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Turning one of the main characters into a vampire


Extra flamy candles!
Apr 18, 2017
How about instead of Warren killing Tara, she gets turned and Willow has to kill her, and that set's Willow down the dark path? Could happen earlier in the season so we have a few eps of Vamp Tara before we get end of the world Willow
I wonder if Dark Willow would not team up with vampire Tara, hoping to save her soul somehow. Willow goes mental after Tara dies, because she feels friendless.
I'd have loved to see Wesley as a vampire. He'd be incredibly creepy, freed from all that guilt and inhibition, but still holding onto the anger. He'd be truly monstrous
Isn't he plenty monstrous as he is? What inhibitions would there be to free him from? The inhibition to randomly shoot people or stab his friends?


Gunner of the USS Buffy/Angel
Jan 4, 2011
@Blaze , Amber Benson *has* made an awesome vamp! :D This is her as Lenore on Supernatural:

I'd be most interested in seeing how things would've turn out if that scene in "The Initiative" had been played straight. Spike turns Willow (because whatever they did to him in the Initiative, it wasn't the chip), and they are now the villainous duo of S4 (or maybe she kills him because she finds him annoying or something). Possibly it would take a few episodes before anyone found out (while she's off acquiring her new wardrobe), and then it would be a really devastating season arc akin to the Angelus arc in S2, but I think they'd eventually figure out how to give her soul back, probably with Tara's help, and Tara would quickly become a much more integral part of the group, not just Willow's +1 like she was for a while in canon. If Oz ever returned and it was before Willow got her soul, she'd probably kill him (noooooooo!). If it was after, he'd blame himself for her getting turned, and if Spike was still alive, he'd rip him apart in wolf form, then possibly attempt suicide. (Dang, this is becoming a hella dark timeline.) No idea how the Initiative would fit into all of this. Maybe they'd just be kind of in the background and get saved for S5, like how the Mayor was mentioned in S2, or maybe they'd make the Scoobies' efforts to get Willow back much more complicated. *shrug* Anyway, once Willow had been reensouled, there could be an arc that deals with the ethics of vampire reensoulment. Maybe the Council decides they should do that to a lot of other vampires to use them as warriors, since one Slayer went evil and the other went rogue.