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What are considered political topics?


Jul 29, 2016
This is NOT a thread to discuss politics.

Since there is a ban on political talk on the boards, I thought it might be worth compiling a list of what are considered political topics so people know what to avoid discussing/mentioning and to save the mods time and effort from having to delete/remind people not to post political posts. Sometimes this happens accidentally and people don't set out to have political territory posts, but I think it would be good to have a definitive list of topics that are classed as political on these boards so people can avoid accidentally straying into political territory since what one person might consider political, another person might not.

Anyone can add to the list, especially mods.

Topics considered political:

Political parties and individual politicians- probably includes references to "the left" and "the right" plus left wing/right wing.
Global Warming/Climate Change
Extinction Rebellion/Greta Thunberg
Covid and its death tolls/how countries handled it

Any more?
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