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What would add/change in a modern Buffy reboot?


Jan 19, 2021
What would add/change in a modern Buffy reboot? How would you spin it?

(I was talking to a person on this board about this, about how I'd like for Kendra and Faith be Slayers before Buffy. Kendra died but had been CPRed, activating Faith, and then the Council has basically done the same on purpose when Faith went awol to get the next Slayer who would be more to their taste. Enter Buffy.
I like that it gives Buffy a mystery of a previous missing Slayer to figure out, plus - three Slayers, plus - Kendra definitely deserved more than she got in the show.)

P.S. I am pretty new to reading comics at all, and I felt they were too fast-paced. E. g., Angel and Spike went on to their own series faster than I could figure out who they are supposed to be here, character-wise. Is that a thing with comics? (because I've read they take more time to produce than TV episodes)


Jan 25, 2016
The outline you have, of Kendra and Faith being Slayers before Buffy, is similar to what the Boom comics are doing right now. I can't say I'm enjoying it, but on tv it might work, though I don't know what it would be saying, what the message would be. As with everything, the writing would have to be great.

The IDW and Dark Horse comics are much better than the Boom comics, and the stories make more sense and are more character driven. I think they are easier to read and understand.
are any of the reimaginings interesting at all though?


Sep 11, 2017
Buffy is pretty good as is, and I don’t see changes making it better. Sure, a lot of Buffy is dated, but kids are smart. They can see past 90s fashions and tech to the timeless parts of the story, especially with parental guidance. I mean, I get the franchise has kind of reached a creative dead end, and there aren’t really a lot of stories left to tell with the Sunnyvale scenario. My scenario of choice has Buffy staying in LA with Hank, forms a new circle of friends, trying to address the issues the 96 series didn’t touch. That is, if I had too.
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