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What is your first language?

Willow Tara

Grr Argh - aka WhedonverseFan
Jun 3, 2018
Sunnydale (Germany)
Hallo! Ich lebe in Deutschland (Ich wurde hier geboren, bin hier aufgewachsen und lebe auch jetzt noch hier). Also ist Deutsch meine Muttersprache. = Hello! I live in Germany (I was born here, grew up here and still live here now). So german is my 1st language (mother tongue).
Aber englisch ist meine lieblings Sprache. = But english is my favourite language.
Ich habe mich immer für englisch interessiert, da ich Interviews von Buffy Schauspielern und andere hinter den Kulissen (Behind the Scenes) Videos verstehen wollte. = I was always interested in english, because I wanted to understand interviews with Buffy actors and other behind the scenes videos.
Darüber habe ich schon einmal in einem anderen Post geschrieben... = I already wrote about this in an other post...
Willow Tara said:
Well my favourite language is english (I only know three: german, engish, spanish. In the order how well I can speak them. I'm not perfect in english, but I get along. I hope to get better soon. And spanish I just learn it at school I'm not very good at it.) I learned english mostly because I wanted to watch interviewes of the Buffy actors and behind the scenes and all that. So my english teacher should say thanks to Buffy because I'm not perfect but still by far the best in my class (ok I know that sounds a bit bigheaded sorry, but it's true... with my class not that I'm bigheaded) and that's all because of Buffy. I love the english language so much because it sounds so soft you know?
Ehrlich gesagt weiß ich nicht was ich sonst noch auf deutsch sagen soll. = To be honest, I don't know what else I should say in german.
Say what your first language is! And say something fun in that language!

Mine is espanol!
Ich lerne Englisch und Spanisch in der Schule. = I learn englisch and spanish at school.
iHola! Me llamo [insert my name] y tengo [insert my age] años. Soy de alemania. iY mi serie favorita es Buffy, la cazavampiros! (all spanish is just what I learned and remembered, no google translate... So sorry, there could be some wrong things)

I love the english language and it's my favourite in the world! I love hearing, speaking, reading and writing it! And some things that I don't like, I like a bit more if I do them in english :) I'll even take whole subjects in english in the next two school years. :D (drama and history... Hopefully history will be more interesting for me when we do it in english ;))

I like watching TV Shows more in english than in german. And I just like hearing people talk english and speaking it myslef (though I am always affraid to pronounce things wrong, but people have told me that I speak without an accent :) even my english teacher :D)
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Anyanka Bunny Slayer
Anyanka Bunny Slayer
Its funny how you love English and I love German. 😊
Name the Stars
Name the Stars
!Buen español!

Last Watcher

Tweed Icon
Dec 26, 2016
Teabag Central
Say what your first language is....
Born in Scotland but have a very Southern English accent these days......

And say something fun in that language....
'I say chaps, cracking weather we are having today......The rain is lovely & warm...….'


Merry Queen of Scoobies
May 11, 2019
If we're doing dialects, then I speak like this: Han Runar e en svær kar, men av og te e han en klepp hærslig jævel.

The direct translation is: Runar is a large geezer, though he is occasionally a right disgusting devil.

A better translation is: Runar is mostly a decent fellow, though sometimes he is not.
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