - So dark, and disturbing, but so very good! I loved getting to learn about Sierra's backstory. Priya is a great character.
3. Epitaph Two: Return - Loved this entire episode from start to finish. The Topher moments in this episode were pure gold, and his last scene was heartbreaking, yet satisfying, I think it was an amazing end for his character. They really nailed the finale scene, and as usual, the music was perfect for the moment.
4. Getting Closer - I really enjoyed the Topher/Bennett moments in this one. And the big reveal at the end was really good.
5. Stop-Loss -I really like Victor/Tony, so this one was pretty enjoyable for me.
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