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Article When good TV goes bad: how Buffy the Vampire Slayer started to suck

Discussion in 'Sunnydale Cemetery' started by GwenRaiden, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Dora

    Dora Potential

    Apr 1, 2016
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    When good TV goes bad, Well for me its when the show runner's form a friend ship with one co star and push that friends ship to the detriment of the star and all other's involved
    Made more difficult when pushing that co,star you find that you really do not have a story for him and you can only slot him in by removing the boy friend and making the other characters in the show act completely out of character
    You then alter the entire arch of what has gone before and you are able to do that because you have changed channels and you take advantage of their relaxed attitude to censorship
    Add that with Joss Whedon having issues with the SMG and using the show to hurt and embarrass her
    Bring in a show runner that has a giant Ego to satisfy and you have a disaster waiting to happen....Its only credit to SMG and the rest of the cast it was not worse than it was
  2. Taake

    Taake Bella Staff Member

    Jan 1, 2010
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    Stockholm, Swe
    Black Thorn
    I mostly brought up metaphysics because you brought up canonical-ness (?) canoninity (?) in terms of Galileo and Flatearthers etc.

    But the key to me isn't that say life doesn't have canon, and I certainly don't believe in a totally deterministic universe, but I'm not watching life. I'm involved in a dialogue, in a language game if you will. The show is to me a dialogue between itself and the viewer, and as such, there are certain 'rules' to follow, we enter into a sort of agreement. I'm gonna take the help of someone much smarter than me here (whom I generally disagree with actually, lol) "Agreement is always related to a sort of continuity: we agree on what we find true and to find something true is to apply criteria of some kind, paradigms that are not completely arbitrarily chosen but that are somehow found." - Gianni Vattimo

    Basically, I can suspend my disbelief for certain things like small continuity errors; who sired Spike a mere annoyance; can vampires breathe or not - make up your gosh darn minds; I didn't realize people thought Joyce dying was a continuity error?; characters growing or changing is not a continuity error - but if you change the fundamental setting of the show (like say adding a character and saying she's been there all along) you are changing EVERYTHING we've ever seen. We can't trust what's real anymore, it's become untethered from the agreed upon foundation of the story's universe and is all just floating signifiers, as Mark C Taylor might say, from here. Dawn is a cool idea, but the addition is a deconstruction of the world building so far, and maybe some viewers are okay with that. Others may not be. To me it's just as bad as the Bobby Ewing thing.

    Overall though, I would say that even the small continuity errors are a sort of breach of contract for me personally, because it tells me that they're not invested in the story they are telling. They can't even get the vampire lore straight and it's a vampire show. Now, I still find the show very enjoyable, but the continuity errors bug me (and there are more than the ones I've mentioned, I'm just too lazy to put it to print) because it takes me out of the world the show has built.

    So, it's cool that it doesn't bother you or others, that you can just roll with and enjoy the show as it is or find explanations that you feel satisfied with. But for me, I just can't, and I guess that's why I have the canonical continuity geek gene :p
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