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Question Where Have You Found BtVS/AtS Collectibles?


Nov 29, 2020
I'm just curious as to if anyone has recently found any BtVS/AtS collectibles, and where you got them. Have you ordered them off the web, or have you ever found anything in a secondhand/thrift/antique store?

Unfortunately, I have very few Buffy collectibles. I have a blind box Xander and a Buffy 3D Dagger mug. The blind box was found at Barnes and Noble, while the mug was found at a specialty store. I'd love to have a Spike figure, but it's hard to find a nice one that isn't unboxed or just expensive.
Joan the Vampire Slayer
Joan the Vampire Slayer
See my post below!


Tasty Townie
Nov 29, 2020
There are some Spike figurines on ebay right now around 40 to 50 US dollars. The sellers look reputable and the products appear to be in good condition. Etsy has some nice fan made stuff.

Joan the Vampire Slayer

Carpe Spuffy!
Jun 5, 2008
WA State
I used to collect items for years, and had a good collection. I sold most everything this last year though. I only kept the DVDs, and a couple autographed items.

eBay is a great place to buy stuff. There's also an active Facebook group to buy/sell called "Buffy And Angel Collectors." I've bought and sold a lot on both these platforms. I have also purchased items at conventions, comic book stores and thrift stores.

I personally have two Spike figures for sale; an action figure and a vinyl figure, for a reasonable price if you're interested! Feel free to PM me and we can discuss it.
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