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Wesley in Season 4


Mar 7, 2018
York, England (Teabag Central)
Toward the back end of Season 3, we had the awesome evolution of Wesley's character due to him finding out about the prophecy where Angel would kill Connor. Grizzled and darker, they continued with this 'new' Wesley in Season 4. He was a major contributing factor to why the first half of Season 4 was so great. Detached from the group, and developing the darker side of his character, Alexis Denisof played the part of an ostracised Wes to perfection and together with Connor's vigor yet deep maturity for his age we're lucky enough to experience an amazingly cinematic and gripping atmosphere for the show.

Like I say, its a shame the story petered out with a weak Angelus, as actually that was a really great idea to bring him back. But the magic of Angelus in Buffy was when David Boreanaz had youth on his side plus the great romance storyline with Buffy. Difficult to recapture under the circumstances.
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