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What's with the blood?

Cheese Slices

A Bidet of Evil
Dec 31, 2011
Somehow I can't help but feel that people are making the Dawn thing the worst piece of writing ever because it goes well with their dislike of the later seasons. And you know, it's fine to dislike them, but here's the thing : Buffy was never good at worldbuilding. Never. All those plotholes and not-really-accounted for magical/supernatural occurences that make the later seasons so bad were always there. There were incoherences in every single season of the show, so why focus on S5-S7 ?y

Personally I don't care much for lore and such, especially when we sacrifice it to get such strong character/emotionally resonant moments. If I want good worldbuilding, I'll read Tolkien, or hell, even GRRM.
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