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Were they friends?

Were they friends?

  • Buffy/Angel: friends

    Votes: 11 28.9%
  • Buffy/Angel: not friends

    Votes: 17 44.7%
  • Buffy/Spike: friends

    Votes: 25 65.8%
  • Buffy/Spike: not friends

    Votes: 12 31.6%

  • Total voters


Apr 8, 2017
Buffy/Angel almost immediately have a romance, they have all the qualities of a friendship but it's more than that because they're also in love with each other.

Buffy and Spike don't treat each other as equals for the majority of the show so I wouldn't call them friends.


Spuffy Forever
Oct 2, 2017
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
I'd say Buffy and Angel weren't friends. They always had sexual tension and romantic feelings for each other from the moment they met in my opinion so I never saw a huge friendship forming.
Buffy and Spike were friends for sure. In Season 5 they became close friends and allies before Buffy saw anything romantic between the two. Spike in S5 settled for being Buffy's friend before their relationship in 6 and 7.
I'd also say in 7 despite being romantically involved they were beautiful friends too.
Feb 23, 2019
Black Thorn
with Buffy and Angel there was always some form of romantic or sexual tension, even when Angel came back in the later seasons.
I would say Buffy and Spike where more allies than friends for most of it. However, I think they kind of became friends at the end of season 5 through to season 6. Because before they were both sexually involved, Buffy did confide in him about things she couldn't talk about with her friends. As well as that, while they had a purely sexual relationship in season 6 I think Buffy's constant insults about Spike were more because she hated herself for going behind her friends, and Spike didn't help because he wanted her to stay with him so if they didn't have that type of relationship they may have been friends. In season 7 there was mainly romantic tension towards the end but I believe they were friends for the majority of the last season.


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
I am sort of basing my judgements on how Buffy interacts with her 'canon' friends; which are Willow and Xander where they have actual discussions and conversationsa bout problems in their life, laugh and joke and be around each other. Buffy shares some moments of friendship with Faith and later on with Tara a little bit.
I wouldn't class Buffy and Giles as friends because she rarely seeks him out 'just to hang out'. It's more a slayer/watcher, mentor/protege kinda deal.

Buffy and Angel: Yes, absolutely. We see them have 'friend' conversations quite a lot, mainly about the trails and tribulations of Buffy's life, that closely resemble those chats Buffy occasionally has with her other friends. They exhibit kindness, honesty, empathy, forgiveness, mutual understanding and the like towards each other. They can joke with each other if they are so inclined.
It's not exactly surprising, a lot of romantic relationships have friendship as some sort of base. So Bangel, yes. The problems didn't come from their friendship but from other aspects of their relationship.

Buffy and Spike in S5 and 6:
No. Buffy doesn't share any of the above with Spike. Spike may like Buffy loads but its mostly one-sided. One-sided friendships aren't friendships. You can't say 'oh, I've got loads of friends' if they don't like you back. Life doesn't work that way.
You could argue that in S6 it was beginning to get there, in Life Serial and 'All The Way' but Buffy expressed discomfort and confusion about her interactions with Spike 'so much easier when he wanted to kill me' etc. This could've passed though
And the OMWF kiss changed their dynamic entirely, Spike was no longer interested in 'just being friends'.
After the breakup of their sexual shenanigans their is mutual affection there in 'Hell's Belle's' but it doesn't last as Spike is frustrated by the lack of hot monkey love. Doesn't end well.

Buffy and Spike in S7: I wanna say yes because I do remember them becoming close...but so far I'm not seeing much as of half-way through. There's certainly a lot of emotional baggage getting in the way of being freidns and the odd, disjointed and forced 'sexual tension episode' (Potential is when it starts and its jarring) but not much in the way of closeness. Maybe they'll be more when Spike puts on that coat shrug
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