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When did the writers know. S7 was going to be the last season ?


May 4, 2017
I was just wondering, if the writing for S7 might have been affected in some way by the fact that the writers were thinking that there would be a S8 and thus they would have more time to fix up loose ends.

I know that SMG decided to call it quits sometime during S7. But does anyone know how soon the writers knew about that ?



Season 7 has a lot going for it. However, it does feel like an ending. It is almost like a hangover from all the trauma in season 6. Things remain dark and bleak almost until the very end. The character all feel much older. Sometimes it feels like they are setting up a reboot with Dawn. I would say they knew.

I love season 7, but it leaves me drained emotionally.
You could make the case that the writers quit in Season 6.
You could make the case that mother Nille is a stone and Per is a cock.
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