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Welcome (Me) to the Hellmouth

Apr 16, 2021
Colorado, USA

I'm in a real Buffy mood right now, as I'm in the midst of rewatching both shows with my girlfriend (who is seeing them for the first time). Currently in the middle of season 7 of BtVS and season 4 of Ats. Biggest surprise of the rewatch for me is that season 7 of Buffy is actually really solid up until the potentials show up (in my memory it's entirely irredeemable) and Angel is pretty shaky the entire way through (in my memory it got markedly better after the first season).

I used to post on the Buffy boards of IMDB, back when they had message boards. It was fun but often got pretty hostile and snobby. Browsing through the boards here, it seems like the posters are generally nicer people.
I was part of the IMDB Buffy board as well, but left after maybe a couple of months or so. Didn't reenter the fandom until this board about 10 years later.

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
Welcome to the forum! Yes, this is a more civilized board than most (and |I have been on some that were spectacularly acrimonious) and it is an intelligent board as well. Season 4 of AtS is about as bizarre as it gets and the Potentials do manage to bog the entire season down. Fortunately, the story survives on both series. Let us know your impressions and don't be shy, there is no seniority here, you don't have to defer to us old crocs on the board.
Kill Him A Lot
Kill Him A Lot
It's just amazing to me that the writers could somehow create an entire crop of new characters and not have a single one of them turn out likeable. Especially the one that's meant to be a new love interest!
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