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What would this season look like with Cordelia instead of Spike


Apr 2, 2020
I think Cordy’s character was destroyed in S3 rather than S4. Her story is completely finished when she ‘ascends’ and they wrote her into a corner with all of the Saint Cordy stuff. We get told she’s apparently too saintly for this world, the Buffyverse world that has a number of kickass women but apparently Cordy has surpassed them all for well reasons. They then have to retcon this in S4. She was no longer the interesting, snarky character with her own passions and interests. When she becomes solely Angel’s cheerleader and nothing more they washed her character out far too much to continue to be an interesting character ongoing. The only way her character would work in S5 would be if they regressed her to her pre S3 self - which I personally would have preferred but would have made no sense story wise
I couldn’t agree more, for that reason seasons 1 and 2 of Angel for me are the peak, I like elements of season 3, but it doesn’t match up.
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