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Watching Dollhouse for the first time!

Cheyanne Suttle

Mar 7, 2018
Yes, I know I am late. But honestly, I had no idea this show existed before I joined BB and have finally gotten around to watching it.

I am not starting this thread as I am starting the show, I actually just watched season 2 episode 3.
No, I did not skip Epitaph One to watch them together.

While watching this show, there has been a voice in my head getting louder and louder saying, "why does this show only have 2 seasons?!
This show has an AMAZING premise. I think it may have even been a little ahead of it's time because I can not, for the life of me, fathom why this show had such low ratings and subsequently was not brought back for any more seasons.

Season 1 was really great. The first episode didn't particularly draw me in like I wanted to, maybe I was expecting too much too soon, but I stuck around because... I can never say no to Eliza Dushku and I am so glad I did! The second episode is what really hooked me and it only gets better with each episode. The Epitaph Episode reeeeallllly confused me until they start having flashes from the past and then I was like oooohhhhh okaaaaaay.

Ive started Season 3 and I miss Amy Acker, but I'll be fine *sniffles*

I really think someone should do something more with the premise of this show, though. I need more.

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
Dollhouse is an interesting story in that there can be no stars - the dollhouse itself is the star. In an ordinary story of a hero struggling to do what is right, you can develop the protagonist's personality to show that he or she is worthy of going up against a villain who is a credible threat. But in Dollhouse, the personality is wiped and changed in every episode and so is the threat. The story arc actually shows that the wipe is not complete and the hero actually retains some of the capabilities that were supposed to have been wiped. To ensure the viewer is aware that this is the case, the romance between Victor and Sierra is shown to start up and continue without any programming despite being erased numerous times.

But there is also the attitude that the hero isn't really a hero because she is just reacting to installed programming that acts like post-hypnotic suggestion. If you saw the movie "Telefon", you will see people reacting in accordance with programming and this is not the same as a person who undertakes mental and physical development on his or her own initiative in order to accomplish some feat. In other stories where the hero accomplishes some task, he might say "That was a workout" rather than "Did I fall asleep"? But the capabilities continue to accumulate for all of the dolls.

The only redemption here is Topher, but since you are still watching, I will not spoil it for you.


Feb 6, 2017
New York
Agreed! Season 2, while obviously a rush of the rest of the series that Joss wanted (Echo being able to access all the different personalities in her head), still played out with a perfect pace. It's only 2 seasons but they're both very strong. It definitely could've gone longer though.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
I agree it was a bit ahead of its time. There is a new netflix show out now that has similarities and some of the same actors. Its called Altered Carbon - maybe what the dollhouse becomes? Give it a go once ya finished Dollhouse :)

Looking forward to more of your reactions :)

Cheyanne Suttle

Mar 7, 2018
I agree it was a bit ahead of its time. There is a new netflix show out now that has similarities and some of the same actors. Its called Altered Carbon - maybe what the dollhouse becomes? Give it a go once ya finished Dollhouse :)

Looking forward to more of your reactions :)

I will definitely watch it! I have been hearing good reviews but didnt know if I wanted to watch it. Now, I am intrigued
Okay, guys.
I am currently watching Season 2 episode 4 and the beginning is a little wacky because I dunno who is a doll and who is not. I am assuming the opening scene was Sierra before she was a doll? Or was she already a doll? You would think not since she rejected the dude and tried to go off with Victor.

I laughed out loud a little bit at topher talking to himself..
I love echo and I so respect how Topher takes what Echo tells him seriously unlike most everyone else, except Boyd. Topher really has a love for all the actives, but I think he tries to keep the weird love under wraps.

But, of course, nothing is sweeter than the love that Victor has for Sierra even without fully remembering her!
Another LOL moment when Echo tells Victor, "Its good, youre taking matters into your own hands" and Victor says, "I put them in my shirt". hahahahahah. so funny.

Nolan is a superjerk and I am baffled. Poor Sierra. But go Adelle for sticking up for her like that even if Nolan was an a**butt about it.

Awh, man. Looks like Adelle is folding under the Rossum hand /: And poor Topher for being so sad.
I honestly really felt like I was gonna tear up when Topher goes to get Sierra for the treatment and Victor is going to go with her but Topher tells him he cant so Victor just says he will wait for her and sits down watching her go ): too.sad.to.function.

OMG way to freakin go Topher for freaking making her Pria instead of feeding her to the nasty wolf that is Nolan ahahahhhahahahahah. (still sad for poor wittle victor tho)

Whoa, I can believe that Echo keeps a book because there has to be some way she is remembering things but Im wondering at what point she started the book. Was I the only one that noticed the writing on the ceiling of her pod?
I hope Boyd doesnt say anything because I think that is the only way anyone has a chance of surviving whats going on it the Epitaph episodes.

C'mon, Topher, if you are going to send her into the lions den as herself, knowing she is gonna go crazy, atleast give her some kung ku or something. Oh, nevermind, looks like she didnt need the kung fu.

Wow, Boyd is the real MVP of this episode.

OMG bring on the waterworks because even as Pria she knows she loves Victor.

The ending was a little heartwarming cause Sierra and Victor but also suuuuper foreboding with Echo!
Season 2 Episode 5 - The Public Eye

I already love it because of Alexis Denisof. I am super sentimental when it comes to Buffy/Angel actors and I love seeing them in different things. Hearing him talk like that is extra weird for me, though!

Whoa, Madeline. What the what are you even doing?! I thought you were so grateful and loving the pampered life? I honestly dont believe her. Am I victim shaming? I feel kinda bad. Forgive me, as this is a show so I think I should get a pass here. I just dont think she feels bad or upset about anything that happened except maaaaybe if she remembers what happened with Paul.

It is really foreboding and troubling thinking of what Rossum had in place for this kind of even. Paul does NOT look happy. Isnt it weird how deeply he cares for someone that he now knows wasnt even real and just a ploy to destroy him? Or even more weird how he seems so intent on protecting Dollhouse? Is it all part of the act so he can destroy Dollhouse from the inside?

Whoa, plot twist. Is Perrin's wife a doll?

Okay, now I get why Madeline is upset. I think the Dollhouse should be more transparent with the dolls before and after they become an active.

Lol Tophers joke about Kilo.

SO weird how Echo is aware of them changing her into someone else and saying she cant help November if they do help her.

Hmm, how serious Perrin is looking about trying to save Echo and all the dolls makes me wonder if he is even aware his wife is a doll?
Oh, I guess she is not a doll. Hmm, interesting. Im on the edge of my seat at this point.

OH. MY. GOSH. TALK ABOUT A FREAKIN PLOT TWIST. Perrin's wife is not the doll, oh no, because HE IS.

I have a feeling it was his wife that was the one to make him a doll and get him to run for senator and all that. But I'm wondering what the game is for her having him want to expose dollhouse? No, the wife is not pulling the strings, she is just the handler. This is getting curiouser and curiouser.
Whoa this fight sequence is so intense the way it goes from in that moment to echos other memories of fighting and stuff.

Echo- "I think her bad guys are worse than my bad guys" LMAO wow.

Hmm, they want her to testify?
Ah, I get it. He gets credit for shutting ONE branch of Dollhouse down and gets the senate seat, then Rossum has a doll in the senate. Perfect strategy.

This Bennett character is kinda creepy...
Scratch that, super scary!
Season 2 Episode 6 - The Left Hand

Getting this episode started off right on the edge of my seat leaving off where the last episode ended: Bennett torturing Echo!

Poor Perrin. I felt bad for him at first but his stupid fake wife is just so freakin mean to him. For what reason? Kinda scary how easily she (and people in the real world) can just fake love and affection. All for a stupid end game smh. Well, I guess Rossum doesnt think its stupid. And like I said in the last episode, it is really great strategy.

Topher - "I dont like going out of my comfort zone"
I am right there with ya, buddy!

LOL Victor as Topher is hilarious. And I love Victor in a Topher outfit.

EW, obviously Bennett thinks Topher is a stud muffin.
I dont like Bennett but I can not deny the interaction between Bennett and Topher is adorable.
I was also wondering about Bennetts arm, nerves are severed... EEP, no wonder she hates Echo. Waiting to see how Echo did it.

OOOOH, I swear I am liking Adelle more and more with each episode! lol the way she "showed just how good at bluffing" she is! LMAO!

I was actually quite surprised that Bennett is not an active.

The entire interaction of Topher and Victor-as-Topher on the phone talking about Bennett was pure gold!

Hmm that was a weird flash from Echo with the tiniest bit of insight into what happened with Bennett.
Holy Canoli, Bennett is certifiably wacky.. she has a serious vendetta with Echo it seems and way to play on Tophers sympathy.

Am I the only one who though that Perrin and Echo removing each others GPS trackers was weirdly erotic? No? Just me? ...awkward...

WOOOOW, Bennett really knows what she is doing here. She is playing perfectly and everyone is just falling so easily into her hand.

Perrin and Echo are so inspirational and so gung-ho that I just know that something dreadful is about to happen...

Oh my, that would explain the dreadfulness... but yet, I am also really impressed by Bennetts resourcefulness.

Whoa, Topher, way to step up to the plate there.

SUPER plot twist at the end. Poor Madeline.
Season 2 Episode 7 - Meet Jane Doe

LMAO Topher is so freakin goofy.

Wow, poor Echo eating apples out of trashcans.
Oh, my. Echo on her own and still trying to help people. Watching her change personalities was wicked.

3 months later...
Wow, so there is no more care about an active's well being. Thats depressing.. Also, waiting to see how it is that they got Echo back !! Or did they even get Echo back? If they didnt then I am wondering how Echo became a nurse but I am assuming it was specifically to help that girl.

Now it is clear that she has somehow become a nurse. Clearly, thanks to Paul. Oooh, fancy. In preparation to take down the dollhouse.

Seems Echo is having quite the identity crisis. I wonder if she will feel the same way if and when they put Caroline's consciousness back into her. Will she still remember being Echo and all the things she had done thus far?
Also, I wonder how Echo has such an individual personality, more than the others.

Paul and Echo training is also super erotic. It is really creepy when Echo is making a map with both hands at the same time.

Now I am completely confused which side Paul is really on. Was he just saying those things to Boyd so he and Echo can infiltrate the Dollhouse? Or is he just an a**butt?

Smart. Thinking. Echo. What a freaking plan.

I love the look of disgust on Adelle's face when she is about to walk into the room with all the men.

Oh my goodness man can nothing ever go right for Echo? Here I am, on the edge of my seat again...

LOL, Victor and Sierra are so adorable and Topher is hilarious "shooting" them into doll state while they are kissing.


Watching Echo change between people does not get any less wicked.

I was kinda loosing faith with Topher because it seemed like he was playing right into evils hands but he has been trying with all his might to help the dolls! yay topher.

WOW, I really thought Adelle was going to be a good guy...
Last edited:

Cheyanne Suttle

Mar 7, 2018
Okay, guys, here I go again...

Season 2 Episode 8 - A Love Supreme

This episode starts nice and scary with an opening scene with Alpha. Just when I thought I'd seen the last of him.

Echo is back in the Dollhouse and locked up like a crazy person. It was disheartening seeing Victor being the one to question her. and, hey, I'm still mad at you Adelle!!

Finally everyone is on the same page that Echo is self-aware.

Lol Topher questioning Boyd trying to figure out what Echo is is so funny.

Alpha is such a creepster. "For my number one" *shivers*
OOh, I can already tell this is going to be intense.

Sorry Im not giving as much of a play by play today, Im coming down with strep and extremely exhausted.

LOL omg Alpha -"tally hoe, lets tally your hoes how many are there"

OH, SNAP, Alpha done programmed the whole Dollhouse to fight for him.

Oh wow, I did not see that coming with Paul. Did Alpha just really kill Paul?!
WOW. Leave it to Echo to save the day.

Why do people not like Paul? He sacrificed himself!

Poor Echo, she can give closure to everyone else but can get none for herself );
Season 2 Episode 9 - Stop-Loss

I honestly have a hard time feeling sorry for Adelle because 1. she is a bad guy and 2. VICTOR AND SIERRA ARE IN LOVE, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!
Victors contact is up? I wonder if he will use his riches to pay for Sierra?

I swear, Topher is so freakin goofy. Lol his reaction at finding out that it has been Adelle the whole time as ms. lonely heart.

Omg ): Victor saved his strawberries for Sierra... THEY ARE TOO CUTE!!!
I am SHOOK that Victor didnt as much as glance at Sierra when he was released from the Dollhouse.

ooh buddy echo done told adelle how it really is. time for playing both sides is over little lady!

Hmm seems like a US army thing to do to kidnap Victor but I smell Rossum. Yep, I knew it.

Adelle has flown the cucoos nest...

LOL Pria saying why did you bring me and not [sierra] Echo- "cause youd still be trying to figure out how to buckle your seat belt" hahahhahahahahah


Echo is such a freakin boss!!!
I knew that Adelle was just a bad guy! ):
SO close for Victor and Sierra!

Adelle, youre an idiot. You saw how well that worked out with Alpha and (in my opinion) Echo is stronger than Alpha!
Season 2 Episode 10 - The Attic

Who are these people and what are they doing with Echo?
Oh, hahaha, you just think Echo is dead but nah, you cant keep Echo down.

That opening scene was far to much for me...

How did I know Adelle would try to make Paul into an active. I felt it since she moved him from the room he was in.

This is a really trippy edisode..

Plot twist on Dominic showing up, super weird that he and Echo are working together.

Is this even really Adelle because I want to kick her in the face.

Only Echo can come up with crazy plans like this!!!


Oh, thank God. He didnt. And also thank god Adelle was just working her smarts because I was too close to throwing her off a cliff.
Season 2 Episode 11 - Getting Closer

Whoa 2 seasons and we are finally going to see what got Caroline into this mess to begin with?
Tophers interaction with Bennett... Priceless..

The buildup to Echo and Caroline fusing is just killing me.

Oh my goodness. Welcome back AMY ACKERRRRRR yaaaas so happy, I was missing her so much. Who would have thought that she would be holed up with Boyd.

This episode is really making me feel for Bennett..

Whoa whoa whoa
okay first yay echo victor and sierra needed to be together, its been long enough.

Second, how did Dominic get out of the attic? What a complete change of character for him to come out of the attic to help Echo.

Honestly, poor Bennett. I honestly understand why she hates Caroline...


Even Echo knows Caroline seriously betrayed Bennett.

Flashback alert from Epitaph One

Whoa what the heck is going on with DR SAUNDERS

Ohhhh, I get what Caroline was doing now. She was actually trying to save Bennett..

what a freaking plot twist ending omg
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Cheyanne Suttle

Mar 7, 2018
You're making me want a rewatch! There is lots of his story i cant remember. Thanks for sharing your reactions :)
I have been watching it on YouTube but I really wanna buy the DVDs and watch it again soon. I absolutely adore this show and wish I knew about it sooner. I was a little under the weather and also have a pretty big assignment due this week soooo I plan on finishing Dollhouse tomorrow! 2 episodes left!!
Hey guys, its me again! I've been a little incognito because I'm trying to get my dang PhD so I've been swamped! I am so ready for these last 2 episodes though!

Season 2 Episode 12 - The Hollow Men

WOW, Boyd.. Really? He sure was good at pretending he truly cared about Echo /:

AWW, gotta say Victor and Sierra are my favorite couple of this show. I am secretly glad Echo sent them away so that they did survive together,

Poor Paul keeps falling in love with the most complicated of people lmao.

And no one even knows who Boyd is, wow.

Victor "and you know no matter who i am, no matter what they put in my skull, i always remember you" *heart melts*

LMAO Victor as Topher never doesnt crack me up.

Poor Dr Saunders is now a big jerk. I love Amy Acker, evil or not, though...

Nice eye, Sierra. Pria.

Topher doesnt even know how ahead of the game he really is.

I have a feeling Adelle letting Madeline be Millie was an idiotic decision THERE IS NO TIME TO BE SCARED MILLIE get it together.

For half a second, I thought Topher attacked Boyd lmao but no, should have known it was Echo coming in at the last minute.
Boyd got extra weird.

Okay, Millie wasnt a complete mistake.

LMAO, Topher is so sillly.

Dang, Adelle dont play games does she?

I wish Paul would not touch girls lips when he talked to them...


Boyd is such an a**butt.
Thank you for coming through Anthony and Pria!!!!

Eliza and Amy... 2 of my most favorite people, yum!

OMG, Paul, don't be a freaking idiot!!!

Way to go, Topher!!!

I guess youre kinda wrong there, Echo...
Season 2 Episode 13 - Epitaph Two: Return

These episodes are a little scary to think about since it is set in next year!!!

They sure jumped in to the action quick here.

Ew, new "suit" is a body...
Oh, its a Paul "suit".

I'm so glad Echo is still alive.

I could have guessed Topher would be off his rocker...

OH, THE FEELS Pria and Anthony have a son?!
Where is Anthony?

"We just left that party, that party was on fire"

There is Anthony.. what is going on?? A tech head...?

"shes a tech head, meg.. shes a girl meg" lmao

Poor Pria and Anthony ):

Super intense fight scene, lots of shooting and running and people yelling "move" lmao

OMGGGGG wow wow wow

When did Alpha become a good guy?!

LOL theres the crazy Alpha we all know and love.

Poor Echo );

Poor Topher );

Will Anthony and Pria ever not be adorable together?

Okay, this ending is just a little creepy... How are you going to have a relationship in your head...? Only Echo...

It sucks this is ending, I wish I could have seen where everyone goes from here!
Last edited:


Mar 11, 2010
My Whedon fan group is now re-watching this since we have to wait so long for the Agents of SHIELD to come back. I think one thing they did right is have short seasons that way there isn't as much filler as other shows. I do think this show was ahead of its time and might have had a longer life had Netflix or Hulu been invented at that time.
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