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What exactly are the rules of invite?

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Another example of needing an invitation in this season is when Kate's father is being attacked by vampires. Angel arrives, but Kate's father won't let him in. Angel warns the vampires that the minute he dies, Angel can enter, which he does.

I also remember in Jane Espenson's commentary of "Rm w a Vu", she said that originally when Angel and Doyle arrive at Cordelia's apartment, Doyle was going to tell Angel to come in, but they decided that only the resident can give an invite. (This appears in the S9 comics, too, when Buffy cannot invite Spike into Dawn and Xander's apartment, even though she is staying there temporarily.)


Sep 11, 2017
Well, as a fan theory, if a house is desecrated, it loses its ward. Faith's wicked acts may have been just enough to disgust the guardian spirits and cause to withdraw. Or, Faith's knife drop was enough of an invitation to Angel to let strongly motivated. After all, the point of the invitation is that you have to invite evil into your life. Faith did that when she tortured Wesley.
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