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What are your top 5 all time favourite kisses in the Buffyverse?


Feb 6, 2017
New York
Only on BtVS here...

1. Buffy & Angel: Becoming- right before she stabs him with the sword; it's so heart wrenching.
2. Buffy & Spike: Once More with Feeling- so much buildup over the years to this epic kiss.
3. Willow & Tara: The Body- As if it was actually controversial, I love that this kiss felt subtle & natural as it should, also super emotional
4. Ripper & Joyce: Band Candy- sorry not sorry, Ripper is hot af
5. Xander & Cordelia: What's My Line?- I hate you. I hate you!. *kiss*... hilarious and amazing.


Jul 26, 2018
Do the kisses have to be on the mouth? Some of my favorites were when Angel & Buffy kissed each other's bodies.

* In Surprise she kissed the ring on his finger when he told her the claddagh rings meant friendship loyalty love and that they belong to each other.
* In Becoming #2 he kissed her shoulder while hugging her because his soul was just returned and he felt like he hadn't seen her in months.
* In Earshot he kissed her hand and held it to his face while he sat next to her bed.
* In Graduation Day #1 she kissed his hand while sat next to his bed.
* In I Will Remember You he kissed the top of her head as they lay in bed after making love.


Headless chicken
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Not in any order:

The kiss Angelus gives Spike in Innocence
The Buffy Buffy gives Faith in the hospital in Graduation Day
Doyle and Cordelia in Hero
Angel and Cordelia in Your Welcome
Buffy and Angel in The Bronze in Angel
I feel bad for the Buffy in your Anne avatar since one of your 5 fave kisses is between the boyfriend/lover that she's mourning & Cordelia.


Oct 23, 2018
Leeds, England
Ooh this is hard - there are so many different types of kisses that I love - funny, passionate, heartbreaking ....
I'll say the ones that are my favourite are the ones that lift my heart and make me cheer when they happen so - in no particular order:
5. Buffy and Spike at the end on OMWF

4. Willow and Tara at the end of Entropy

3. Buffy and Spike in Something Blue - just after he has proposed. I can only find the moment after in gif form

2. Xander and Cordelia in the basement in What's my Line part two

But my number one kiss - which doesn't exactly make me cheer because it is in a sad place but which I have rewound to watch over and over again and is in fact my favourite kiss in all of fiction:

1. Doyle and Cordelia in Hero.

and continued ...

Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
I can't choose only five!!! I can't even choose only five for some ships on their own!
So I'll try to choose only one kiss per couple. (which is damn hard!!!)

#1 Willow/Tara: The Body and Tough Love
Haha! Number 1 and I already cheated! :D
I love those forehead kisses! In the Body I love the complete kiss (not only forehead) and in both I just love the whole scenes!
Tara: "We can be strong"
Willow: "Strong like an amazon?"
Tara: "Strong like an amazon, right."

Tough Love:
Willow: "Hear that baby? You're my always."
(There are many Tillow kisses I still want to mention... But then I'd never stop until I mentioned all.)

#2 Fred/Wesley: A Hole In The World
Fred: "It is kind of romantic. A roaring fire. A snug little nest." But I also really love the kiss in Smile Time especially because of the whole scene and Freds speech to Wes.
Fred: "Haven't you been... sensing anything lately... about me... coming from me? Didn't occur to you that... something might have changed? That... I am looking at you in a different... Oh, screw it.
Fred: "That was a signal. OK? Is that... clear enough for you?"
Wes: "Not even close."

Spike/Buffy: Tabula Rasa
But because I can't choose only one. Here's a complete post about my favourite Spuffy kisses:
Too hard to choose only one... (Imo)
The cutest Is a tie between those two: 1. the one from intervention! Because Buffy really showed that she cared for Spike and that she was thankful for what he did for her and Dawn. I love this scene so much! "What you did for me and Dawn. That was real. I won´t forget it." 2. the one in touched! The one after Spikes speech when he just holds her and then he kisses her head while she´s sleeping. It´s sooo cute. (love the whole scene so much!!!) (sadly I couldn´t find a gif for that kiss) You can´t make me choose between these two! They´re both so sweet!
The most romantic OMWF! "We... we kissed, you and me. All Gone With The Wind, with the rising music, and the rising... music." - Spike, Tabula Rasa. ;) "But I just wanna feel." "You can make me feel." "Where do we go from here" Love that episode and that kiss!
The most passionate Without a doubt: TABULA RASA!!! It's defenitely so passionate that kiss! I even found that scene on YouTube with the title "Buffy and Spike's Best Kiss". Perfect end for that great episode!
The hottest Wrecked!
View attachment 11747
And there´re some hot ones with the bot, but I don´t really count them as Spuffy kisses, because they´re not Buffy and Spike they´re Buffybot and Spike. And well actually you could put all Spuffy kisses in here, because a kiss between two people who have that awesome chemestry... is always hot!!!
Honorable Mention: Something Blue!!! :D (but it doesn´t count 100% because it was a spell. Still counts more than the bot for me.) Plus there´re hot and passionate kisses in dreams! (but they don´t completely count either.)
View attachment 11748

And every other Spuffy kiss I forgot, because they´re all great!

(I didn´t include the comics in this post. There´re some really cute ones in ther too. ;))
(I hope my next post will merge with this, because I can only upload 3 images in one post)
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Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
#4 Cordy/Angel: You're Welcome
Cordy: "One for the road"
I love this episode! Imo it's the best Cangel episode! (But I also love the Cangel kiss in birthday!!!)
#5 Faith/Buffy: Graduation Day
I loooove that kiss! It's so sweet! I also love this one: (But I try to only choose one per ship)
HM: Spike/Angel: Innocence

And many more! (from the same and from different couples) That I can't mention :(

No the two posts don't merge sorry.
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