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Wales Comic Con Live: May 2-3


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
We are going LIVE!

That's right, the WCC team are set to host a weekend of live fun during the global lockdown as we host WCC: LIVE! next weekend with two days of geeky fun including a whole host of interactive panels, giveaways and games all in aid of the NHS.

To tune into the stream you will simply need to subscribe with a basic £4.99 fee via our Official Twich streaming page where the event is being hosted which will then give you access to the entire weekend of activities. Along the way our regular event hosts will be interacting with various celebrity guests from across the globe as we say THANK YOU to our fantastic NHS.

100% of the profits from the weekend will go to the NHS charities right here in the UK and as well as the subscription options available there will be exclusive auctions and donation points throughout the live stream.
This is a huge venture for the team and one they are excited about as we bring you an online spectacular and some much needed positivity during this time.
The first guests for the panels will be revealed imminently including some first time stars joining us which we cannot wait to share - Get ready and GO LIVE! 🌈

Amber Benson - 8pm
Anthony Head - 8pm


Feb 6, 2002
How exciting :D

Let's hope they raise lots of money and it all goes well :)
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