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What's my line: Parallels between spike/dru/angel and spike/buffy/angel


Feb 18, 2021
Hey y'all, I'm new to the forum so if I posted in the wrong place let me know.

So upon rewatching What's My Line, I'm noticing quite a few parallels between the spike/dru/angel dynamic and the spike/buffy/angel dynamic that will emerge later in the show.

My reasoning comes down to two points: Angels’ presence/affect on each of Spike's relationships, and both Dru and Buffy’s attitude towards this rivalry.

In What's my Line, A kidnapped Angel is taunting Spike about his past relations with Dru. Spike is angry and insecure because he is painfully aware of Angel’s shadow on his relationship with Dru, and he’s never really able to escape the feeling he’s being undermined. That he’s second best. Dru also doesn't really help with Spike's confidence here.

Later in the show, when Spike and Buffy are together, Angel's presence is still there. This is partially because Buffy compares all her boyfriends to Angel, and maybe because she still thinks she's going to end up with Angel in the long run. Angel has tainted Buffy's future relationships simply by being there first, and Spike knows it, especially in Season 7 when Angel makes a surprise visit. He once again feels upstaged by Angel in his relationships. Angel was always with his love interest before he was, so there's always this baggage.

Spike and Angel always had competition over both Buffy and Dru and it manifests it different ways, but always wit Spike feeling upstaged/insecure. Not sure if this is ever really resolved.

Anyway, let me know if this makes sense, if you noticed anything else like this, or if you completely disagree!


Jul 29, 2016
I always thought that Spike reaction over Angelus/Dru was because he knows Angelus doesn't love Dru and is just using her as a bed warmer because Darla isn't around whereas Spike does love her deeply and passionately. I think Angelus trained Dru to behave in that way towards him (hence why she reacts very differently to Angel and Angelus, she recognises when her "master" is present). When Angel is taunting Spike in WML, he puts on the Angelus persona (you can tell by the way he speaks) and Dru's attitude changes when prior she'd been torturing him with holy water. Angel knows how protective Spike is over Dru so he knew how to push Spike's buttons to get a reaction.
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