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Topher and Claire/Whiskey

Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
So I've watched season 1 of Dollhouse and 1st episode of season 2. (so no spoilers containing anything after those episodes, please. Or mark them as spoilers, so I can decide wether I wanna be spoiled or not.) And I am in love with these two! I ship them so much!!!!

I have a theory about them. I would be so proud if that was the actual story and I found it out... But I don't really care if it's true or not... I actually think it's not true, but it is my head canon.
If you don't like Topher/Claire as a romantic couple, leave this thread :) Because you might throw up, that would be a compliment of course ;).
What I mean is, this theory is in everyway possible trying to find a romantic interest of these two in each other. So if you don't like that, don't read it. This is all my interpretation and how I want it to be, doesn't mean I really think it is that way in canon. And sometimes it may seem a little foreced... I am not good at expressing my theories, sorry. I just wanted to share my thoughts, think out loud here. If I would be good at writing Fanfiction, I think that would be what I'd write about.
Remember while reading this: It's all with a big MAYBE or IN MY HEAD before it.

Here we go: My Topher/Claire Theory

So it got me thinking, when Topher said that Whiskey doesn't know him. He also added: That's the contract. You don't know me, I don't know you. Not fully, not ever. (or something like this)
And he seemed sad. So I thought, yes he means the contract of every doll She doesn't know the people who were in her "real" life, because she doesn't remember her real life and personality. But that's with every doll in the entire dollhouse, they all don't really know him and he doesn't really know them. But why is he so said about Whiskey not kmowing him? Maybe something happened between them in her real life, with her real personality. Maybe that's why he programmed her with enough computer skills to hack his files. He wanted her to find out who she was. And when she had the chance, she didn't look into it and he was confused, maybe even a little disappointed.
And that's why he suggests to ask DeWitt, to put her real personality back in her. He wants the real Claire (whoever that is) back.
He says that she is better than him. Would you say that to a regular friend? Maybe... But I think there's more to that, than just friendship. I think there is a backstory there... Something happened with them in the past. And I am dying to find out. (If we don't I'll try to make up my own story...)
And he tells her that he didn't make her hate him. He made her question everything and fight for her believes.
Maybe he wanted to prevent something that happened when she didn't fight for her believes. Maybe that she signed the contract for the dollhouse, being a doll. He didn't want something like that to happen again.
And when Claire and Topher look for the "man-reaction" that Victor had because of Sierra (also a couple I love😍 ❤) Topher says: "He likes her." Who can proof he is talking only about Victor and Sierra? ;) Either way, just a cute (and funny) scene.
And Whiskey asks why she couldn't love him and if he is not loveable. A: He defenitely is... B: I think she does ;)
He had a man-reaction!!!
And when they talk about that Topher could have a love slave any day he wanted. But slaves are just slaves. His enemy (or frenemy :p) is the one he loves. YEEEEEES!!!!!!

Sorry, I'm just freaking out because I love them! Hopefully there'll be some more interactions with these two in the other episodes that I haven't watched yet...
And I'll do a rewatch witha focus on them, maybe I'll notice more scnes to fit my theory ;). Well it's not really a big theory, but I wanna believe in it.

What do you all think? Do you ship them?
(As I said, please mark the spoilers for season 2 episode 2 and all after that. Thanks :))
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