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Question When do you think that Buffy stopped being depressed?


Apr 17, 2019
Depression has many faces. And whether we like it or not, the intent of the writers was to portrait Buffy as depressed in S6 - as a consequence of being expelled from Heaven. Regardless of personal bias, if you follow the season, the depression arc is undoubtedly one of the big topics of S6.


Apr 1, 2016
Do we? Serious question. I appreciate that some folk draw strength from Buffy's "fight" but personally, I'm reluctant to accept terms like "clinical depression"* in relation to fictional texts unless a) the reader/viewer is a MD* or b) there's in-text evidence (such as a doctor making a diagnosis). If I'm going to use a term it would be melancholia. I'd use it because there's an aesthetic attached to it - it has a place in the arts. It's also related in critical discourse / theory to mourning and "the mother", and I think Buffy's state of mind always come back to her relationship with Joyce. (It's there before Joyce dies but look at the heaven imagery in AfterLife - it's intrauterine and rebirth). Melancholia explains everything in the text - form, content and function - and I don't think she ever gets over it. If she seems "better" it's because something has temporarily replaced the loss of the mother. The repressed simply returns in a different form. I think both @Ethan Reigns and @white avenger are right - except I think her sadness re-emerges in the comics. I don't think it's coincidence that S12 sees the reappearance of Joyce - which brings her some satisfaction - but I think it's fragile.

*even then, I'm dubious.
(A) low mood or sadness
(B) Feeling hopeless and or helpless
(C) Having a low self esteem
(D) Feeling tearful
(E) Feeling worthless or guilt ridden
(F) Having no motivation , interest or decreased pleasure in things
(G) Recurrent thought of death or suicide
(H) Feeling irritable and intolerant of others
(I) Finding it difficult to make decisions

Any five of the above would equal clinical depression....I think Buffy certainly had 5 of the above symptoms
And because Buffy had such low , negative and worthless feelings about herself she self harmed, punishing herself by using Spike then felt guilty about using him


Scorpio Slayer
Mar 8, 2006
I don't know if she ever stopped being depressed. Not really a moment in particular. Season 7 was where she started acting like Season 3 Buffy. Season 6 was all about Willow, as much as we saw of Buffy it didn't feel like Buffy was growing out of her depression, it seemed to get worse until the last few minutes of the finale.
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