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What do you love about BtVS S10?

sosa lola

Nov 26, 2007
Warning: This is a positive thread. A happy, happy squeally thread. So, please no negative opinions.

I think my favorite part in S10 is Xander's entire arc. I don't remember him ever having such a coherent and well structured arc before. It was carefully crafted kinda like the S7 Spike arc, which was best written thing in S7 because obviously the writers cared about it so much. If S10 were a TV season, this arc would have kicked ass. I think Nicholas Brendon's involvement in the comics this season helped giving Xander a storyline. A central storyline that is. 'Cause previously Xander either has a storyline but it's in the background (S4) or has a central role but no storyline (S2).

Also, I ADORE the Spander!!! Finally! These two have so much in common and it's about time they become friends.

I also loved that issue where the Scoobies go back to their childhoods and how it affected them in different ways. Xander and Willow wanting none of it, Buffy, Spike and Giles getting into it.

I think I will do a reread and post my thoughts soon. I only read the first issue or the second. But it'll be awesome, especially for the Xander arc.

There's a fanfic about Xander's sessions with Dr. Mike but it isn't finished sadly. A lot of fun S10 Scoobies ficlets and I enjoyed reading a number of S10 Spuffy fics at Elysian Fields. I should totally write a S10 fic of Spander and their kittens.
I love positive threads!!! *hugs*
Go for it !


Jul 7, 2016
Black Thorn
Positive threads for the win!

- 'New Rules' might be the best season-opener in all of 'Buffy', including the TV seasons. The action-packed battle in Santa Rosita, the way every member had an important role to play (It reminded me of the first 'Avengers' movie in how well-balanced it was), the introduction of the wonderful Vicki The Vampire (seriously, she's the new Spike), the beautiful return of Giles and Faith, the heart-warming shock of ghost-Anya, the trimphant ending of the first issue, the cool mystery of the Vampyr book, the hilarious re-return of Dracula, the heartwarming Buffy-Willow conversation on issue 3, the heartbreaking Xander-Dawn stuff, the amazingly fun consequences of Dracula's use of the book, the hilarious gag with "going Dark Willow" ("Crap!"), the return of giant Dawn, and so much more... It was the perfect opening arc. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

- Xander and Dawn aren't shoved to the side like they were in season 9. Instead, they're treated like they're actual freaking CHARACTERS!

- Andrew is finally out! and Angel's reaction to it was the funniest thing EVER!!!

- D'hoffryn finally gets the central role he deserved since 'Selfless'. And it's AWESOME.

- Kid-Giles is adorable! And 'Freaky Giles Day' was as moving as any episode of the show.

- Dawn and Xander are the adorablest!

I really need to re-read this season before the final 2 issues come out... I'll be back.


Jan 25, 2016
I haven't read it all yet, but from what I have read, I am loving S10. I enjoy the action and the overall arc of rewriting magic, but it's all about the relationships for me. I adore Spuffy and am happy that they are working through the issues in their relationship like grown ups (I know this isn't likely to last so I'm enjoying it while I can)

Actually loving Dawn in S10. Andrew finally come out, which I am hoping adds more depth to his usually so annoying character. Loved the contrast between Buffy/Hank and Buffy/Giles, which was lovely.


Vampire Lover, I mean Slayer
Nov 2, 2015
Vancouver, BC
Black Thorn
I love S10!!! I've been iffy about the comics until now but now I'm a believer. It's been an amazing season and I can't wait for the next two issues. When I read S10 I can actually hear the actors voices in my head, to me it's been very true to the TV series and the characters have been written true to form.


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England

The Xander stuff is pretty good. His arc has easily been the best this season.

The earlier mini-arcs were well-structured and coherent.

The Angel crossover was a high point.

Archaeus was a better bad guy in the Buffy arc than in A&F.

Dawn exploring her 'Keyness' was a nice idea. Still not sure about the execution.

Lilah cameo.

And that's about it. This season's really gone down hill towards the end.


Oct 27, 2012
I've loved getting the progression with Spike this season and the whole issue with his fake mum was a great one. His attempt to become more integrated and 'belong' with the scoobies, out of the dark, followed his S9 developments well and has been a really interesting change. In Buffy's book we get to continue more positively for him rather than the regression/jealousies they like to focus on when he is around Angel and so with him staying in the title and integrating there has been more of that in focus through the season, which feels a richer continuation from S7 to me.

I really hate the soap opera esque constant/predictable break ups BtVS goes for so I've got my fingers crossed Joss is breaking form and we may just get a more mature relationship for Buffy. I'm aware that probably won't last but I can hope!

Scooby Corps

Fly! Be free, little bird, you defy category!
Apr 30, 2016
I second everything from @thetopher

Added positives:

- The season opener was better than S08 & S09
- the art from Rebekah Isaacs
- the battle scenes in general

I have enough complained about the barely existent Willow character arc, so some small positives about her:

- no Frayverse Dark!Willow foreshadowing yet (unless I missed something). I hope the issue won't come up again. Better would be they resolve it ultimately. Just in case and to remove the temptation of creating cheap angst.

- I like that Willow kicks ass but gets her ass kicked as well in fights. Though she's still a magical swiss army knife (which I like), they nudged her powers down so she doesn't appear as omnipotent like in S08. Willow can get injured and poisoned, doesn't heal herself immediately but must get antidotes or bandaged. I like that.

- Investigative Willow in "Return to Sunnydale". Much more reversion of her character's simplification after S06 please.

- The bit with Tara and refused resurrection: It's nice she was allowed to deal and conclude with something not Dark!Willowish from her past even though it had been better placed in earlier seasons.

- the break-up with Aluwyn was well reasoned and grown up albeit told in passing. The manner of Aluwyn's departure has a foreboding undernote to it which leads to hope.
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Forever Spuffy

shiny beads and sweet talk
Oct 22, 2016
Loved pretty much all of it. Dawn and Xander off on their own was grate. That's what they needed to mend their relationship. No one telling them what to do. No pressure on Dawn gave her the chance to fall in love with him again.

SPUFFY was mature, yay. Really liked Vicki and Harmony trying to get into their heads. It woke them up to the fact that things were not quite right. One of my favorite parts was Buffy telling Spike no you don't get to brake up with me and how she's so open around others about being with him. She genuinely seems to be the happiest I've ever seen her and that makes me happy.

Fell kind sad for Willow though. Was kinda a rough season for her relationship wise.

Was so pleased with Giles's return and his whole arc. I think he had a lot going on and the "pimp slap" withdrawal was hilarious.

Andrew's arc was ok, but I think he's more suited to be bi than full blown gay. I always got the feeling he was somewhat attracted to Anya.

Spike and Xander roommates again, best thing EVER. (next to Spuffy of course :D)

D'hoffryn was about the best "big bad" yet, IMO. Loved him. The battle at the end lacked. But hey no complaints here.

I loved season 10. Was good from start to finish. Hope 11 is as good. There's so much more I liked (new characters, art, etc..) but gotta shut up sometime. O ! One dislike ***WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BUFFY'S WARDROBE***

Hey how's that go "puppy pile" :):D:p
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Feb 6, 2017
New York
haha ForeverSpuffy... Andrew being bi? Nah, he definitely seemed full blown gay! His admiration of Anya probably had more to do with her attitude and humor. I'm up to issue 6 now of Season 10 and I wasn't too fond of "ghost Anya" but I'm seeing where it goes. I like that a character being dead in the buffyverse doesn't necessarily mean we won't see them again but is it really necessary to have Anya back? I loved her but I like when characters move on/develop. I guess she plays into Xander's actions this season?
Having D'Hoffryn back is awesome though!
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