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Vampires and humans


Aug 6, 2019
I've been rewatching Buffy and noticed a thing I didn't think about last time. In season 2, Spike assembles the demon called "The Judge". He's a demon with the power to drain humanity. Buffy made Angels lose his soul and later kills "The Judge" with an RPG she got from Xander. Evil Angel wants to ressurect an old demon called Acathla who wants to swallow the world.
So Spike asks Buffy to help him stop Angel from resurrecting She succeeds but only after watching Angel getting his soul back. So the question. Acathla and "The Judge" sound like almost the same demon. They both want to wipe out humanity. So why was Spike interested in ressurecting "The Judge" but not Acathla?
Feb 23, 2019
Black Thorn
I think it was more about Buffy taking care of Angelus so Spike could have Dru all to himself again.


"Peanut butter, preferably crunchy!"
May 8, 2019
So why was Spike interested in ressurecting "The Judge" but not Acathla?
I don't think Spike was that interested in resurrecting The Judge. I think it was more Dru's desire, and Spike was just going along with it. It's also possible that he felt they had control over The Judge to an extent, so he wasn't all that concerned about it.

With Acathla, that was all Angelus, and at that point, Spike was fed up with the Angelus/Dru dynamic, and wanted her back. This is the reason he goes to Buffy in the first place. While it's probably true that he "likes this world" and doesn't really "want it to end," like he tells Buffy, his main motivation appears to be to get Dru back.
Once he has Dru in his possession, he seems pretty unconcerned with the fate of the world because he has what he wants.


Jul 29, 2016
I guess I saw it more as Acathla would suck the world to Hell, killing everyone in the process, whereas with The Judge, Spike could say destroy Sunnydale then leave us the rest of the country or something.
I agree. The Judge could destroy humanity but leave the world intact, Acathla seemed like it would swallow the world into a swirling vortex and hell dimension.


Sep 11, 2017
I would agree, based on the Judge's verdict on Dru and Spike, I doubt Spike truly knew what he was raising. He probably thought he was summoning another troll, who probably carried a gavel, or something, who would randomly kill people so he could feed on them. At full power, the thing would kill Spike and Dru, and probably find some way to kill Angel as well. Spike doesn't see himself as a minor demon like Angel does, he's just a hedonist.

Furthermore, Angelus is a cultist. The Order of Aurelius is all about handing the world back to the Old Ones, their teachings sing in his blood, whispered to him in the ground, as he learned at the Master's feet. He may have not spent a lot of time with the order, but he was surely there longer than flashbacks would indicate, he has a tattoo. Spike never cared about that. He doesn't like bringing ancient demons back, he doesn't like magic, his perfect world is a normal bloke who likes it when girls return the favor after he buys them a drink.
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